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Why to the person vacation? We use possibilities of the big city

As heroes of the famous children`s movie sang, vacation then to have a rest is necessary “to the person“. It is possible to have a rest, however, differently. Modern children, unfortunately, generally dream of how they will begin to sleep day and night, doing breaks only for appointments to the TV or various gadgets. It is difficult to distract them, but it is possible. For this purpose adults should not be lazy and to groan in horror: “When this foolish vacation will come to an end, and you, at last, will go to school?“ and to try to carry away the child other pastime.

“It is easy to tell - difficultly to make“, - many will tell, and will be wrong. It is not obligatory at all to arrange the memorable holiday from vacation, to roll the child on the abroad or to send in very expensive camp. Matter of course, not everyone has means to pay similar entertainments. And at those who do not complain of lack of finance, often are not present time to go with the child to travel. Of course, it is difficult to the working mother to ask for leave every time at the administration for all the time of vacation, but I also do not call for it. For certain most of children except mother will have both a father, and grandmothers with grandfathers, and uncles with aunts which it is quite possible to ask to spend several hours, entertaining the little relative.

such remarkable Soviet movie “Quarantine“ in which a lot of adults transferred from hands to hands the baby at whom in a garden declared quarantine Is. The trouble of these of eternally busy, very important and seriously working people consisted that they for want of habit had no idea of what to do with the girl and where with it to go. Now in the big city of such problem cannot arise by definition. For example, in Moscow, in my opinion, on one square kilometer it is more entertainments, than people: theaters, the museums, exhibitions, circuses, cinema, a zoo, planetarium, a dolphinarium, not to mention growing as mushrooms, shopping centers, in each of which does not do without gaming machines, bowling or a multystoried labyrinth with balls and hills. Generally, weeks of vacation on visit of everything listed obviously a little so just solve who where and when goes with the child.

already I feel

Ya how eternally groaning and dissatisfied parents are bent, being going to declare that all these campaigns are quite expensive. It agrees, good places in theater or circus are not cheap now at all, but an entrance to a zoo, for example, for children free, at many movie theaters there are serious discounts for morning sessions, and the museums are so chamber and economic that the campaign will manage in just ridiculous sum there. I can offer excursion which will cost thirty rubles from the person even in Moscow: take for a drive children on the subway and show absolutely marvelous stations “Mayakovskaya“, “Revolution Square“ or “Kiev“. At the same time also illuminate them concerning literature and history.

If is present

no opportunity to make financial investments in interesting leisure for the child, then and it is not necessary. There are enough free ways to have fun too. You go to parks and ancient estates, collect autumn leaves, flowers or ride the sledge and skis (depending on a season). Eventually, arrange to the child excursion on the hometown, and the holiday will be for it in this case that he spends time with close people, but not with the TV, the computer or other insensible and deprived of emotions equipment.

Larissa Wright, writer