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From the diary of future mother: pregnancy and work of the teacher

on October 20. Bolt from the blue. Hurrah! I am pregnant. Interesting state. It seems externally nothing changed. There are no sharp differences of mood. As well as nausea, heartburn. If not the pictures of ultrasonography and the conclusion of the doctor which are unambiguously demonstrating approach of pregnancy and existence of a six-week puzozhitel, then I would decide that all this intrigues of my rich imagination. That - that and to make a mountain out of a molehill - my natural ability.

Sat down to read to

on the Internet articles about how it is useful to carry out the first trimester of pregnancy. Some begin themselves to limit in everything at once, sharply pass to observance of rules of a healthy lifestyle. Someone lives so as if nothing occurred, superstitiously hides pregnancy from others eyes to the last. Someone begins to be realized with a bigger force in career to manage to finish favorable projects by the birth of the kid.

did not manage to read up

. Ilya`s mother, my pupil called, and long complained: the son does not want to study, to help about the house, to take part in education of the little sister... And in general they swore, he left in a huff, and it does not know now where to look for it. Tears, sobbings, lamentations... It was necessary most to ring round Ilya`s friends, to find him and to bring home. He is a teenager, it has a love - and here mother continually leaves the house in the evenings to arrange the private life and leaves on it the three-year-old little sister. “And why I gave birth to him if it does not help me? How many I was worn out while I bore it, gave birth, one brought up?“ - counterargument of mother. After long conversation with her and the son it was succeeded to agree, outline duties of Ilya and a zone of his free space.

I why people bring children? Really was on whom to hang up own problems, was to whom to embody unfulfilled parental dreams? Stroked the tummy:“ The sun, I just want that you were born. I want to be near you so much how many you will need it. I want to learn together the world, to create you the best conditions in order that you were happy and successful in life“.

on November 25. It seems, began. In the morning I in a literal sense turn inside out, then I make toilet and I run on lessons. Now I cannot long stand at a board - dizzinesses torment. Did not go to hospital - who will train children for USE? It is good that children understand everything and behave approximately. Directly obedient hares. Became better to do homework... Here, probably, as it is necessary to increase progress of a class...

on December 29. As managed to make to end of this prolific year much! According to plan I visit doctors. The trouble - at the husband is a positive Rhesus factor - a factor, at me - negative. It is necessary to take every month a blood test on antibodies. There`s nothing to be done, it is necessary - so it is necessary.

Went with children on a meeting of young peacekeepers. To Polazit on a rope, alas, it did not turn out any more, but on a shooting range has a really good time.

For New year was planned to go to Finland, to Joulupukki. I want to ask executions of treasured desire for the Finnish Father Frost. Let the sonny will be born healthy.

on January 23. Organized a charity concert with school students, on proceeds bought gifts to kids from orphanage. When handed - roared in three streams. Then begged the husband of permission to adopt a couple of children. Agreed to wait until is born our own that experience of motherhood appeared.

on May 26. did not write Long ago, hands did not reach. Passed certification. Ended courses for pregnant women. Did not give up work, finished learning children! Few times fainted. Ceased to drive the car. Puziko considerably grew. The son regularly gives signals of the presence. The husband likes to perestukivatsya with him.

Before childbirth decided - to go at the sea. To gain strength and cheerfulness. The doctor advises not to risk, but at the same time does not see a reason for risk. Solve, is called. I pack things.

July. I became a mother. Not to express delight in words. Small tiny being, my sonny. Relatives, friends, colleagues, pupils congratulate me on this significant event. It is possible to sum up the results. Pregnancy is remarkable and surprising time which I did not begin to spend within four walls without medical need. Yes, I was not always active too, the periods rested in bed, limited the communication, watched over health, and then with new forces just lived a full breast. Pregnancy - definitely not an illness and as it will be seen off by the woman - it is reflection of her personality, character.

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