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Ultrasonography at pregnancy: on what term and why

during pregnancy the doctor the obstetrician - the gynecologist surely directs the pregnant woman to ultrasonic research (ultrasonography). And it becomes three times: at the end of each trimester. At each stage doctors will obtain the, invaluably important information on a condition of a fruit.


carried out a set of the clinical tests which showed that ultrasonography during pregnancy is absolutely safe. It becomes only for research of development of a fruit and any harm to it does not do.

First ultrasonography: 10 - 14

to All future mothers appoint weeks by

ultrasonography at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy on the term of 10 - 14 weeks. Already at this moment it is possible to define whether there are no serious deviations in development of a fruit. On this term the doctor measures distance from a tailbone to a germ darkness (this indicator is called KTR), studying an anatomic structure of a fruit. It is possible to judge by this indicator as far as the fruit fully develops and whether its sizes meet standard.


Also estimates the thickness of vorotnikovy space (TVS). Thanks to this indicator it is possible to understand whether is not present at a fruit of chromosomal anomalies. At TVP more than 2,7 mm can suspect chromosomal deviations. First of all - probability of development in a Down syndrome fruit. If the doctor suspected threat, it is necessary to make also blood test for specification of health of future kid.

To 12 - 14 to weeks practically all bodies of a fruit manage to develop. Therefore it is possible to see the most obvious congenital pathologies of a brain, heart, existence of undesirable educations. In case of heavy pathologies not late to interrupt pregnancy on medical indications.

Second ultrasonography: 20 - 24

the Boy or the girl
Theoretically can define weeks a sex of a fruit, already since 12 - y weeks of pregnancy. However best of all he is visible on 16 - 20 week. By this time fruit genitals considerably increase in a size and it is simpler to consider them. So it is worth asking a question of sex determination of the child during the second ultrasonography. However an absolute guarantee you will not be given. The pose of the child can just not give the chance to the doctor to make out his floor.
the doctor measures by

At the second ultrasonography a stomach circle, femur length, the interparietal size of a head of a fruit. On the basis of these indicators it is possible to judge whether there is no lag in development of future kid. Besides, the expert of ultrasonography estimates such indicators as a blood-groove in placenta vessels, its arrangement, maturity degree, structure. It is very important as the premature otsloyka of a placenta is very dangerous and can be a reason for hospitalization. And the placenta thickening often appears a symptom of an infection, diabetes and other diseases which can do much harm to a fruit.

Research of amniotic waters can give

additional information on development of kidneys of a fruit. Mnogovodiye can point to a Rhesus factor - the conflict or any infection. In both cases special therapy and supervision will be required from the doctor. Investigating an umbilical cord, the doctor looks whether she is absent an obvitiya. However at this stage it is not as important, as at the subsequent inspection.

Research of a neck of a uterus allows to specify

whether it is not present istmiko - tservikalny insufficiency. It is pathology at which the neck of a uterus begins to reveal before 37 weeks that can lead to threat of premature birth.

Third ultrasonography: 32 - 34

To this term a fruit already usually manages to reach weeks final position in a uterus and to settle down a head or the pelvic end “to an exit“. Therefore the obstetrician - the gynecologist will be able to decide in advance how to conduct childbirth. By means of the ultrasonic device it is possible to determine the approximate weight of a fruit, its size, to count approximate terms of childbirth.

Also estimate the provision of a placenta as to 32 - 34 to weeks its migration already comes to an end. Normal the placenta is attached in the top of a uterus, far from a neck. But sometimes for various reasons it is displaced down to a neck of a uterus and blocks it. This so-called prelying of a placenta which involves Cesarean section - the placenta blocks to the child an exit from a uterus.


Besides, estimates placenta maturity degree. If it ripens before term, it is necessary to give birth surely in time or a little earlier. Perenashivaniye in this case conducts to risk of developing of a hypoxia at a fruit. During this period the expert examines on ultrasonography again - the device an umbilical cord on existence an obvitiya. It is important for doctors who will deliver.