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How to open the business? The first steps to success of

Business are an expedition, and it is necessary to be prepared for the road properly: to select the budget, to lay a route, to gather a team.

It is unconditional before steeping in a business whirlpool, it is necessary:

to be convinced by
  1. of the clearness of the ideas of the main activity of the company (what goods or services you will offer the market);
  2. to work as
  3. over an offer exclusivity (what your offer will be other than competitors);
  4. to understand
  5. who your target audience (who that client who will buy your goods or service) and what aims you pursue (a share in the market, a conclusion to the market of a new product, the planned income and profit of the company).
without having answered with

these questions, you should not hurry with opening of own business. Otherwise it will look as in the fairy tale - to go there, I do not know where, to bring that, I do not know that. If this is not about high technologies, then in most cases already someone to you thought up the brilliant idea, and there is nothing shameful in adopting experience of predecessors, having adapted idea under the Russian market (of course, without violating at the same time anybody`s copyright). It is also useful to do a bit of traveling on the international profile exhibitions - the inspiration and inspiration sometimes come to them.

the Name for rent

Franchising - one of the priority directions in creation of the business. It is the developed licensing form at which one party (franchiser) grants to other party (franchisee) the paid right to work on its own behalf, using trademarks and/or brands of the franchiser. In fact, you “rent“ a brand (the trademark or a sign of commercial use). You do not need to create from scratch reputation and effective business - model, but at the same time you sufficiently keep economic and legal independence.

B 1955 Ray Krok founded the McDonald`s company, having been a founder of franchizing in its modern look when together with the franchize the whole system of business is transferred. In Russia by such principle the 1C companies, X5 of Retail Group (shops “Pyaterochka“, “Intersection“), Ruyan Group (Expedition brand) “, Baskin Robbins“, “Rosinter Restorants Holdings“ (restaurants “Or Patio“, “Sushi Palent“, Friday “s), “Promsvyazbank“, “Planet of Hospitality“ work (restaurants “Sbarro“, “East Market“, etc.) and many others.
Practically all types of business activity can work with

on system of franchizing. This system is most widespread in the following spheres: enterprises of food, real estate agency, hotel business, dry-cleaners and laundry, cleaning companies, retail trade, medical services, etc. On the website of the Russian academy of franchizing there is even an Internet - shop of franchizes which you can use already now.

the Personal contact

If franchizing - not your way, then is better to begin the first business with what well you are able to do. The trial and error method, of course, is admissible, but it much more risky and more expensive. Let`s assume, you worked several years the account manager in advertizing agency, earned to yourself reputation of the cool expert, built portfolio of projects and base of perspective clients. With this experience and information you have a good chance to open own agency, counting that some small part of clients will pass to you - of course provided that you offer the favorable price in combination with qualitatively new approach in service of needs of this client. Mistakes on this way you will make much less.

history of the international cosmetic company Mary Kay Inspires. Having quitted the job, the foundress of the company Mary Kaye Ash risked to open the business in 45 years, having been engaged in the fact that it did the most part of the life, - sales. It was necessary only to find a product which she could sell. Remarkable cream which recipe she redeemed from the familiar cosmetologist became it. So the Company - dream was born. To begin never late if there is a huge desire to realize the dream, passion, experience, right team and a little good luck. Uchenye`s

and work

If experience in business in which you plan to be engaged, no then for a start it is good to div to receive it. You want to start the enterprise of retail food - get a job to work in McDonald`s or any other similar company, like the atmosphere, communicate to the knowing people, adopt their experience. There is a desire to open own cafe or restaurant - the same council: experience in this sphere is irreplaceable if, of course, you are not ready to select the considerable budget under hiring of high quality experts - managers and consultants. And having learned to trade in jeans, to you will not make big work successfully to sell food or services in a dry-cleaner or tailoring. The main thing - you will know how to do it.

On start!

Step 1. Choosing area for application of the knowledge, quite good it would be attentive to study a state and dynamics of development of the market in this sphere, history of success of his leaders, clients and so forth. If there is no budget on hiring of marketing agency, it is possible to manage data from open analytical sources. Ability to analyze information and to be aware of tendencies is useful to you under any circumstances.

Step 2. If you are not able to reflect schematically in one sheet of paper business - the plan of your future company, then chances to find the investor are small. My familiar investors admit that to them enough one swept together look to check the first leaf business - the plan to understand, working it or not. Often they look through these business - plans in the course of the movement: on the plane, the airport, in the car on the way to office etc. You appreciate others time: be rational, do not pour water, and give on paper only a reality, be in a trend - then, perhaps, you are expected by success in a type of “bank“ of the private investor ready to make investments in your idea.

Step 3. So, you have an idea, there is a plan of its realization and initial investments. What`s next? Further you not too pleasant procedure of registration of the company expects, and I would recommend to delegate these powers to the professional lawyer or the outsourcing company. You need to choose the form of the legal entity (Ltd company, closed joint stock company, joint stock company) suitable you system of the taxation (the general or simplified), to register in detail types of your activity and to resolve some other important issues connected with registration of legal entity. Optimum, if on all questions you are advised by the lawyer and the accountant. On the same stage before you there will be a tenancy question under office and hiring of the accountant or outsourcing accounting office.

Office:“ for“ and contra

we will not go into details of the Russian legislation of rather legal address by which there has to be your office. I will tell in fact. The companies rendering a number of intellectual services in most cases do not need office. It is simply necessary for others and is a guarantor of future profit.

advantages and shortcomings of presence of office at the company Are. From clear advantages - any problems with documentation (reception, sending, storage of accounting documents), besides, you will be able to control work of the team. But the most important is a reputation party of a question: image of your company in the opinion of clients. It is quite difficult to convince the client of a solvency and to sign the transaction on several millions if he learns that you have no office (as it happens at firms - a something ephemeral) and you there will be no place to look for if something happens.

of Advantage. the Set of the companies began with the fact that worked from the house, in cafe, remotely operating process and organizing meetings of times a week in the neutral territory. However further, at expansion of business and increase in number of personnel they all the same had to rent office. Besides not all can work at home, and only responsible citizens able to concentrate and self-organize. If in the house children, it is noisy, you have no separate office, good communication and so forth, then quality of work suffers. And here not to do without office.

Shortcomings. the Most obvious shortcoming is expenses on rent and office services (furniture, the software and so forth) . In small business expenses on office often significantly undermine a condition of the bank account though there are programs of support of small business including granting the room under office on favorable terms.

a success Secret

Registration, office, taxes etc. is only an organizational party of a question which is not so difficult for solving, having addressed professionals. A key to success of your business - in team led by you. It is known that fish goes out from the head. If in your head there is no order, system perception of reality, objectivity in an assessment of the actions and inclinations of the leader, then the success of the enterprise will be very doubtful. You have to not just operate the employed personnel, but inspire, lead ideologically. One of precepts of “the iron lady“ of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher: “I am the leader of pack. But what the leader if he does not lead pack is?“