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Did not read yet? 5 excellent books for teenagers of

of the Book Anniki Tor became youth best-sellers in Sweden, are translated to tens of languages and a few years ago appeared also in Russia. Addressed to teenagers, they do not release from themselves and the adult reader.

of the Photo: Masha Tretyakova

- Annika, in the books you bring up very serious, serious questions - war, an ethnic question, life in a foster home, treachery, an inequality... Why you decided to talk about all this to children?

- I do not think that there are subjects difficult and unclear to children. Children live in the same world, as adults. They watch news, know about misfortunes which happen in the world. It seems to me, there have to be books which will help children to understand better the events around.

Another matter how to write children`s books. I consider that it is impossible to leave the child without hope at all. Whatever difficult subject rose, in it there has to be though something light.

- Why heroes of the well-known tetralogy - “The island in the sea“, “A pond of white lilies“, “Sea depth“, “High sea“ - you placed in times of World War II? Today there are a lot of serious and difficult subjects, worthy discussion with children too.

- In - the first, World War II was not so long ago. I was born in only several years after it. In my environment there lived people who very well remembered those events. Besides, it seems to me that sometimes it is simpler to read and speak about the problems important today, on the example of other time. It is so easier to compare the behavior to behavior of the people living once long ago.

- your heroines, sisters Steffi and Nellie, evacuate from the occupied Austria in safe to military measures and independent Sweden where girls get to foster homes. Now, in a peace time, there are a lot of adopted children in Sweden?

- Here should distinguish concepts. My heroines temporarily lived in others families because so it developed, did not adopt them. Only at the end of the fourth book there is such opportunity. But initially even nobody thought of it, it was provisional asylum, and girls waited that behind them here - there will arrive parents.


As for adopted children, in Sweden very much developed system of adoption of children from other countries. In that case people try to take the child is younger. Now adopt generally kids from China, Latin America, the South European countries - Romania, for example.

- And the Swedish children? In Sweden there are orphanages?

- we have few orphanages, Swedes very seldom adopt the child from the Swedish family. It occurs, only if both parents perish. Then someone from relatives (for example, the aunt) can take away the child to himself.

Until recently orphanages in Sweden were, but then in society serious discussion about the zhyostoky treatment of children in orphanages began. Many of those who lived in orphanage during the period with 30 - x to 80 - x years of the last century, told that they treated them very badly, sometimes, they became objects of sexual violence. Now the government pays to these people of compensation.

- we Will return to your books. Whether to wait to us for continuation of history of Steffi and Nellie after their meeting with the father?

- Is not present

. For me Steffi and Nellie`s history begins with their arrival to Sweden and comes to an end with the fact that they leave. Steffi at the end already absolutely adult therefore the book about it would have to be absolutely another, not children`s.

- According to other your book, “The truth or consequences“, shot the movie. You saw it?

- Not the movie was shot according to the book, and on the contrary. At first I wrote the scenario, and according to it had to shoot the movie. But process of receiving money for shootings was strongly dragged out therefore I decided to rewrite the scenario and to make of it the book. The movie as a result nevertheless was shot, my good friend therefore I actively participated in shootings was a director. It turned out well. It was pleasant to me.

- In this book you lift very difficult subject - a subject of children`s conformism, following of the person behind crowd. How you think why it is so important to children to correspond, not to be allocated from weight?

- the Question very difficult. It full and correct to answer it, probably, only the children`s psychologist will be able. I think that it should be taken for granted: in life of the child there is a period when he wants to be as the others. I had such period too. And it was necessary to me very difficult. With my appearance it was heavy to me to be as the others because the others were fair-haired and blue-eyed. And I was always allocated. The main thing that the adult can make, is to help the child to pass through this period, to show that another is not obligatory worse, it is simple another.

- I think that your books can very much help both children, and parents to understand themselves and each other in such situations.

- it seems to me, in it and the problem of literature - to teach the person better to understand itself and others consists.

- And on what books you grew?

- With the great pleasure I, of course, read to Astrid Lindgren:“ Pippi Dlinnyychulok “, “ Carlson who lives on a roof“. I know, these books are very popular in Russia. Lindgren has also more serious books - “Mio, my Mio“, for example. I became engrossed in reading of all this in the childhood. Still I had a classical book for girls - “Anne of Green Gables“. It is the book about the lonely girl who was brought up by elderly relatives. Echoes of this history can be heard also in my books, though when I wrote, I did not remember it.

- As to you your Russian readers? You managed to communicate to them?

- Even in my last arrival I met children at school, and now too. I consider that in Russia children very mature, ask very clever, sensible questions. It was very pleasant to me to communicate with them.

of the Book Anniki Tor

Annika Tor. “Island in the sea“, “Pond of white lilies“, “Sea depth“, “High sea“, “Truth or consequences“.