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Autumn depression. How to get rid of it?

the Sun are heated more and more weakly, by light day less and less, and rising in the morning for work, instead of the blue sky behind a window we see total darkness. The time of holidays ended, easy dresses and slaps are cleaned in a case, and their place was taken by boots, scarfs and umbrellas. The mood promptly falls, till next summer almost whole year. How to lift the spirit on former height and not to allow autumn melancholy to take control of itself?

Why the mood


How to improve mood

Fresh air. Try to be more often in the fresh air during daylight hours. At natural lighting in an organism happiness hormone - serotonin is produced. And if behind a window the sun shines, especially it is necessary to seek to get under its beams - it will promote production of vitamin D. Be not limited to walks during week-end - to breathe fresh air, it is possible to use lunch breaks. You appreciate good days - to sit in cafe or you will be able to do some shopping also much in the winter.

Artificial light. the Sunlight in small (but in the necessary fall and in the winter) can be compensated to a measure also by artificial lighting. Hormone ceases to be produced melatonin within 15 seconds from the moment of inclusion of an electric lamp. If you wake up when behind a window it is still dark, turn on the light at once - the is lighter, the quicker you will wake up and the mood will be better.

Healthy nutrition. If you are subject to autumn melancholy, first of all, exclude products which in itself stimulate depressions from the diet. First of all it is canned food, pork and sausages. Eat more vegetables, fishes and fermented milk products. It is known that sweets are capable to improve an emotional spirit. Only do not go too far in chocolates and candies - from the spoiled figure the mood will hardly be lightened.

What to drink during autumn melancholy
  • Freshly squeezed juice will allow you to feel more vigorously throughout the day.
  • the bitter chocolate which is one of products of “happiness“ capable to lighten mood contains
  • of Cocoa .
  • dogrose Broth - a well of the vitamin C necessary for immunity maintenance. With it to you no colds are terrible.
  • of Imbirno - honey tea removes slags and toxins, promotes the best digestion and hot perfectly warms.

Physical activities. statistically, the people playing sports have a depression by 5 times less than those who neglect physical activities. Active gestures in combination with the correct breath strengthen synthesis of endorphins or as they are called still, hormones of happiness or hormones of pleasure. Also a number of researches proved that athletes at the termination of trainings quickly become despondent: they lack endorphins to which high level they got used. For a raising of mood trainings in the fresh air are considered ideal: run, a skating or the bicycle, simple walk by a fast pace in park or the wood.

Appearance. to paint gray days, put on in bright colors: dilute faceless darkly - gray crowd with light shades - yellow, orange, lime, blue. You watch a bearing - only a direct, equal back, widely straightened shoulders and highly raised head adjust on an optimistic harmony whereas the round-shouldered, clamped figure and a dejected look promote a bigger grief.

Way of life. Try to observe a day regimen - you lay down and get up at the same time - it will help your biological rhythms to catch up with nature rhythms quicker. Not to become limp at home in gloomy days, you go to concerts, exhibitions, at cinema, to theaters and acquaint with it the friends and acquaintances.