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Children`s holiday: you did not see such competitions yet! You Think out

, than to occupy children 5 - 6 years on a holiday? You solve, to spend children`s birthday at home or in cafe? It is easy to arrange our games in any situation. Kids are waited by both cheerful fuss, and tasks for dexterity and attention, and adults will become arbitrators of unusual competitions.


to your child will execute 5 or 6 years soon. Most likely, he remembers last year`s birthday and in advance will begin to overcome you requests for the organization of a holiday. Begin preparation... from memoirs: consider photos from last celebration, discuss what was remembered that wants to be repeated. Consult whom to invite from friends how to decorate the house and what to include in the cultural program.

the Elegant room can become a surprise - as well as a gift under a pillow or near a bed which the kid will find, having hardly woken up. But it is possible to be engaged in registration of the room and together: decorate it spheres, garlands, posters. If on last birthdays you did wall newspapers with photos, surely hang up them. By the way there will be also a colourful notebook for wishes to the birthday man lying in a visible place, - children at this age already gradually begin to read and write, and it is possible and to draw the wish.

already the call signals

I about arrival of guests. You with the kid meet children and adults, receive congratulations, gifts. Then you can safely be divided - you as the hostess, pay attention to adults, and the kid who got used for last birthdays to a role of the little owner will occupy the come children. When children accustom with each other and will a little play, it is possible to start the festive program. So, what entertainments and competitions will carry away 5 - 6 - summer?

Pass - the championship on a vetrobola

is required to

For this game a small smooth table and couple of players. Let they will get up since the different ends of a table. In the middle establish a plastic cover from favourite juice or drink of your child. It will be a ball. Players have to score goals each other, using only force of the blown air. Hands, teeth and any devices it is impossible to touch a ball. When the cover falls to a floor from someone from participants, the goal will be included. Bring to the winner of competitions the cup to the brim filled with tasty drink from which stopper children played.

Tasty checkers

In this game expression “to eat a checker“ receives literal value. In advance prepare checkers - for this purpose plastic skewers, pieces of pineapple and grapes of two flowers will be necessary for you. Instead of black checkers place on a board the pieces of pineapple and black grapes pinned on skewers, instead of white - green grapes with pineapple. Give to children several plastic checkered boards that they could compete at the same time. Connect to an entertainment of adults: let play with each other or with children or quietly prompt to participants the following course.

the Competition on the best architect

Prepare for

a large number of children`s cubes (plastic or wooden) and break children into couples. It is necessary to put cubes at each other in turn, building thus a high tower. That kid after whose cube the tower will fail will lose. It is forbidden to blow on a tower and to disturb players. It is allowed to displace slightly the cube to edge to complicate a task to the rival. The winner is handed big “a chupa - chups“, and to the loser - small.


to the Child tie with a scarf eyes and put a piece of some fruit or berry in a mouth. The range has to be extensive - bananas, oranges, apples, pears, pineapples, a kiwi. On a season it is possible to add grapes, plums, cherries, a water-melon, garden berries. The kid has to determine by taste that at it in a mouth. It is allowed to play pranks - to put to kids in a mouth gelatinous candies, a chocolate segment, a piece of cake or a sour lemon. Before a competition find out about culinary preferences of guests and surely consider wishes of parents (there is an intolerance of separate products, an allergy). Guessed receives that fruit which guessed in an award.

Who told



Participants are divided

into two teams: one will be kittens, and others - puppies. For creation of mass character it is possible to connect adults. The leader ties with a scarf to each participant eyes and mixes kittens and puppies, twisting everyone. Then gives start to game by team: “Look for the!“ . Kittens have to mew loudly, puppies - loudly to bark and on sounds to the touch to make the way to each other. Entertainment duration directly depends on how the leader will twirl and will mix players among themselves. Game comes to an end when both teams are gathered. It is possible to repeat several times, changing roles.

House basketball

already created teams will be useful to p For this game. Or just not persons interested to play kids put two most silent in the different ends of the room on low steady stools. If those were not, adult guests will help. Ask them to build from the hands linked before themselves a ring for a ball. As a ball will serve the balloon. Explain to children two basic rules: the ball should not fall on a floor and it cannot be held in hand - only to throw and beat it in the direction of a ring. Give start and enjoy a show of the rushing and cheerfully making a din malyshna. The goal is set off if the ball passed in a ring. The match can drag on for a long time therefore provide an interval or a time limit on each time.

Finish celebration by “Loaf“ and carrying out of birthday cake with candles. It is a high time to suggest guests to be supported.

Birthday according to this scenario can be carried out by

and outdoors - in children`s cafe or entertainment center. Children 5 - 6 usually quite are ready years to it, but all - surely listen to the birthday man`s wishes. Successful holiday!

From the book “A children`s holiday.
the Book of ideas and scenarios for good parents“