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Childhood ecology or How to make friends with the nature and to decorate the world of

Paying attention of the kid to the live world and the nature around, we have really unlimited opportunities to develop and cultivate in it the best human lines, in time to find and support talents. The expert in house pedagogics, mother of four children Tatyana Nikolaeva imparts experience how to arrange well the world around the children - and how to send energy of the child to the creative course.

the Kid is closer to

than us to the nature literally of this word - at least because it is small growth. A grass to it it is valid on a belt, flowers lift the nimbuses to his eyes, and near a dog he feels the same as we - near a cow if it possesses canines and could growl or bark deafeningly. But also clubs of exhaust gases float to the kid directly in a face, and garbage heaps from the container threateningly hang over the head...

... In a youth housing estate we got apartments hardly. We otpakhat the serious labor program regular plasterers and painters, spent for years the days off on community work days, as a result perekidav mountains of construction debris and having remade a weight more of any unqualified work. And here, at last, young managers, engineers, technologists returned on the usual workplaces and - the fairy tale! - received warrants for own housing.

the New house quickly acquired signs of rendered habitable: curtains at windows, skis on balconies and... garbage on lawns under windows! Yes, I stared in disbelief: young educated citizens, new settlers of the beautiful house in the good area, threw garbage not into a refuse chute to which each resident needed to pass only several steps, and... in windows! The quantity, frequency and width of dispersion demonstrated that this phenomenon mass. Meanwhile the order reigned in apartments...

B than reason of such anomaly? It seems to me, it is covered in a certain hostility of people to world around, in chronic irritation and discontent which for very many citizens became constant mood, an emotional background of life. I think, everyone will agree with me: it is hard to live with such negative in soul as hardly is also near such person.

How to help children to avoid this stereotype and to be adjusted on friendly, joyful perception of surrounding?

we Look for beauty everywhere

It is known that the main thing in our communication with children - a personal example. We begin day with a look for a window. It is fine if behind it the park or the square stretches, anyway we will find an opportunity to see a piece of the sky and vegetation. Let`s be glad together with the kid to good weather, we will pay attention of the child to season signs, we will note special beauty of this moment - young foliage or fluffy snow on branches, a play of light in clouds, clear color of a grass in sun beams...

Even during sad wet weather we find

to what to be surprised or to be glad. At full, apparently, lack of reasons for pleasure - “we drag them in“: after rains mushrooms well grow; the soil will become impregnated with moisture and will yield a good harvest; it is possible, at last, in gumboots to walk on pools, to popuskat ships!

I it is very good if in our statements there is no feeling that some threat by nature proceeds: do not intimidate the child by wind, cold and we designate. The nature - the friend! If this thought becomes the main motive of our conversations with the kid, then it will be absolutely easy to teach him not to litter on clearings and paths, not to kill bugs and frogs. Moreover, he with pleasure and enthusiasm will begin to observe, investigate the natural phenomena, and it is the second most interesting step of “ecological education“ of our kid.

With what age it to begin

? Yes though since the birth! Quite so it turned out at us with the second son: the feeding trough behind a window attracted at all seasons of the year, cheerful titmouses, the kid with pleasure observed their vanity, and it is unsurprising, as the word “birdies“ became his first word.

Among books of the child surely. And with what pleasure the kid will listen to stories about your campaigns and travel, fishing, about what restive cow the grandmother had once or as chicken of the neighbor in giving hatched out chickens!

In due time we with the little son just sat down in the day off on the country bus and went to the next country: to take a walk and look at cows, horses, hens.

the child naturally passes

From supervision to research of these or those natural phenomena, and here we have the richest opportunities to develop research talent of the kid. Life of plants, insects, domestic and even some wild animals, surprising properties of ordinary water, the soil, minerals - it is possible to list the most interesting subjects infinitely, choose what interests you, and the child will surely divide your interests. And if you together find the shell rock on a ravine slope proving that in immemorial times there was an ocean here, or will find a piece of a meteorite in a heap of filling brick (and it is really possible), then believe, the child will remember it well. And how many impressions will present it a small lamp, the field-glass, a microscope, the telescope!

Many consider that for education of kindness and warm-heartedness in the child it is necessary to get houses some animal. I will dare to call this installation in question, and that is why. Presence of a hamster in itself or a cat in the house teaches the kid to nothing. Learns our attitude towards an animal. If I care for a cat or a dog, I tell the child as as it is necessary to do, and I involve him in feasible participation in this care, fascinating and pleasant for me, of the brother smaller is one. If walk with a dog or cleaning of a cage of a hamster or turtle for me a burden if I oblige it to do the child under the slogan “You asked a doggie?! Here itself also look after!“ - it absolutely another.

Being irritated with

and demanding, we only provoke one more wave of irritation - this time from the child to a small animal. The child is small, he cannot guarantee that his interest in this or that phenomenon (including to education of a doggie) will be resistant. And it is absolutely normal!


Here also needs our adult approach. Getting houses an animal, we take for granted that responsibility for it lies on us. It is possible that we will manage to grow up at the kid resistant interest in this occupation, but only good and a personal example. But it is very probable that it will not turn out, - the child will lose interest in a small animal as quickly, as to the new machine or cubes. Then responsibility and all cares of an animal will remain on our shoulders. And if all of us force the child to carry out “but needs must“ necessary, then we cultivate, perhaps, not kindness and warm-heartedness, and absolutely, absolutely another... I, for example, too many time had to hear with what tired hatred in a voice the nice boy or the girl shouted at the “favourite“ doggie, sadly walking it on the platform...

A meanwhile can always simulate a situation necessary to us in easy option: to feed birds; to feed up a domestic animal; to visit acquaintances who hold any animal; to systematically visit a zoo; to get, at last, not too pretentious aquarian small fishes...

a pleasure Source

of the Picture of the nature - the strongest esthetic lever on soul of the child, and its value cannot be overestimated. It is necessary to recognize honestly that most often our city landscape is a stressful factor for the kid. In any case - admit, and you do not accept also this ugly house opposite, and the pipes endlessly smoking, and the fact that behind the sad massif of houses the horizon is never visible. To me, frankly speaking, it is just a shame to walk before the kid when I bring him to the close and ugly city yard where greens - that is few. The annoying that the child inevitably absorbs representation that it and is norm of life! Yes, this poor architecture, a curve concrete fence and slightly covered dustbins become for it a standard of a household esthetics! It is pleasant that in many cities now really were engaged in improvement of the yards and playgrounds.

in due time I decided to change

A somehow a situation, to arrange well and decorate the world around the children. With eldest sons we chose on an edge of the nearest park wild bushes with superficially lying root system and were engaged in their change to our house. Judged: that landings were not right there trodden in our densely populated yard, they need to be imprisoned dense “small groups“ at good distance one from another. It is remembered, the shovel was asked for the janitor, carried saplings on a baby carriage and under each group of bushes sowed cornflowers...

Work was humming all season and brought us two gifts.

First - a half of landings got accustomed, and it is necessary to hear with what delight already adult son reports many years later:

- Today passed by our being at home - as fine our bushes expanded!

the Second gift - children really tried on on themselves a role of the creator and were approved in it. In the childhood when the initiative and energy of the child, apparently, burst forth, it makes sense to send it to the creative, creative course of useful affairs. And communication with the nature gives for this purpose infinite opportunities.

... I heard about this unique mineral source much, and here at last it was succeeded to reach it on the twisting mountain road. The abrupt slopes which overgrew the wood, the ringing live silence shining on the sun a stream of healing water...

And around as always: bottles, splinters, fragmentary packages. The teenagers who came here before us to rest, appear, did not notice this dissonance. I admit, three also I suffered minutes. And then asked itself a question: and why not to make as I want? And already we with my children collect garbage in two heaps: on an instillation and burning. Cheerful teenagers somehow became silent, and I suddenly understand why: they, as well as I some minutes ago, are in confusion because HESITATE of the kind rushes. The guess was true: with what pleasure and even, it seems, simplification children satisfied my simple requests - to reach there, where beyond my powers, to track a fire.

In other words when we outdoors, it as if pushes us to be not just people, and good people.

Here therefore - that one fine day we took

in an armful of four children and more than for ten years left the city in “a lodge in the village“. However, the village, to be exact the village, chose unique: with a fine gymnasium and higher education institution (is in Russia and such!) .

the Dacha or the village, the wood, a garden, the small river, a cool grass and hot sand, a smell of herbs and singing of birds - it has to be obligatory for

among children`s impressions of our kids. Communication with the nature renders on children not only psychological, esthetic influence, but also strengthens their health. Clean air, natural products, an unostentatious hardening - what can be better?!

... We the first day on the new place. While I cook food, the hostess of the house treated my children with pair milk. When I at last call them at a table, I hear in reply:

- Yes then, we are full!

it was p, from a cup of normal, “live“ milk it is possible to go in the afternoon full even in the fresh air!

as often the logic of the nature helps us to find

A the answer to difficult questions including connected with health of the kid! We as if find the peculiar intuition helping us to distinguish true from unnatural and far-fetched.

Here only one example. Not less than half a century I hear the recommendations repeating word for word: the kid, having hardly got on feet, surely has to go to footwear, well fixing foot, it is desirable with an instep support. Otherwise development of flat-footedness is possible!

But we will look narrowly: the put leg of the kid is constantly overheated, steamed slightly out, as a result of a muscle it is relaxed. In such state the instep support also forms the necessary form of the arch of foot. But! The leg of the child grows very quickly, shoes the most part of time to him are slightly small or slightly rather big. What will be created foot?

By the way, I did not meet yet the person whom such technique would relieve of leg pain at congenital flat-footedness. And here food by the principles of natural hygiene and circulation barefoot help. It is checked on itself. Really: natural food preserves us against many troubles, including against inflammatory processes, circulation barefoot promotes natural formation of the correct foot and tempers. Muscles of a bare foot are constantly mobilized, foot all the time is naturally massed: there is a parquet, and here a mat, here a grass, and here sand under legs...

... My younger filled up in a carriage under the blossoming sweet cherry... For dinner we with children collected a cornel or blackberry in the wood - our street rests against it... And we will spend days off in tent on the seashore - to it to go only two hours...

Me it seems to

, we gave children very important gift: this pleasure to run out barefoot from the house on a grass to walk in the pure, live, favourite woods, to build lodges in branches of branchy trees and tents in bushes on the edge of a kitchen garden, is much everything that grows and ripens on trees and beds, - the word, rather beautiful life because around really shrill beauty at all seasons of the year - these slopes, this wood, this sky...

From the book “Education without Problems and Hassle“