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As it is better to work and about anything not to forget - a secret for adults of

We live in the 21st century - a century of unceasing scientific progress, all of new and new technologies and high ambitions. Everywhere to be in time, to remember everything, to do one hundred things at the same time and that at the same time “the head did not go around“ - each person who is living in the city, having a family, a profession and plans for the future should adapt to these requirements somehow.

the Male and female brain cope with these tasks differently. The features of man`s and female logic which became the talk of the town are known to all. Researchers from the Cambridge university found out that women in comparison with men remember new information better. This statement is also right also for representatives of younger generations. Schoolgirls and students acquire new material quicker than the male peers. However female memory becomes much less exact, than man`s when the speech comes about the unpleasant or emotionally negatively painted experience. As for men, their memory is more susceptible to troubles, but here they remember pleasant experience worse.

It is valid, women remember more. Classical family drama: the husband forgot important date - quarrel and mutual offenses. And men filter at themselves in the head information and display it on paramount and minor. Besides, the left and right hemispheres of a male brain work alternately and therefore men concentrate on one task better. Also do not love when they from it are distracted. Women are able to watch TV, to talk to the girlfriend and to make a dinner at the same time as they often involved both hemispheres.

it would be fine to p to use at the right time the best data of the floor, and sometimes “accidentally“ to adopt advantages, more peculiar to another. If you think that it is impossible, then you are mistaken. It appears, there are the general for all the memory mechanisms using quite easy, universal ways for its mobilization. In principle, our brain all also well is able. But not without reason say that we usually use its resources no more than for 10%.

For information processing, its understanding, assimilation, storing and, at last, extraction at the right time to our brain certain short proteins, peptides - consisting of only several amino acids, but in the necessary combination are required for


What perfect creation of the nature, he just did not expect that he should cope with such huge flow of information and negative factors - therefore it lacks similar peptides sometimes simply. The scientists who spent more than a decade for creation and studying of a unique preparation under the name “Noopept“ could help.

Peptides are very actual

today. Behind them - the future, modern scientists say. Honestly, proteins are necessary to us everywhere and always. Not without reason nobody still can object in essence Engels which once wrote that “life is a way of existence of proteinaceous bodies“. And whatever correct was our food, the necessary peptides need to reach the destination - our brain. Noopept in this regard - really “clever“ medicine, he accurately knows the purposes and tasks. In 15 minutes after reception it reaches the maximum concentration, at the same time in a brain its contents is higher, than in blood. Here Noopept also shows the best qualities, stimulating cerebration and informative functions, ability to training and memory, increasing resistance of a brain to many damaging factors, including to extreme loadings and a hypoxia.

That the head was clear, and memory - firm, the qualitative full-fledged dream is necessary. And we so often worry and we are anxious not only for ourselves, but also for progress of our children, for example, during examinations. Could not sleep properly - and here in the morning, at midpoint, we not in the best form.

of Noopept it is capable to reduce irritability and uneasiness, emotional lability, vegetososudisty violations, and also to help to normalize a dream that can be felt after the first week of reception of a preparation. it is important to p to note

that Noopept does not cause accustoming, dependence and a syndrome of cancellation (reception can be stopped at any time), has practically no side effects.

of Noopept helps to restore quicker the broken functions of a brain after traumatized and the had stroke. The age easing of memory connected with deterioration in blood supply of a brain also is the indication for Noopept`s reception.

is accepted by

of Noopept inside, after food. Usually the preparation begins to be accepted in the daily dose 20 mg distributed on two receptions during the day (on 10 mg on reception), if necessary the daily dose is increased to 30 mg. Duration of course treatment makes from one and a half to three months, if necessary a repeated course can be conducted in a month.

contraindications Are available, before application it is necessary to study the instruction.


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