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Oh, the Crimea as you are beautiful!

the Name “Partenit“ came from the Greek “partenos“ - “maiden“.

the Settlement of city type of Partenit is a paradise place in the territory of the peninsula of Crimea which is between Alushta and Yalta. It is mountain part of the Crimea. The town is located between two well-known mountains - the mountain the Bear (to Ai - Dag) and the mountain the little Bear. Behind the mountain to Ai - Dag is the well-known camp “Artek“.

relatives who go there the 3rd year in a row advised to Have a rest in Partenita to us. We without effort removed 2 - the hkomnatny apartment overlooking the sea and near sanatorium “Crimea“. To the sea was nearby (minutes 10 - 15), and our way lay through sanatorium “Crimea“ which represents just paradise on the earth during the 40th-degree heat. It was the park zone: around cypresses, palm trees, exotic flowers, in a word - beauty. Plus a combination of sea and mountain air - everything helped to transfer easily an intolerable heat, especially for children.


In general for little travelers created all conditions for rest there - many mummies with carriages. Except the nature and the warm sea (in the first of July the sea was +24-+26 degrees), the fact that the beach is equipped with trestle beds and canopies (to whom was not enough, could get trestle beds with canopies for rent) still very much was pleasant, directly on the beach - the paddling inflatable pool, attractions for the smallest (a trampoline, a swing, lazilka), inflatable hills, for rent - catamarans and water motsik. Directly in the territory of sanatorium - the musical fountain: there is no such miracle anywhere in the world, a dolphinarium (every day on two representations), movie theaters, pools, the equipped athletic field, a tennis court, billiards, tennis tables … In the evening a children`s disco, walks on the boat.

But we to sports preferred to know better the Crimea, to travel, and we managed it. Of course, it is the best of all to travel by car as the own master - where wanted, there and went.

our travel

  1. In the first day made sea walk by the ship “Foros“ - rounded the mountain to Ai - Dag, floated by Artek camp, then passed through two mountains - “Twins“, passed by coast of Gurzuf (travel took slightly less than 2 hours with return). And in the evening we got on fine show of dolphins. Received an excellent charge of energy from delfinchik, I participated in auction (the picture in which two delfinchik were drawn was on sale).
  2. Day of the second. Excursion to Yalta. We investigated the embankment of Yalta, the child - all attractions which it appeared well much. Then we contemplated a set of the most beautiful yachts. And later went to the Nikitsky botanical garden and attended (in the same place) an exhibition of cactuses.

  3. Third day. We visited “Glade of fairy tales“, and a private zoo, the first in Ukraine. It is clear, that the child was delighted simply as she saw in a tree of heroes of favourite fairy tales and a live Baba-yaga which lives in a hut on chicken legs. Plus to everything we listened to fascinating lecture. We got to a zoo at once, having left from “Glade of fairy tales“. On an entrance to a zoo sold a forage to animals - we bought his full hands and went to feed animals. Directly we fed from hands swans, monkeys, little squirrels, horses, threw to bears of hlebushka, threw a chicken pad to a tiger. At the same time learned what delicacies are loved by animals. Leaving from these actions, swept on horses and on children`s roundabouts.

  4. Day the fourth. We went to submit Marble caves, and, I want to tell, reach to them it was not so simple - 12 km we went all the time uphill on the stony road. And here we at the purpose. Quickly bought tickets and with excursion came inside. In caves average temperature on average 8 degrees of heat therefore hired jackets (to the baby picked up for a razmerchik too). In a cave the beauty was indescribable: everywhere there were stalactites, stalagmites. They reminded different animals, characters of fairy tales - generally, was what to look at. Coming back, we stopped by in the reserve to look at animals (some forest area). Saw wild pylons (5 little and 3 big boars), horses, etc. animals.
  5. the Fifth day we devoted
    completely to the Aquapark. Arrived to opening - by 11 in the morning. Of course, there was quite big line for tickets, there were many people, but that pleasure which we derived in an aquapark, not to compare to anything. The aquapark is divided into two parts - for children (there 4 children`s hills, the huge pool with sea water, fountainlets, a shower with fresh water, canopies with trestle beds), and for adults (there everything is much more serious: 2 hills of the kamikaze, are a cool family hill - move down on it in five together, and 4 more circular hills different in the size and on declivity, with tunnels; pools with falls, fountains, souls with fresh water). Besides, was where and to have a bite. To our delight there was no limit. Everything very much was pleasant and in words it is impossible to express - it is necessary to go and ride.

  6. Sixth day. Rise on the mountain Ai - Petri. Climbed a ropeway - all coast of the Crimea was clearly. Made small excursion, and then arranged themselves walk on horses to caves. The baby still managed to drive on a camel.

  7. - is time to go the Seventh day home.


our small holiday and small fascinating travel to the Crimea on it it was finished. We came back to the dusty and noisy city. But we were holidaymakers, received a charge of energy and the sea of impressions, besides managed to sunbathe and be bought in the purest sea.

of the Price of excursions and accommodation

  1. Housing in pgt . Partenit it is possible to remove in three points: when at once you turn from the Yalta route to Partenit, near the market, and near the central checkpoint of sanatorium “Crimea“. These are three most popular places. Hand over, generally intermediaries, but you do not pay them. The hostess of the apartment pays off with them. Conveniently through the intermediary because you go to watch several apartments at once and you choose the most pleasant.
  2. In July and August of housing price the following: 1 - 2 - x room apartments - 15 - 25 c.u. Everything depends on the location (proximity to the sea), a view from the window, existence of the conditioner, a boiler, stores for water. We removed for 15 c.u. the excellent apartment overlooking the sea, a boiler, the store, but without conditioner.
  3. the Entrance on the beach the paid, single subscription (since July 1) - 5 UAH (0,95 c.u.), if for 7 days - 4 UAH (0,75 c.u.), more than 7 days - 3 UAH (0,566 c.u.) on one person. To children - free an entrance (in my opinion, years to 12).
  4. the Parking of the car - on average 8 UAH (1,5 c.u.) .
  5. Food . Very much the Podsolnukhi cafe was pleasant. The prices are average. At us on average the lunch on a family of 3 people cost 10 - 12 c.u. In general, there many places where it is possible to eat (about 20) well.
  6. of the Price of excursions provided that to the place of excursion you get by the car:
    • the Aquapark - from July 1 to August 31 the children`s ticket (from 3 to 12 years) - 40 UAH (7,5 c.u.), the adult - 60 UAH (11,3 c.u.), also you ride the whole day (with 11 to 18). After 15. 00th entrance at a discount.
    • Marble caves : the child free of charge (till 6 years), the adult ticket (everything depends on that how many halls of a cave you want to look), 1 hall - 6 UAH (1,13 c.u.), 2 halls of 12 UAH (2,26 c.u.), and full excursion - 25 UAH (4,7 c.u.) .
    • “Glade of fairy tales“ : to children to 6 - it is free, the adult ticket of 6 UAH (1,13 c.u.).
    • to
    • the Zoo - an entrance of 6 UAH (c.u.), and on an entrance it is possible to buy a various forage to feed animals.
    • the Raising on the mountain Ai - Petri on a kanatka : the child till 6 years - it is free. The adult - 20 UAH (3,8 c.u.) and plus we paid 5 UAH (0,93 c.u.) for excursion.
    • Driving on horses on Ai - Petri - 50 UAH (9,4 c.u.) for 2 horses, we went down to caves and - back (on time took about 1 hour).
    • Nikitsky botanical garden : 5 UAH - the adult, the child (till 6 years) - are free.