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Snowboard in 10 weeks and skis in 20 weeks of pregnancy

Now when my daughter has already some, there is a wish to remember time which became for me the happiest in life - pregnancy. So, I will begin one after another.

2 day of pregnancy. Losevo, a kayaking

It also pregnancy it was impossible to call, I only at heart hoped that everything will turn out. Thought: if in me there is already life, so the kid will estimate power of rough water. There were last days off of October, we with the husband and our friends went to Losevsky thresholds to close a season of a kayaking is an alloy on single boats on rough water, my most favourite sport. Excellent closing - water yet not absolutely cold turned out, and every minute in the boat you try to remember, know that ahead winter, and you will come to water not earlier than the end of April... And I hoped that for me expectation of rough water will be even longer.

of 5 weeks of pregnancy. Korabitsino, a snowboard

in the Morning on Saturday I made by

the test, long - long peered into this piece of paper and with surprise distinguished some hint on the second strip. Without having believed eyes, showed the test to the husband what he answered:“ I congratulate you, companion sergeant“ (there is such joke) then we packed things and went to Korabitsino to open a snowboard season.

of 10 - 11 weeks of pregnancy. Frantsuzkiye Alpy, a snowboard

Now when I remember those days, I understand - it was adventure. We decided not to cancel the planned trip long ago and went to the small French town of Brianson to ride snowboards. When I woke up in our small lodge in mountains, suddenly understood that for the first time for several weeks nothing hurts me - all symptoms of toxicosis receded. All trip I felt perfectly. Safe European routes, good weather, the sun - all this caused constant feeling of boundless happiness.

of 15 - 22 week of pregnancy. The Leningrad region, cross-country skis

Having returned from a trip to mountains, I decided not to push luck any more and to be engaged in something quiet. We with the husband bought cross-country skis. Several days off were spent for search of the ideal route, as a result we found a ski track about the settlement of Komarovo. Walks on skis very strongly pleased me - moderate physical activity, a fairy forest, snow, the sun. Generally, we were involved and with pleasure rode till the spring.

of 24 - 25 week of pregnancy. Berlin - Amsterdam, foot walks

To my birthday we went to Berlin, took a walk there, and then, having taken the car, were thrown to Amsterdam. In Holland most of all to me the park of flowers was remembered - it is the ideal place for the pregnant woman, I did not want to leave from there! Such contrast between our black snow and paints of this park! There I understood why advise pregnant women to look at something beautiful. Well and walks on river trams on canals of Amsterdam - it is healthy too!

of 27 - 28 week of pregnancy. Finland, foot walks

Every year for May holidays, we go to the North of Finland to open a kayaking season. This year I for the first time went without boat, without oar, but with already noticeable tummy. To my astonishment, lack of habitual activity did not afflict - I with pleasure walked and had a good time with friends.

29 week of pregnancy. Karelia, rodeo competitions - to a kayaking. I am just a viewer

One more trip - this time to Karelia, to the village of Tivdiya where competitions are traditionally held, and after them - a big party. I took in this trip with myself embroidery, sat ashore and derived esthetic pleasure from beautiful driving.

of 33 - 34 week of pregnancy. Finland, foot walks

during this trip to me it was terrible

- terribly that childbirth, and I in 500 km from St. Petersburg can begin. It was especially terrible at night when the daughter began to move actively. But as speak in a kayaking when it is not terrible - not interestingly. The trip turned out remarkable, very quiet, I walked, looked on riding on waves, went with the husband on fishing and thought of how I am happy every day and every minute.

of 34 - 40 week of pregnancy. St. Petersburg, traditional pregnant activity

A still I was engaged in all in what most of pregnant girls is engaged. I went to courses of future parents, to gymnastics for pregnant women, to the pool, at lecture for pregnant women at the Russian Museum, did a pregnant photoshoot, made different purchases - all this very strongly lightened mood and gave inspiration for future motherhood.

of 40 - 41 week of pregnancy. Run on a ladder

Ya very much waited for this moment - and was afraid, mentally removed. But when even the doctor told me that there is no place to delay more that I have a couple of days more or it is necessary to lay down in maternity hospital - I understood that the most important event is already close. Somehow to prompt to my daughter that it would already be time to be born, I ran on a ladder up - down - if it is possible to call these movements run.

Well, and further in couple of days my girl was born

, and the new life not less interesting and colourful, with new activities and entertainments began. But it already another story altogether...

Olga Isaeva