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Man and woman. How to learn whether he loves - one more sign of

the Beginning

the American comedian Steve Harvey claims that he knows signs on which it is possible to understand whether “really the man facing you gives all himself“. Also continues to disclose this classified information from men`s camp.

the Man provides


As soon as we declared the rights for you - and you answered the same, we begin to earn on “bread and butter“. In other words, the man loving you will bring money to the house to guarantee that you and at children have all necessary. It is our purpose.

is an essence of man`s calling - to be a supporter and the getter

Society said in the millennia to us, men that our primary mission - to provide our families: whatever it happened, as if we felt, people whom we love should not need anything. It is essence of man`s calling - to be the supporter and the getter. Everything is reduced to it. If ability to provide darlings financially or somehow differently appears under doubt, the man`s vanity cruelly suffers. What more the man is capable to provide the woman and the children with, the more significant and more fullly he feels. It sounds too simply, but such is the truth.

As the supporter, the man pays

for housing, heating, light, the car, food, training at school. He cares also for other family expenses. It will not spend money for trifles, but, on the other hand, will not save on you. The man who really loves will never force you to ask from him money for the most necessary. It will track that you had everything and you did not need anything. Because each pat on a back for the fact that it brings to the house more money, each kiss for what gives money for purchase of a school uniform, products and toys each praise for what keeps order in the house, increases its importance as men. For this reason if he is a real man, his duty will provide the family to mean to it much more, than satisfaction of own needs.

the Man who really loves will never force you to ask from it money for the most necessary.

his need for a new set of clubs for golf or expensive footwear, the abrupt car or something else what men like to spend the money for, fades in comparison with desire to provide darlings because golf - clubs cannot force it to straighten the shoulders as the praise can make it of the woman`s lips. Therefore, everything that it does, will be reduced to attempts to provide the beloved to all necessary.

Now I know that to wait for men from the man of that he took care of you financially presently when women learn to be financially independent of us, throws you into confusion. If you all life were learned to pay for yourself and constantly repeated that it is impossible to rely on the fact that the man will make something for you, then it is clear why v you cannot comprehend this simple thought. But you remember what moves the man: real men do what has to be done that their darlings received enough attention, were dressed, had tent and were more or less happy. If they do less, than it, they are not men - or, say, it is not your men because eventually they will make it for some other woman.

Of course, too many men avoid this responsibility whether from egoism, whether from nonsense, whether from - for obvious insolvency or from - for all three reasons together. But some just lack education, resources and means to earn the necessary quantity of cash.

If the man cannot provide to
the darlings, he does not feel as the man and runs with awful feeling of inferiority.

Can reveal the mass of the pathologies found among the weakest men incapable to provide itself and the relatives. One go on crimes (our prisons make it clear that it not a solution), others use drugs (our street intersections speak, as it does not work), the third just run (the number of the women who are raising children alone and living below the poverty line demonstrates that it is definitely not a way out). But ask any of the men doing wrong, or those whom they love about what they endure most of all and I assure you that the majority of them will answer equally: they would like to have an opportunity to provide themselves and the relatives.

Of course, some men just refuse to share with the women. As it is possible to learn from some repersky songs and magazines hip - a hopa, it seems to such men as if they are “used“. Some of us even call “extortioners“ of all women waiting that the promised will provide them to all necessary. Well, I have to admit, the lady that we thought up the term “extortioner“ to keep our money and to receive from you everything that we want.

This ordinary term has the most legal basis (of course, there are women who meet men and marry them only by calculation), but it was incorrectly and almost universally applied to any woman letting know clearly that she expects from the man of performance it a man`s duty.

: you have the right to expect that the man will pay for your lunch, the ticket at cinema and all another that he has to pay, in exchange for your time.

Get rid nonsenses it seems “I pay for the lunch that he knew that I do not need it“. As I will specify in the following chapter, “Three things which are necessary to each man: support, fidelity and sex“, the man - at least, the real man - wants to feel necessary. And the easiest way to help it to feel it - to allow it to provide you, and it is quite reasonable.

If he loves

, then will bring each cent to the house. It will not be, having wasted everything, to fill in to you:“ There are 100 dollars, all this that I received this week“, - but will bring home the check and, having only satisfied all your requirements, will spend the rest for the games. This man`s business, child. We act this way.

if your man has

A no money? All the same he will make everything to meet your needs. Let`s put, you broke the car - he will call friends who will help it to overtake your wheelbarrow and will throw you before work - itself will look for an opportunity to pay repair of your car. You need to hang up a picture? The loving man will get on a ten-foot ladder and will hammer a nail. To eliminate a blockage in a sink? Will substitute a bucket under a pipe and will go to look for the necessary thingummy for repair. To establish a door in garage? For hours will study the instruction, and eventually the door will rise on the place. If the man loves you, then will provide you with everything that is necessary.

Be continued.

From the book “Arrive as the Woman, Think as the Man“