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The diseases dangerous to future child of

Viral flu from - for the accompanying high temperature can indirectly promote an abortion. At a disease on small terms of pregnancy the fruit can die vnutriutrobno, on big terms often there is premature birth. Malformations do not happen.

Prevention: to pregnant women can enter an inaktivny vaccine And yes V.

Measles. High temperature can cause premature birth or an abortion. However it is possible not to be afraid of malformations of a fruit.

Prevention: an inoculation, even at mature age (at pregnancy it is contraindicated).

in case of risk of infection - immunoglobulin in the first six hours after contact.

the Mumps , as a rule, does not do harm to future child. However if the pregnant woman gets sick, the pig is possible also at a fruit, but without malformations. Vaccination at pregnancy is contraindicated.

Prevention: an inoculation, even at mature age. If the pregnant woman is forced to communicate with the child sick with a mumps, for prevention it is possible to make an immunoglobulin injection.

Rubella. Heavy malformations (uglinesses) thereof diseases are possible and now. 90% of adults in blood have antibodies (they had or passed vaccination). If they are absent, then before pregnancy with the preventive purpose it is necessary to carry out vaccination. In case of clinical symptoms of a rubella in the pregnant woman with for up to 16 weeks and confirmation of the diagnosis an immunological blood test pregnancy interruption as the risk of development in a fruit of malformations is big (deafness, a blindness, heart disease) is expedient. In the second and third trimesters pre-natal defeat of a fruit with development of defects is improbable and to interrupt pregnancy not actually.

Prevention is not recommended to

by immunoglobulin at pregnancy.

the Jaundice caused by the causative agent of hepatitis of group B does not make negative impact on future child. However the baby can catch from mother at the time of delivery.

Prevention: at once after the delivery to the child needs to make an injection of immunoglobulin and at the same time a hepatitis B. inoculation

Clamidiosis, sexually transmitted, can lead to an abortion. When passing the disease is transmitted through patrimonial ways to 30% of cases to the child. Possible consequences: conjunctivitis and pneumonia.

Prevention: the infected pregnant woman and her partner to a rodorazresheniye surely have to receive medical treatment.

herpes Virus. If mother has herpes of genitals, the child can catch at the time of delivery when passing in patrimonial ways.

Possible consequences: high temperature, vomiting, encephalitis or even death of the child. In the presence of clinical displays of genital herpes do to pregnant women Cesarean section of precaution.

Toxoplasmosis. If infection occurs at the beginning of pregnancy (the first 13 - 14 weeks), the probability of development in a fruit of serious defects therefore it is expedient to interrupt pregnancy is high. In case of pre-natal infection of a fruit after 14 - y a disease it is possible to cure weeks, but there is a risk of the birth of the dead child and development of heavy physical and intellectual defects in the baby.

Prevention: pregnant women have to refuse the use of half-baked meat and fish, to wash vegetables and salad especially carefully. Extra care in the treatment of cats is necessary.

Borreliosis. its bacteria - activators can, though seldom or never, to strike the child in mother`s womb.

Possible consequences: heart disease, neurologic anomalies and even abortion.

Prevention: whenever possible not to visit areas of distribution of pincers. If in the place of a sting there was a noticeable reddening, it is necessary to begin treatment with antibiotics immediately.