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the Report or as we spent these one and a half months... Decided to tell rather in detail about our drudgeries - can, to someone it will help to orient with a difficult situation:“ pregnancy + contact with a rubella“. All conclusions are based on personal experience and can not coincide with opinion of others. All mentioned below belongs to the 2nd trimester, but which - that can be gathered also for 1 and 3 trimesters. The 3rd trimester is safer in respect of congenital defects, but such children can have problems with lungs and immunity and for secure it is necessary to conduct a number of serologichesky researches too.

Background. Pregnancy at us somewhat planned: deliberating on increase in number of our family, last year I did vaccination against a rubella to myself (I had in general no antibodies) and the son. My one and only omission in the matter - after an inoculation I did not make to myself the control analysis on krasnushny antibodies - practice showed that this piece of paper could facilitate our life significantly (!) At the end of May Dimka felt not very well (at the beginning all wrote off for teeth), then zatemperaturit (three days we only also were engaged in the fact that forced down temperature 39), made the diagnosis - quinsy... And still every other day it became covered by remarkable red tochechka on all muzzle and a carcass, tochechka gradually migrated on handles and legs... The diagnosis was specified - a rubella and - a point. And how it corresponds to an inoculation - in principle, at strong decrease in immunity how in our case at a teething, it is possible to ache repeatedly with a rubella, even at a fresh inoculation?. My second omission - it was necessary to take surely right after disappearance of rash to Dimkin a blood test on a rubella (!) need of this step reached me only in ten days as visit of ZhK and the infectiologist in policlinic beat out me from reality a little, lack of a caption of IgM in its blood already did not speak about anything as it could disappear also in the natural way... Meanwhile I visited as it was already told above, ZhK and the infectiologist in policlinic, handed over and received the first stunning result of the analysis: sharp form of a rubella. At once took the only position in ZhK - I made abortion, and further all actions only on own initiative, for own money, under sidelong glances of doctors in ZhK... It is necessary to pay tribute to the infectiologist, results of analyses seemed to it very doubtful (especially against an inoculation) and she insisted on their repeating an examination in three days. I thought not at once to make tests in one laboratory (!) The analysis entered it into a stupor: she did not see it yet :) - a sharp form of a rubella, but IgG caption sharply fell (three times)... She recommended to me to consult at her senior colleague (the department chair somewhere there), but that even did not begin to listen to me: “You have a sharp form of a rubella - abortion! Pregnancy is what? The second? Especially. There is no sense even to understand as as. You the girl still young, still will become pregnant and give rise...“

I will not retell our state these days... I drowned in tears to the doctor (has no relation to ZhK; thanks to it we in general have children...) and here it wised up me (to it more than strange results of analyses seemed too, besides I received negative results from other laboratory) will go to 1 infektsionka to consultation. Where I also went without some fluctuations: that is there been already nothing to be lost-. There I at least heard normal explanations concerning current situation. Their position: we still will manage to make abortion - at first we will find out whether it is necessary... From two various local doctors I heard doubts concerning analyses, was on consultation at their professor (the department chair of obstetrics and gynecology). In addition handed over a lot of analyses regarding possible responsible for false positive analyses (it turns out that, for example, TsMV or any autoimmune process can become the reason of false result of the analysis; these analyses are also very sensitive to temperature condition... and you have any its violation a sharp form of a rubella), made prenatal screening of a fruit and repeated tests for a rubella (they once again amused us the variety). It was necessary to be chosen once again in an infektsionka and to put end, but, apparently, that all this. After everything endured and having typed information on the top, we already decided to give birth, the child has no obvious defects, and for the rest will only hope for God and to wait for childbirth (the fear, of course, will remain till the end). But to decide interrupt this life we could not. On ultrasonography the child develops well, and as explained to me in TSPSIR, on this term any external influence affects a blood-groove through a placenta and respectively at once development of a fruit therefore the probability of problems in my case is not high. Last councils: it is better to make tests at the same time in two different laboratories, it is better if it are laboratories on the basis of the known medical institutes - to their results trust more. I received all three false positive analyses in Invitro... (on still unchecked rumors, they have problems about the test - system on a rubella, as I such not the first). In Moscow it is better to address at once in 1 infektsionka (they knew inside out it) and further already to follow their recommendations. It is better to minimize communication with ZhK during this period (in vain you should not fray nerves). Other things being equal it is worth choosing younger doctor, elderly ladies make of a question of abortion very light. Also prepare that all decisions on an occasion when and what tests to make to you, it is necessary to accept most... In my case ZhK only insisted on abortion till 23 weeks (that it was possible to bring it under category of social and not to bear any responsibility...) . It is necessary to do the analysis on both caption as IgM shows existence of sharp process, IgG reflects dynamics and helps to be guided with correctness of the analysis. For receiving dynamics the analysis should be repeated in 10 - 15 days (these are recommendations of gynecologists) or in 3,5 weeks (the maximum incubatory period) of the last day of rash at the krasnushny patient (these are recommendations of infectiologists).

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to us 21 - 22 weeks... and we will have a boy again.