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How there lived the youth in the USSR? A New Year`s sketch of

Ya always with interest and gratitude I listen to recalls of the grandmother. It is felt that it is very pleasant to it to remember a youth time - in memory the set of lovely details of life of that time revives at once - it would seem, absolutely forgotten … And to us now often seeming improbable …

the Narration will go from her name … training in technical training college where I not only received a profession was

my first professional education, but also found girlfriends. As a result we received qualification of all-round turners and were directed on distribution to Yuvmetallurgavtomatika plant. The plant was very progressive and modern not only according to the name, but also because built and provided housing to workers. During a time when the bed in a room of the working hostel was happiness even, own housing seemed the real luxury …

the house was under construction So far (one of the first skyscrapers at the beginning of the main street of our city) in which by New year the housing was promised to us, we with girlfriends by sharing the cost lived on the apartment. Unfortunately, by holidays the house was not managed to be leased therefore instead of desired housewarming we from one of them decided to go to a meeting of New year to my relatives to the small village. The direct bus route was not there, we expected to reach to the regional center, and to reach further by passing cars. Here only we left rather late: we as to young specialists before a holiday had a shift.

When we left on regional bus station and reached the intersection towards the village, already got dark: in windows of houses festive fires on fir-trees lit up, and lifts, apparently, were not expected any more … But us had no place to go, the winter that year was not really frosty, and we staid waiting on turn till the dead of night, on foot there were to reach far, 16 km.

And here, already long after midnight, near us the car - a hlebovozka stopped. The driver went not to our party, but suggested us to get warm in his car. We already managed to freeze and all the same were late on a visit therefore agreed. In a van with bread was small zakutochek with a shop in one plate. Having closely nestled to each other, we sat on it and, inhaling a smell of newly-baked bread, dozed off … The driver till the morning carried bread on the city, even in prison unloaded - so we spent the rest of a New Year`s Eve.

In the morning it landed us on the same turn and even did not take money. In those days even did not come to our mind that to us there can be something bad. People were purer, kinder, more naive. Darted off easier, came to the rescue of a thicket each other … on January 1 we reached by

By a lunch relatives, and next day we were waited again by a shift at the machine. Soon each of us received on 18 - the meter room in a communal flat of a new building, one was the secretary of the Komsomol organization of plant, another went in the summer on a virgin soil, and the third was a leader of production.

The window of my room went outside Engels, and behind a wall there lived the famous football player Victor Ponedelnik. It was very “abruptly“ as tells youth … now the Grandmother pensively smiled to

, her face as if looked younger, and I understood that the modern history will not keep itself waiting.