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How to allow an organism to have a rest or whether God helps those who help themselves

Thought you that hundred years ago the word “periods“ was not pronounced aloud at all? The state was delicately ignored, and the accompanying inconveniences stoically were experienced by women without hope for simplification.

Now the situation was changed by

radically: hygienic means advertize on the TV, actively blame gender determination, long ago excluded resignation from the list of female advantages. And our contemporary quietly takes in situations when the woman of the last century would faint, the sick-list, referring for critical days.

we also know

Thanks to development of science now that there is in the woman`s organism each menstrual cycle. Monthly - from the moment of approach of puberty and to a climax - the organism honestly carries out the whole set of preparatory actions in hope for realization of the major function: reproduction.

On the order of things conceived by the nature, pregnancy is a natural consequence of an ovulation, after it there comes the lactation. And then, soon after renewal of a menstrual cycle - new pregnancy. Normal the most part of reproductive age ovaries of the woman stay in a condition of functional rest, “joining“ only for a while to provide the following pregnancy.“ Single“ menstrual cycles in life of the woman it is supposed a little, each ovulation is accompanied by hormonal jumps and additional load of reproductive organs. All these “victims“ make sense only in the long term of conception.

But it is logic of evolutionary mechanisms. In practice modern women prefer to be limited to one - two successors. So, in most cases ovulations pass for nothing: pregnancy does not come. Infinite and fruitless ovulations create excess load of an organism. Together with consequences of abortions and insufficient realization of reproductive tasks it leads to continuous growth of number of specific female diseases: infertility, endometriosis, uterus myoma, crayfish of ovaries, endometriya and mammary gland.

Besides, aimless waste of ova is not too rational from the point of view of health of future posterity. Often, at that time, when the woman ensured a certain standard of living and is ready to become mother, her ovaries already “let out“ the best and most full-fledged ova. And those that remained, promise not too good prospects (if conception in general is possible). The so-called “ovarialny reserve“ is important not only for future children, but also for health of the woman. On average, after 35 years the organism begins the movement towards a menopause, the hormonal status changes, exhaustion of an ovarialny reserve progresses. And the woman needs already to use the purposeful efforts to keep a habitual standard of living and comfort. It is necessary to refuse addictions, to show consideration for the health, to enter small, but regular physical activities.

to One of important factors of maintenance of female health gynecologists call

timely application of hormonal contraception. The range of its useful properties are far wider, than just protection from pregnancy. For example, the action mechanism the COOK such is that by means of a small dose of hormones ovaries plunge into a condition of functional rest, related to a condition of pregnancy. Here it is necessary to explain that monthly bleeding against reception the COOK is called periods only formally; actually this bleeding of cancellation connected with a short-term break in reception of hormones. The ovulation during such bleeding does not occur.

Thus, reception the COOK solves several problems at once: the organism is relieved of cyclic hormonal differences, reproductive organs have a rest, the stock of ova remains, risks of estrogenzavisimy diseases decrease. And while the woman will be ready to motherhood, cancellation the COOK will provide a situation the most optimum for conception and healthy pregnancy. Especially important it when pregnancy is planned aged after 35 years.


about physiology of influence the COOK on a female organism, it is worth mentioning that contraceptives of the last generation are created so that as it is possible to reproduce natural state of an organism more precisely. Contraceptives with a female formula contain the natural estrogen chemically identical to female; and their unique dynamic mode of dispensing provides excellent health, stable weight and decrease in a profile of bleedings.

Set of advantage, convenience and protective effects made by

hormonal contraception incredibly popular. Around the world over 100 million women use it, in the developed countries it is the most popular type of contraception. Cannot but please, as residents of Russia slowly begin to use all benefits of this method.