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Reflections about Russia. Great and not really

the Recent political and parapolitical events which took place in neighboring countries, or as speak, on a post the Soviet space or in the territory of the former socialist camp, over the past few years, and also their obviously one-sided, and, therefore, prejudiced, interpretation in the Russian mass media, cannot and should not leave indifferent any thinking person who does not hurry to repeat after announcers of TV channels and radio stations their subjective, and it is necessary to recognize, skillfully cut out cliches - the semyadiseteletny Soviet propaganda school - and on the contrary is felt, to move everyone seeking to approach truth to own analysis and slowness with “is black - white“ conclusions.

“Rossiysko - the Estonian big bang“ when the monument to the Soviet soldier - to the liberator was postponed from a main square of Tallinn by Myagi for a cemetery, an Ukrainization of the Russian schools, cinema and press in Ukraine when Pushkin, Lermontov and Tolstoy, and also the Russian movies going at the Kiev and Kharkiv movie theaters began to translate into Ukrainian, at first escalating tension in the Georgian - the Russian relations, and then and full-scale military operations between two countries when the Georgian troops intruded in South Ossetia then the Russian regular parts were responsible them with fiery intervention in the Georgian territory - an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth - Moiseyev the law is still much closer to us, than Iisusova of a precept - all this immediately was followed by “levitanovsky“ reports in the press and on television under mad foul language of the audience and listeners to caused their just anger.

Let`s try to understand. In - the first, seem, all were forgotten that we exist not in the Soviet nice Union long ago, and that each of fourteen once sister republics already two decades as more or less independent, independent state. No, of course, almost all from them only become independent and did not get stronger yet, and many of them continue to buy oil and gas, the wood and cars in Russia, but it does not mean that the trade and economic intercourses, and also their infantile age, grant to “elder brother“ the right, as before, to interfere with internal affairs of these sovereign states and to impose the will.

It in the Soviet nice and at the same time disgraceful times Moscow by a command voice dictated the terms to Kiev and Tbilisi, Riga and Ashgabat. All instructions and instructions always came from First-throned to the capitals of federal republics and were not subject to discussion.

Where and how many will go the Donbass coal, the Turkmen gas and the Baku oil in what language to take entrance examinations in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS what national holidays to celebrate and what are not present where there will pass sea and overland borders to what monuments and memorials and where to stand - everything was solved “there“.

Monuments to the leader of the released proletariat V. I. Lenin stood without exception in all republican capitals, the regional and regional centers at distance is not farther than ten km from each other. In many cities they continue to stand and today, so to speak, for history.

Monuments to A.S. Pushkin, the first poet of Russia, in Kiev, Minsk and Tbilisi met more often than T. Shevchenko, Ya. Kupale and Sh. Rustaveli`s monuments. Many of them continue to stand there and today, so to speak, for culture.

Monuments and memorials to commanders Zhukov, Konev and the Russian soldier - to the liberator stood and stand in all capitals of these sovereign states and to many of them, as well as earlier, come not only veterans of the Second World War to bow.

However long ago it is worth understanding that if planting of the ideology and took place for seventy years of the Soviet power in these territories, then it not necessarily meant the exulting approval from, at least, the thinking mass of these countries - elite and the intellectuals as workers and peasants were busy by others, affairs, namely a survival, more important for them.

In a case with transfer of a monument to “the Russian Alyosha“ it is necessary to try to understand the reasons which roused not only the Estonian parliament, but also many citizens, aboriginals of Tallinn and Estonia to support this decision, but not just without restraint and abusively to splash saliva on all Estonian people - and most of Russians quite so itself and conducted. I heard it on streets, read on the Internet. With shouts to wipe out “these Baltic dwarfs“, “to hit on them one of the rockets to teach mind - reason“, “to enter troops“ the “thinking“ Russian person tried “to understand“ the reasons of what occurred.

Remember history, let even us written. The Estonian lands were twice violently annexed - if I am not mistaken in 38 and 41 year just before the beginning of VVO - to the Soviet Union. Violently. Against will. Because companion Stalin so solved, using the same Estonia as the protecting buffer, the outpost against the Fascism.

Estonian “fists“, as well as all others, dispossessed and became Russified - that is, the neighbor who came from the East, simply selected at them everything, having called all this the beautiful word “nationalization“, forced to speak the language, to honor the gods and gods. Especially obstinate shot or repressed, together with families, imposed more pliable the customs, language, system of values and management. Opened schools, put monuments to the heroes. Natural resources if those were, as well as national property, disposed on the discretion.

Questions No. 1: how strong simple Estonians and the Estonian power loved companion Stalin and together with him the Soviet power? How strongly they were grateful to them and how were immediately ready to give the lives for “elder brother“?

Question No. 2: why many Estonians met the German by bread and salt how liberator? Why left to “forest brothers“ and took Fritz`s part? Why now put monuments and open memorials to those who were at war against councils?

By the way, I heard numerous stories from the worried Second World War that the fascist in spite of the fact that he was a guest uninvited, brought an order to their villages and villages. “Buchenwald“ and “Auschwitz“ were open and found by the Soviet troops much later. And I do not see such a huge difference and true patriots, between the archipelago GULAG, methods of conducting investigation, interrogations and tortures of People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, SMERSHA, etc. also nazi concentration camps, GESTAPO and CC will forgive me. Both the first, and the second destroyed rebellious. The last, at least, killed not the tribespeople as it was done by councils.

Often Soviet guerrilla plundered, behaved outrageously and even killed the worse than the German. And it is not mere words. It is what I repeatedly heard in confessions in a whisper from Balts, Belarusians and Ukrainians.

It is no secret, as in the next nearly fifty years Estonia and Estonians, also as well as Lithuania and Latvia, not on the will remained part of the Soviet Union, “the Soviet Baltic“. It is no secret that culture and language, and also working capacity, cleanliness and many other qualities they were always drawn towards such close “the rotting West“. And we went to them, as to the close abroad to feel this rotting.

Question No. 3: why the independent state has no right to decide to clean for itself from the main square a monument with which his many citizens associate not so much only the release, how many enslavement? Especially as military honors were done to remains of fallen and they were reburied ashes are based upon a cemetery where, according to Estonians, as well as many other civilized people, has to?

History in Khimki is remembered - it is already Russia, - and some other Russian places where cemeteries and monuments to the fallen soldiers are already almost regularly profaned and vandalizirutsya. Veterans of the Second World War with fighting hundred grams and a St.George`s Ribbon and pension of three thousand rubles are remembered. The fields and bogs which are still covered with remains of the died Soviet soldiers are remembered - “war is not ended until the last soldier is buried“?

Tell, in Moscow there are a lot of monuments, monuments and busts to the Estonian poets, writers, national heroes? Well, perhaps, they stand in other Russian cities? I here do not know any.

Also, tell in what language it is necessary and has to talk in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma? In what language it has to be trained? In what language has to broadcast TV and radio? Correctly - in Russian! And tens of thousands of Armenians, Ukrainians, Tajiks live in Moscow. So why the Armenian press in transitions, advertizing in Ukrainian, inscriptions on Tajik is not visible?

And in what language it is necessary to talk in Kiev? It is possible in Ukrainian, and it is possible in Russian. And in what language broadcasts TV in Ukraine? Of course, on state, Ukrainian … but also in Russian too. And in Kiev, in a proportion, lives approximately as much ethnic Russians, how many Ukrainians in Moscow. Even in the Ukrainian Rada many deputies act on great and mighty. And in the Duma somebody speaks Taras Shevchenko`s language? So who is more tolerant here who is more tolerant?

In my opinion, it is necessary to recognize from the fact that majority language has to be a state language of any country. More than 70% of Ukrainians live in Ukraine now. Nearly all 100% of the population of Ukraine if do not speak on - Ukrainian, then understand this language. So why Russian there also has to be state? And why Moscow has to put constantly pressure upon Kiev on this matter?

I am sure that the Ukrainization, also as well as an estonization, an armyanization and a turkmenization, is process, natural, natural to all measures of time and logic. Any nation respecting itself has to keep the language and culture, traditions and customs. Also there are no such people which would not consider the language beautiful, great and mighty. There is no language, culture and traditions - there is no nation, per se.

Other and very difficult question as this estonization, an armyanization and a turkmenization has to pass. Also we want it or not. Gradually - experience shows what Russians in Baltic, both told in Russian, and speak - do not hurry to learn local language. Quickly and force - the same Russians drop out of life of society, the country because, besides, language is not known.

In post-war years and up to Perestroika times all entrance examinations were carried out to large Ukrainian HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS only in Russian. The guy or the girl from the village trained at school only in the native language had practically no chances to come to such institution. I know it that is called “firsthand“. So what memory and tolerance from those “not arrived“, our mothers and fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers, you want? And in Ukraine it is, even now, this most praised tolerance, is frequent unlike Russia.

Business not in Russian, great and mighty, Pushkin and Tolstoy, Yesenin and Akhmatova`s language, per se. Matter in policy, the devil would podrat it. And Russian imperial manners. Russia cannot get used in any way to the fact that it is the any more great empire, it is similar British or French, with fourteen obedient younger brothers and sisters on whose background it it is so beautiful and proud looks. And therefore, also as well as the USA, Germany and France, however, in the, a little excellent ways, tries to impose both the great culture, and the great language. And violently, as we know, you will not be dear.

That to rossiysko - the Georgian collapse, open war with shellings, armored machinery and the victims among the civilian population, it is, perhaps, the most difficult subject. We look for the answer to a meek question again: who is right, who is guilty? For Russia - Georgia, for Georgia - Russia. And again everything at us is reduced to policy, to this most thankless job, and own shameless justification of all the acts.

I want to tell about another and, perhaps, to draw upon myself hurrah - patriotic anger of those who feel in the just majority: the Russian mass media still present us promotion instead of the truth, professionally perfected cliches and templates, instead of information to reflection and extraction of own conclusions, forming thereby opinion of the majority. We are still held for suckers, “the Soviet companions“, even a grass to pinch the sheep incapable without the ram.

From the very beginning of the conflict on three Russian TV to channels I all day long heard about how perfidiously Georgia attacked small defenseless Ossetia - is direct the Great Patriotic War, judging by blagorodnoglasy rhetoric of announcers and moderators, and the main thing everything occurred suddenly, the Russian troops deploying at borders of Georgia - neither a dream, nor spirit, nothing was known about the preparing operation. As the Russian peacekeepers - here would not think regular parts to call the word “peacekeepers “, well they a role have to have another, except conducting combat operations, but it I, has to be, lagged behind - “beat off, protected, rescued“.

The first week I watched how valorously huge Russia was at war with tiny Georgia, the next 3 - 4 weeks as … Russia was at war with Georgia again, but directly it was not told anywhere HOW she was at war in the territory of Georgia how far troops, how many the victims among the civilian population promoted. Everything that merged in our obscured heads - it is “our right cause and the enemy already runs“. Information was so unilateral, “the truth“ where everything was clear, as noonday, it is not even necessary to think: the Russian side - the liberator and the defender, Georgian - an aggressor and the murderer.

And from all directions, on the Internet, from any passers-by, I heard spiteful and some unhealthy howl: “Yes it is necessary to wet all of them, to kill as mad dogs!“, as if each of them just returned from there. And IF it is NOT GEORGIA the FIRST ATTACKED? And IF IT was PROVOCATION? And IF HERE OTHER INTERESTS, EXCEPT MIRNYI` PROTECTION the OSSETIAN are MIXED AGAIN? How many times, the same TV to us is more shameless lay, calling white black, and black white. Or already forgot? Do not forget, please, that seventy years of the Soviet authoritarianism, we lived in permanent deception. And later was still stronger.

Postoyte, postoyta, dear Russians and how same, as well as Ossetian, Georgian boys and girls, pregnant women and sick old men? They that of what were guilty?! The Russian troops now under Tbilisi kill them. Yes, such is war not to do without the civil victims, but your reaction that? WHAT YOU at the same time FEEL??? And reaction was brilliantly provoked - directed by the Russian mass media: or nobody also wanted to think of simple Georgians, or - “are guilty“.

Costs to someone, like Vakhtang Kikabidze, to the person for which Georgia - the homeland, the earth of his ancestors, to speak against war, not to support the general hysterical shout and “to leave out of the common“ as right there, in the press, the Internet at forums, on the street shakal to pieces that also there is no spirit left hurry on - to break off, tear apart it, accusing of Saakashvili`s support, all Georgian elite, fascism. Or if do not agree with it and are revolted then did it adequately, without abusive damnations.

Wait a moment and I support nobody and not on whose party I do not become. I just against war in any look, against murder, against bias. I trying to understand, SEEING AND HEARING OTHER PARTY. I for pluralism, also do not demand that all thought how I.

Mass media, and then and not especially understanding citizens, began to talk profusely greedily about “genocide of the Ossetian people“ Georgia, that Russia prevented this “the Ossetian Holocaust“, about that what we / all of them are heroes and good fellows. If to trust the last statistics, during the conflict about 2 thousand the Ossetian and 15 peacekeepers died. Well, suppose, that the statistics is incorrect and died twice more. All the same, in view of about 100 thousand the Ossetian, on genocide - full or mass destruction of the people, the nation, - the Georgian aggression if it in general was in the form in which it is described Russian masses media, does not pull in any way.

And at all such angelic righteousness and sanctity, Russians, each “pure“ Russian from Moscow, St. Petersburg or Yekaterinburg these days should think of those genocides which were perfect “them“ if they, in the majority, speak and write about “wine of the Georgian people“.

I will remind only those genocides which were recognized by the most Russian Federation, and also the European countries taking place in 30 - 50 (in only 20 years!) : mass destruction of the Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Ingushs, Russian Germans. Mass deportation of these and other nationalities from their primordial territories to Siberia and the Kazakh steppes. Also many carry the Ukrainian Famine-Genocide there.

By the most modest estimates of 5 million own citizens are shot, 20 million are repressed in the same cold 30 - 50. In those days almost every third citizen of “Great Russia“ went to camp of years so on 15 - 20 under the name “GULAG“, and not on rest.

If “all Georgians are guilty also all nation of the answer for Saakashvili and his administration“ as some, then all Russians shout are guilty to millions of innocently murdered and thrown-out to Siberia Crimean Tatars, Chechens, Ingushs, Ukrainians. And FOR WHAT to the CHECHEN, FOR EXAMPLE, to LOVE the RUSSIAN OWNER? Historical memory is strong, oh is strong. And before the grandfathers and fathers, following the same iron logic, Russians are guilty not less.

It seems to much that the problem is extremely difficult that to understand correctness and wine it is very difficult. Perhaps. But I also know that personal opinion of each of us, the view of a similar state of affairs, in many respects depends on one: on whose party each of us will appear and as far as will win or will lose. Almost behind all pathos speeches there are personal interests. So it turns out. It appear you in Tskhinvali and suffer from the Georgian bandits - you, for certain, as well as many others you will stand up for a sacred campaign on the Georgian lands. Well, and it appear you where - nibud under Tbilisi, your truth will be opposite.

Already two decades “great“ Russia is at war with tiny Chechnya. By the principle, each great state has to wage war on the boondocks. Both svobodonravny Romans, and prudish British, and nowadays gegemonialny USA acted this way. For intimidation, money laundering, test of new types of weapon. Yes, yes, yes.

And here we usually hear - and here the hearing at us oh as is fulfilled - about atrocities of the Chechen fighters - “Czechs“, about the Arab naymita, how our children heroically are at war.

And whether we hear something about atrocities of “federals“, that often their ways of conducting combat operations do not differ from the Chechen? How many ethnic Russians died not from hands of “Czechs“, and from hands of “defenders“? How many them the killed women, children, old men? Could give me on the person for these words, come I to some Russian square and cry about it, for certain, the same hands that were active joint stock company - 47 and a bayonet - a knife against the same defenseless women and children - and not each of them in the bosom there was a grenade. Clear business, mentality it is shifted both at those, and at others. A la guerre, comme a la guerre.

Honor and praise to those who protect a dream and rest of peace Russians and to that who valorously died - let the earth it will be down. But we usually pronounce these words tight sitting in comfortable chairs in front of the TV where - nibud in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Novgorod. And once you appear “there“, the truth becomes another. Only let`s not to lie. Let`s look courageously in eyes to the truth. Let`s not to rush, on an immemorial Russian habit, in an extreme - “either we love, or we hate“, “either heroes, or cowards and enemies“. At us tertium non datur is immemorial - the third it is not given.

Where got to this all the known Russian hospitality and forgiveness? Why such spiteful became that? It is terrible to hear. Fierce some hatred to the former brothers and sisters. Fierce.

War - mean business, dirty. Also you should not have given for it awards and medals. So it seems to me. Moreover to march on the areas, to start salute, tasty is and to drink with pleasure. It is necessary to be silent and tell about war mournfully the truth, but not to repeat what in reports is written. First of all the innocent perishes. Perish in thousands. But we close eyes. Because for us, alas, long ago it is clear, “who the and who others“, “who the friend and who the enemy“. Therefore, can do all events naturally?