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You want to give rise easily? It is rather on a disco!

If to measure my emotions during nine long-awaited months on a scale Apgar, then are, certainly, of 8 - 9 points. Pregnancy proceeded well, but I regularly went to a maternity welfare unit: to listen as heart of my beauty loudly taps.

the doctor put

of PDR for May 20, mother assured that I will give rise on May 29, only at the baby to see, the schedule. Sashenka did not keep waiting long and Bonnie of M“ on which we with the husband decided “to anneal finally“ was born on May 17 at 23:05, just after a concert “. I won tickets for this concert on local TV channel: correctly answered a question on the air and won a deserved prize. And droplets did not frighten me that went 39 - I week of pregnancy. I rushed everywhere as the madwoman: went shopping, went on transactions (we with the husband were going to buy the apartment). Concert was for me just one more “issue“.

this day I looked forward Dimka from work, pancakes baked. Anything special the day before did not happen to me. No stopper about which all now so popularly write departed. It seems, only the stomach slightly - slightly fell, and I it felt that, only when sat down. When my hard worker returned, we, having densely had supper, went to listen and behold celebrities. Profits - were also “pleasantly“ surprised: our places appeared not in the auditorium, and on a dance floor. There`s nothing to be done - went it being necessary to light!

All concert I otplyasat

as it is necessary. The husband advised to show persistence and to take the autograph to finish, as they say, pleasant evening adequately. Well, I adequately also finished. Went to take the autograph, and from me waters began to flow. Oh! God! What to do - that? The husband understood everything at once - grabbed with a taxi and home behind a package. From the house on “ambulance“ in maternity hospital. Looked at me on a chair - disclosure of 7 cm. Even the enema did not begin to be done, sent in prenatal, in half an hour in rodzat.

of Fight were not really painful, but frequent. Well the technology of breath to which taught at school of future mothers helped. Then it became strong to grieve, and literally through three attempts I gave rise! Hurrah! Daughter, hi! Healthy, beautiful, shouts as if sings the song - musical. However, I tore - childbirth was prompt. Doctors ask: “Second childbirth?“. I answer them: “No, the first, but I will surely repeat!“.

Thanks to actors foreign! If not children, and the pregnant woman till May 20, or perhaps would go longer. Is what to remember. And the daughter will be what to tell!

Natalya Monastyreva