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The first tooth of the kid - without tears and pain. How to celebrate this event of

For any mother of change which happen to the kid - the real holiday. Whether it be first comprehended “aga“ or the first revolution on a tummy. And, how many pleasures are caused by the first cut-through tooth!

of Tradition of the different countries

the First tooth is a bright event in life of the child and his parents. In the ancient time was considered that it is a transition period for the kid when it can be exposed to various dangers. For this reason the child was presented with various charms: products from corals or a necklace from nine strips of red silk tied in small knots. Now in many houses it is accepted to give this significant day “zubastika“ a silver spoon. Usually it is done by his godparents.

In Armenia to the owner of the first milk tooth himself needs already to choose by

future profession. The holiday is called “atamatik“ and looks so: the kid is put before the various objects illustrating this or that kind of activity. If the child stretches to the hammer - will be a carpenter, to a phonendoscope - the doctor.

A here in some Turkish families emergence of the first tooth is celebrated a rich feast in a circle of relatives. And surely observe tradition: everyone is given a kolivo, in one of dishes hide a piece of sugar or gold ornament. Who will get “surprise“, that has to present the baby with various clothes.

the First tooth - test for the child

However before the first tooth will get out, both the kid, and his parents should suffer much. The teething practically is always followed by a swelling and an inflammation of gums, an itch, and then and severe pain. At the kid temperature - can increase up to 38C, to be broken a chair.

to facilitate process of a teething, today effective and safe remedies exist. Among them - stomatologic gel Holisal. This local anesthetizing resolvent. Thanks to a gel basis the preparation is quickly soaked up in a gum and begins to help already through 2 - 3 minutes after drawing. The analgesic effect of Holisal is reached thanks to substance is well-cared salycylate. It has local anti-inflammatory effect, reducing gum hypostasis. Besides, is Holisal`s part antiseptics of a broad spectrum of activity: it considerably reduces risk of entering of an infection in a wound during a tooth prorezyvaniye.

One more advantage of stomatologic gel Holisal consists that it is not washed away by saliva after drawing on a mucous membrane of gums. The anesthetizing action of a preparation continues till 8 o`clock, it works even then when you feed the kid. By the way, unlike preparations which part lidocaine is Holisal it is possible to apply before feeding or before applying to a breast, when breastfeeding. It does not reduce sensitivity of the nervous terminations and does not break process of sucking and swallowing.

Holisal is on sale in a drugstore without recipe. And it means that you will quickly give to the child help, and he will be able to find tranquility and good mood. Before application attentively study the instruction for application of a preparation!