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Each mother wishes to know or How to choose vitamins for the child of

Each mother seeks to give to the child all most better - so is arranged with the nature. Perhaps, any children`s subject does not raise so many questions and disagreements how many vitamins, conceding unless to inoculations.

Maternal love - active, active. Mummies are inquisitive, inquisitive, they with pleasure study difficult science of motherhood, willingly impart the saved-up experience with others. Any mother is an academician, professor or at least the candidate of maternal sciences.

In a shelf drugstore with vitamins for children the brightest and attractive; rare mummy does not “hang“ here, admiring boxes and jars - and suffering questions which pharmacists and druggists, as a rule, answer evasively.

A of questions - the sea.

Vitamins - need, a pleasant excess or a trick of the companies - producers? In what difference of the vitamins “extracted“ from food from ready vitamin complexes? When and how to give vitamins? What vitamins suit my child? Whether it is better those vitamins that is more expensive than those that are more available at the price? And how in general to choose vitamins?

meanwhile the criterion is simple and obvious to

A - age of the child. It is also a scale of features and requirements of a children`s organism.

So, from 2 to 5 years at kids the period of intensive growth. From 5 to 7 years - time of active intellectual development. During the period from 7 to 12 years the tone is set by school loadings, a new day regimen, need of social adaptation. 12 - 18 years - age of puberty, a difficult time when children intensively grow, and also, gradually coming off “a mother`s skirt“, face difficulties of adulthood to which, in particular, it is possible to refer irregular, unbalanced food.

Being guided p by age criterion and relying on serious scientific researches, scientists of the American pharmaceutical company “Yunifarm“ created a line of vitamins in which Vitrum ® is intended for each age ; for children .

Kids from 2 to 5 years are in a stage of intensive growth, and minerals - calcium, phosphorus, magnesium are necessary for them for the correct formation of solid body tissues (bones and teeth). Also for the correct development children during this time need such vitamins and minerals as A, E, C, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc. Vitrum ® the Baby contains a formula “Growth Trio“ (calcium + magnesium + phosphorus) which will help the kid to have strong bones and healthy teeth. The structure of it vitaminno - a mineral complex also included both other important vitamins and minerals necessary for children at this age.

Age of the senior and preparatory groups of kindergarten - from 5 to 7 years - the period of active preparation for school. At this stage children face loading forms, absolutely new to them. Besides strong bones and healthy teeth, it is necessary to pay attention to a muscular framework and a correct posture (it becomes actual in connection with long sitting), and the formula “Growth Trio“ which is a part vitaminno - the mineral complex Vitrum ® Kids and including calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, is necessary as it is impossible more by the way. Also to kids the formula of a high intelligence - vitamins of group B, zinc and iodine comes to the rescue of . This combination of elements in carefully balanced quantities promotes intellectual development, concentration of attention, memory, improvement of motility of the child.

Age from 7 to 12 years - time of active growth and change of teeth. During this period the school student faces the raised loadings, new, more difficult rhythm of life and a day regimen. It is obvious that during this time the organism of the child needs support. To the aid of younger school students and teenagers Vitrum ® comes; Junior : it will help children during the increased intellectual and physical activities, will facilitate adaptation to school reality. The crucial role for health of the school student is played by the formula “Growth Trio“ which is responsible for strong bones, healthy teeth, strong muscles and a correct posture. the immunity Formula including a combination from vitamins A, C and E will give to help in maintenance of immunity during all academic year, and also during recovering from diseases. The minerals which are a part Vitrum ® the Junior (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, zinc) in combination with vitamins, will help with prevention of viral and catarrhal diseases, will allow to reduce risk of violations physical and nervously - psychological development of the child.

the Period from 12 to 18 years - time of intensive growth and puberty. Children of this age face the examinations and other “tests“ fraught with stresses and intellectual overloads. Vitrum ® the Teenager is developed normalizing functions of an organism during this period. Vitaminno - the mineral complex will help an organism at violations and failures in a diet, will protect from harmful effects of environment. Also Vitrum ® the Teenager supports an organism at active sports activities, promotes overcoming of physical and intellectual activities without loss for health.

the General for all age is easing of immunity and tendency to catarrhal diseases in a cold season. Summer in our not hot country - the only season when the sun in combination with plodovo - yagodno - vegetable abundance grants to an organism a temporary respite, allowing to have a rest for colds and viral diseases. For this reason vitaminno - mineral complexes for children are recommended to be accepted in the fall, in the winter and in the spring.

Time flies... Our children grow, mature, change. The little lukewarm kid shoots up in the young man with the making the way short moustaches. The fragile little girl - the talker turns into the beautiful young lady - the tenth-grader. Vitrum ® for children it is created to accompany the child since early years to the exit in adulthood. These vitaminno - mineral complexes are favourably distinguished by thin understanding of features of the growing organism during every period of its development, system approach and ideally balanced structure.