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Big family: how to be protected from a flu epidemic?

Psychologists note a curious tendency in the last several years: people more often than before, make the decision to live a big family where at once several generations under the same roof get on. Here both mother with the father, and the grandmother with the grandfather, and children, and sometimes lives in the coziest room even the great-grandmother. Also live to themselves, do not know a grief! One trouble - when comes a catarrhal season, the family can transmit each other viruses as a baton. Only one will recover - lo and behold, already speaks very softly and podkashlivat another, and there and the third begins to complain of a headache and an ache in muscles. This family “epic“ strongly looks like the fairy tale about a turnip. Only instead of a turnip - flu. And here the grandma for the child, the granddaughter for the grandma, the mother behind the folder - all one after another are obediently put to bed with a temperature and other “pleasures“ of flu or cold.

Unfortunately, such family epidemics - at all not a rarity. And if in other collective - in kindergarten or at school, for example - it is possible to arrange quarantine, then living a big family, it is difficult to be isolated absolutely from each other. But the way to be saved from infection nevertheless is! And by the way, the same method will work in a case when it is necessary to recover as soon as possible!

Who does not know

Kagotsel ® !

is Usually told so: get acquainted, a preparation or means such - that. But in a case with Kagotsely ® this formulation looks not too correct. Because the preparation is already well familiar very much and very much. From - for constantly growing demand for a preparation the company - the producer of “NIARMEDIK“ even builds new pharmaceutical plant in the Kaluga region.

About great popularity of Kagotsel ® also numerous awards which the preparation was awarded testify. Not so long ago it received the highest award of pharmaceutical branch twice - “Platinum ounce“, and following the results of 2011 was recognized as the Brand of year according to EFFIE. In the last two years Kagotsel ® appears in all pharmaceutical ratings, taking the leading places on sales volumes in group of antiviral means and showing the highest dynamics of a gain among all OTC medicines in the Russian Federation. It is recommended to include a preparation in schemes of treatment and prevention of flu and SARS, and since 2010 till present it is included into the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) approved by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation.

Against cold, flu and herpes

Kagotsel ® is the original antiviral preparation of a broad spectrum of activity developed by domestic scientists. It is applied at children and adults to prevention and treatment of catarrhal diseases and a SARS which there are over two hundred “modifications“! Also Kagotsel ® it is used as a remedy at herpes - rashes on mucous lips and in genitals.

among viral infections with which Kagotsel ® successfully struggles; , practically all known kinds of flu. Annually cunning virus mutates in hope to be not recognized by our immune system. But Kagotsel ® therefore it is considered sup universal antiviral remedy that it is ready to enter fight with the majority of the known strains of flu, even highly pathogenic.“ Bird`s“, “pork“... - Kagotsel ® is not going to give in before any, even atypical and highly pathogenic virus units!

In 8 years of existence in the pharmaceutical market, valuable lechebno - preventive characteristics of Kagotsel ® repeatedly were confirmed by sup during the researches conducted in scientific research institute of flu of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (St.-Petersburg), scientific research institute of virology of D. I. Ivanovsky of the Russian Academy of Medical Science (Moscow) and other status institutions.

Works with

for conscience!

Kagotsel ® production stimulates in a human body of own antiviral proteins - interferon. Interferona are developed by organism cages in response to invasion of viruses, bacteria and other alien agents. They received the name from the English interfere with that means “to interfere, disturb“. Viruses and bacteria cannot adapt to effect of interferon therefore its strategy in an organism are, as a rule, victorious. Interferon starts the chemical reactions blocking process of reproduction of virus DNA and RNA. At the same time it influences not only those cages that are already occupied by a virus, but also next, doing them unreceptive to the causative agent of an infection. As a result reproduction of a virus in the struck cages stops, and its penetration in next becomes impossible.

In response to “visit“ of a virus the organism begins to produce interferon in accelerated tempo. It is a pity that sometimes there is not enough amount of interferon nevertheless for full protection. In this case the virus gets into an organism, and that, strangely enough, somewhat “reconciles“ to such situation - and the person gets sick. That is why both for treatment, and for prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases Kagotsel ® is recommended to use ; .

Accepting Kagotsel ® for prevention during an epidemic season, we support such level of interferon which “signals“ an organism in blood: “gather, danger is close!“ . As a result the organism vigilantly protects itself, and we get powerful chances to avoid the sick-list concerning flu or cold.

Reception of Kagotsel ® in the period of an illness that decline in production of interferon which is observed after penetration of some viruses into cages compensates. At an exacerbation of herpes Kagotsel ® works according to the same scheme: increases production of antiviral proteins which do not allow a gerpesvirusny infection to spread on an organism. It reduces duration of pain and itch in places of localization of herpes, reduces duration of recurrence and frequency of the subsequent aggravations.

Recommendation of experts

One of advantages of Kagotsel ® that it can successfully be combined with other preparations of antiviral and immunomodulatory action. At the same time lechebno - the preventive effect only amplifies, and negative consequences of interaction of Kagotsel ® with other preparations it is not registered.

Producers of some antiviral means directly specify

in the instruction that efficiency of a preparation is highest in the first days or even reception hours: the earlier you will begin to accept a preparation - the more chances to cope quickly with the illness. Kagotsel ® does not lose medicinal properties even in case to begin to accept it with delay - even for 4 days from the moment of emergence of the first symptoms of an illness. Even in this case he will help both to recover quicker and to reduce risk of development of complications. Already by the end of the first day of reception of Kagotsel ® the condition of the patient significantly improves.

Kagotsel ® it is not soaked up from zheludochno - an intestinal path and practically does not get into blood (about 20%). Therefore he is well had and extremely seldom causes in an organism any “objections“ in the form of side effects. It is the real family preparation. Can accept it both adults, and children with 3 - x years, and to elderly people with chronic diseases.

How to be treated?

I adults, and at children have a course of reception of Kagotsel ® at a disease of flu and cold 4 days make. Differences - only in a preparation dosage.

For treatment of flu and cold to children aged from 3 till 6 years Kagotsel ® appoint in the first two days on 1 - y to a tablet 2 times in day, in the next two days - on 1 - y to a tablet once a day. In total on a course 6 tablets will be required.

to Sick children 6 years are more senior than

Kagotsel ® is recommended to accept ; in the first two days on 1 - y to a tablet 3 times a day, and in the next two days - on 1 - y to a tablet of 2 times a day. On a course 10 tablets will leave.

Adult should accept Kagotsel ® in the first two days on 2 tablets 3 times a day, further - two more days on 1 - y to a tablet 3 times a day. In total on a course 18 tablets will be required.

How to be protected?

Prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases at adults and children is carried out by 7 - day cycles during term from a week to several months, as a rule, to an epidemiological season of enough 1 - 2 months of application of a preparation.

to Children from 3 - x years in the preventive purposes Kagotsel ® give on 1 - y to a tablet of 1 times during 2 days then arrange 5 - dnevny a break during which action of a preparation in an organism continues. After 5 - ti days the cycle is repeated: 2 days with Kagotsely ® , 5 days - without.

Adult Kagotsel ® is recommended to accept ; on 2 tablets of 1 times a day, also during 2 - x days. Then, as well as in a “children`s“ case, goes 5 - dnevny a break then the cycle is repeated.

For prevention the course of Kagotsel ® it is optimum to sup to spend on drink before a catarrhal season. It is the best of all for often ill children and adults to accept it with breaks during all epidemic period. And, of course, in a situation when someone in a family “clings“ cold or a viral infection, other members of household can resort to the emergency help of Kagotsel ® to reduce probability of infection to a minimum.

As well dank autumn evening to gather all family and in something to play - yes though forfeits or a lotto! Or just to drink a tea, to marvel to grandmother`s stories from the past or to laugh with all the heart at the father`s story from the cycle “about the chief“. And in the winter just right all family to go to park - to play snowballs and to ride the sledge...

Enjoy life and please each other, despite all intrigues of flu and cold! And about health yours will take care “the family antiviral doctor“.

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