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Children`s birthday. Naughty ideas for big and small

Two Englishwomen, sisters Carla and Bekka were on friendly terms since the childhood and when grew, based online - boutique “Sisters Gild“ - and continue to play together already with the children. Carla, mother of two daughters, tells what she thought up on 5 - the anniversary senior.

we will note 5 Soon - y birthday of Sessi, and my most favourite part of preparation for a party (except the animator, food, gifts for guests and all other) are scenery!

Now we will make by

the photobox and all accessories which are necessary to us to photograph her friends in an unusual look. Actually, this fine entertainment not only for children, but for all who wish to sink into dotage. It is the real find for formal dinner parties and weddings because helps to melt ice at a table, people begin to get out of “sinks“. Even the most constraining will be photographed!

If to get “Polaroid“, photos it is possible to hang up on a public inspection at once, and after a holiday to distribute to guests that they could take away them home.

we Do to


points - moustaches - masks

So, at first we need to think up any thingummies for masking. The easiest way to change appearance - to add beards, moustaches, points, hats and clownish noses.

We have perfectly a good time, examining any strange moustaches and beards, and unusual points.

Here that it is necessary for you:


Here is how it becomes:

  1. what objects and accessories you are going to do.
  2. Draw with
  3. them on a cardboard on a template, and then cut out on one - it gave us the chance to correct errors and to improve each following figure. It is the best of all to fold a cardboard double and to draw a half of moustaches / points, and then to cut out from the put leaf. Then at you precisely it will turn out symmetrically.
  4. the Most difficult - to draw
  5. on a black cardboard because a pencil it is badly visible, but I found out that if to develop drawing to light, then it will be visible better where to cut.
  6. Cut out figures from a cardboard.
  7. Paste each figure by the end of a stick (wait until well dries) - that`s all!

We perfectly understood that children will not want to leave moustaches and points therefore they prepared several additional samples which can on - fast be attached on straws for cocktails. And all the same it was necessary to make some more directly at a table - because they very much were pleasant to girls!


Ya thought up the photobox because I wanted that at a party there were several key points or game zones where guests in turn have to pose for the camera.

At a wedding my sister had such entertainment, but then the daughter was only one and a half months old so I had no time to play the fool - almost all wedding I sat in a corner and nursed. There passed nearly 5 years, and now I decided to make the own box!

Ya sent to

the husband to the nearest shop of electronics behind a box from the refrigerator. Then pasted over it with beautiful wall-paper from within - I always buy with a stock because wall-paper can be used as packing paper - so with it problems were not. Then made multi-colored tags of fabric and pasted them to forward part of the box - for appearance.

Honor with

everything - it was necessary to put inside a stool and to bring of live, brisk models - them at us in the house it is full!


to build the box, to you it is required:

I Think - no, I precisely know - that I after a party will leave the photobox and all accessories in a corridor, and all our guests will have to be photographed in it!

I know

Ya that it will bother girls not soon - they will be able to use it and to remove own TV shows.