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Lessons in the first class. How to help the child?

the Child went to school, to the first class. And all speak around: “Now you are absolutely adult! You are a school student now and has to...“ Yes, life at the child really changed, but only he from it did not stop being the child. And still: it has to nothing to nobody.

At the first PTA meeting you were told among other that in the first class of homeworks do not set. And there pass the first two weeks of September. Everything is excellent, everything is very simple and interesting: in copy-books of a butterfly and the bee, a frog and doggie - it is a pleasure to lead round them and to paint, and house really should be done nothing.

But here the copy-book № appears; 2, and there... And right there is daily a leaflet of the A4 format on which... No, is not present - it is not homework, it... just information on what by tomorrow has to be in notebooks and copy-books it is written, both solved, and drawn. It is good if the child very much is pleasant to write in copy-books and if is not present? If for it it is fire and brimstone? What to do?

Ya not the supporter of violent methods. Besides, to me it is very important that the child had an interest in what he so strongly does not love (actually it at all not “does not love“ - the reasons, most likely, in fear that it will not turn out, or in misunderstanding). And here it is important to help the little school student “to take a barrier“. I made a number of experiments, and is very successful.

1. Letter. Remembered valdorfsky school to which we came for holidays more than once. When for the first time got there, the enormous impression was made on me by children`s notebooks. Pupils write on sheets A4 without any razlinovka. At the same time lines and the sizes of letters are ideally sustained. And in the first class children write at first on slate boards, and then with a pencil in an album.

here at next unfortunate “And it will be possible for

I I today not to write to copy-books...“, I answered: “It is possible. Let`s write in an album today“. And right there the sluggish boy recovered, in eyes gloss appeared. “And what to write?“ - “Write that you are already able. There is your notebook, it is possible to spy there, and here to write“. And here he already writes. Writes not with the handle, but thick and very soft pencil - both writes, and writes... And after a while asks to show how it is written capital “to“ or “I“, and writes further.


It is looked in an album and seen a wonderful picture: letters quite rovnenky and with an identical inclination and left all of them one size - only not half-centimeter, as in copy-books, and nearly one and a half. But as it is beautiful. And nothing terrible that the line “left“ down, in a week and a line already almost leaves, maintains the horizon. And after a while and in copy-books of a letter rise more and more exactly - but it in a class. And we continue to write in an album at home. So more interestingly for two reasons: it is possible to write what is wanted and nobody will check it.

But what to do with copy-books in which by tomorrow all these small letters have to be filled and led round? To do nothing - in the first class there are no homeworks. Only it is necessary not to forget to discuss it with the teacher. Usually at elementary school of the teacher adequate also treat with understanding, but also their eye is swept together: they perfectly see, are engaged with the child of the house or not.

2. Reading. the Child does not want to read. And give a task to read already and at school and in general this useful ability and further very fascinating occupation. How to make so that also the desire to read was not gone, and all - to execute homework?

Read to

the set text, and the child let will listen. But at the same time let in a mailbox there will be a letter addressed to your school student. The letter printed with a large print. The text of the letter can be any: it can be also from the summer friend (then it is better to handwrite such letter printing letters), and from the invented character - with tasks, had performed which, the child will find a small prize. There can be it and history with continuation - continuation will come in the following letter. Here nobody gave a task to read these letters so he wants - do not read. But then you do not learn who it suddenly sent you the letter and on what it.

I the most important: do not stop reading to the child aloud. If suddenly earlier you read not regularly, that time to start tradition to read for the night aloud the interesting book, comfortably having settled near by the light of a desk lamp. When there are only you, yours for the present the kid and the fairy tale which you endure together.

3. Mathematics. This “queen“ surrounds us from all directions, and the child is familiar with it for a long time. Now it is necessary to systematize what is already known, to classify everything. Perhaps, here not the mathematics, but writing of figures is the most difficult again. But the quantity of lines are not enough and not so frightens as a copy-book.

As for directly mathematics - can be played it: to collect and sort cubes or any other improvised material on the system which is thought up by you; to sort the products bought and brought in one package; to display pencils and handles on various signs; to play board games (there counting of points is required everywhere); to divide one tasty roll into all family and so on. But also, there is a set of fine games - puzzles are both “Rush hour“, and “Safari“, and “Frogs“, and many others.

Besides, it is possible to go in for both physics, and chemistry directly at home. For example, we will put an empty plastic bottle in the freezer. Through some time, having prepared a balloon (it is desirable to inflate previously it and to blow off) and a bowl with very hot water in advance, we will show to the child focus. We get a bottle from the freezer, we pull a ball on a neck and we put a bottle in boiled water. The ball will begin to be inflated directly at you in the eyes. The delight and good mood are provided! And now discuss why it occurs. You should not explain the phenomenon reason at once. It is enough to lead. And such experiences set: reaction of soda and lemon acid, yeast dough and many other things.

I most important: when performing lessons you have to have a good mood. But mothers - too people, everyone can be. If you are angry and cannot cope with it, or were tired so that there was one desire - to fall and fall asleep, nothing is better absolutely this evening to school do. And honestly tell the child that you very much were tired, and independent performance of homework would be a big surprise. If it happens not often, then, most likely, the child and the truth will go and will make something. And it is very probable that it will be pleasant to it, and further “he will already order parade“, and will begin to address you only minutes of sharp misunderstanding. If yet he without you does not want to do homework - anything terrible, it is possible to arrange unplanned day off occasionally.