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Man and woman. How to understand whether he loves, or do not dive deeply! The Beginning

“When the man you loves

, any who speaks, does, offers you something bad or even just thinks you somehow to offend, risks to be destroyed. Your man will sweep away everything on the way to make sure that all who managed with you disrespectfully paid for it. Such is its nature“, - the American comedian Steve Harvey considers.

the Man protects

of Missile defense any man on this planet can be told: nobody will be able to offend his family, without having paid for it or, at least, without having run into a serious fight.

This congenital, it is recognized and approved from the very first relations which the boy has, - the relations with mother. He, perhaps, yet does not know what is unconditional love, but the boy never recognizes that his mother can be mistaken, and will not allow someone to speak or to do something against his mother. Men are trained in it from the cradle: protect mother, do not allow anybody to speak about her badly or to do her harm and if someone and acts this way, let it know that came it is time to deal with it.

Quite so taught

also me.

I remember

Distinctly when I, the boy of years of eight, stood and waited when mother puts on a coat to go with us to the center. The father entered the room and told very simply:“ You go to the center - protect mother“. It was a rule number one in the house of my father: do not come back to this house without mother and sisters. Do that you want: commit suicide, leave, up hill and down dale, - but do not come back without mother and sisters. I, of course, perfectly knew that really I will not be able to protect mother in any way - at that time she cared for me. But, the word of honor, both in the bus, and in shop I stuck out a breast a wheel, ready to swear that I do something for protection of the family. Because I also had to do it.

it each man has to do

- and it is ready to do it - for people for whom cares. Once he declares that he cares for you, you become for him valuable property, and he will make everything to protect the property. If he hears how you argue with the tax specialist, he will tell:“ With whom it you? Give - I will deal with it“. If your former gets you calls, your man will put it into place. If he sees that your children got out of hand, he will talk also to them. In other words, it will protect the family because he knows that the real man is a defender. There is no real man who would not protect what belongs to him. Because it is already about respect.

would tell

Ya that it is, of course, one of key things which any woman wants to see in the man because girls are brought up so that they counted that the most important men in their life will fight for them and will protect them from any troubles what it costed.

Ya I think that all of you perfectly know it and therefore you report to the man loving you at once that someone poses for you threat, assured that your man - whether the father it, the brother, the uncle, the husband or the lover - will make everything to protect your honor. Perhaps it will even beat your offender, despite of consequences. For example, you most likely will not want to expatiate on what at you occurs at work because it is capable to come there and if it is necessary, to talk also to your chief. And all of us understand that it can badly end.

I Remember

, to us the insurer somehow came, demanding from mother of some money. Standing on our porch, he spoke:“ Pay, otherwise you will regret“. The father learned about it from one of us and asked mother that was told to her by that person. Knowing that the father will explode, mother long hesitated, but eventually told everything. Then the father took an interest when this type usually comes.

I here the insurer visited us again... We saw in a window as the father, having pressed that man to the car, seized to it a throat.“ If you still sometime tell something disrespectful to my wife, I will kill you“, - he told. Perhaps, it is is beyond decencies a little, but real men quite so arrive, protecting those who are loved.

However protection is not only use of brute physical force. The man who really loves you can protect you and other ways: he can give a valuable advice or volunteer to make something that, in his opinion, for you is unsafe. For example, if on the street it is dark, he will not allow you to park on the parking or to walk a dog, he will make everything even if he just worked two changes.

my wife, Marjorie, still to exhaustion laughs, remembering as I “protected“ it during our recent sortie to Maui. You understand, my wife - the diplomaed scuba diver. And I am not present. She put on equipment and began immersion. I could not find any peace, began to smoke a cigar and began to go on the ship, explaining to diving instructors that “it has to return“. When it left under water, I ordered to one of the security guards who was not able to swim with an aqualung, to take the respiratory call, to dive into water and to watch it. I declared to all crew, including the manager and the captain that “if my wife does not return here in thirty five minutes, then all put on the suits, and we pull out her“. The guy heading expedition as it is possible more politely told: “The sir, all cannot plunge under water to rescue one person“, - but his words meant nothing to me.“ And I speak, - I told, with each word burning more and more, - that or all will dive there to rescue it, or I will kill all“.


, has to be, felt something wrong and suddenly appeared over water. It rose aboard, understanding that, following the instincts, I had to protect it there, but could not. Therefore it judged that it is better for it not to dive.

She understands that my main requirement - it is reliable to secure it against all troubles. Marjorie loves risk, but she refused both immersions, and a paraplanerism and to that similar things for this reason. I at last received the woman of the dream and that if suddenly, having jumped with a parachute, it crashes into a wall or at immersion its aqualung will refuse? Her life will be in danger, and I will not be able to help it?

- to - a gda. My philosophy of pleasant pastime is that you have to have a good time and come back home whole and safe to be able to tell all about how to you it was good. My wife does not wriggle about it - just speaks:“ Thanks for care, road“.

I I really care for it, thus my DNA appeals to me that I protected it, provided it and declared it as I can. Quite so, by the way, our fathers, both their fathers, and fathers of their fathers arrived.

you lost sight of it - stopped demanding it from your men. Perhaps, from - for the fact that now so many women raise the children alone, or from - for the fact that there were no enough men who would teach our boys to be real men. But I firmly believe that the real woman can reveal the best in the man. Sometimes we need just to meet the real woman, besides our own mother who would open our best qualities. It, however, demands which - what and from the woman: she has to insist that the man became a getter.

constantly I hear

Ya from women that there is no real man left any more and that men are not capable of anything. But I claim that they do not do what is expected from real men because nobody - and in particular women - demands it from them.

To put it briefly, the lady, stop to impose your idea of love to men and recognize that men love in a different way. The love of the man fits only into three categories. I call them three bases of love: this statement, providing and protection. The man, perhaps, will not go to choose with you a new dress, but the real man will accompany you on a party, will hold you by a hand and with pride to present all the lady (to declare); he, perhaps, will not sit at your bed, holding by a hand when you are sick, but will track that all recipes were written out, will warm up to you a bowl of soup and will be convinced that all becomes necessary that you recovered (to provide); it, perhaps, will reluctantly change diapers, to wash the dishes or to wipe yours of a foot after a hot bathtub, but rasshibtsya in flat cake to allow to hurt you or to offend (to protect).

If your man does to

all this for you, believe me, it is invaluable.

From the book “Arrive as the Woman, Think as the Man“