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Children`s birthday - an amusing surprise on sweet the hands of

At American Nancey a big family - the husband and seven children from 2 to 18 years: four family and three receptions from different corners of the world. And still Nancey has the blog where she shares different events of life of a big family. Today we publish this witty recipe - such entertainment will be remembered to both big, and little guests on birthday or other children`s holiday.

is a recipe of my mother-in-law - and all her grandsons adore it!

White chocolate - sweet, and a little salty - it is tasty!

Really what can be better than it?

my daughter and the niece do by

them to 4 - y time for a week.

I will tell


At once, it is not absolutely the recipe - more similar to the instruction for assembly.


Put on a table a wax paper or paper for pastries. Drip the melted chocolate - that puddles of the size of a big coin turned out.

Put a candy of M & Mô s in the center of a puddle a logo down. Break salty sticks on identical small pieces and put sideways - it will be as though bacon.

Repeat operations until at you ingredients do not come to an end - or so far you will not need to go to unload the washing machine. Put turned out in the refrigerator on of 20 - 30 minutes, that stiffened.

This rather easy occupation for small children - also demands the minimum supervision of adults. Especially if previously to kindle chocolate and to expose all necessary on a table. It is difficult to damage this recipe - even absolutely to kids.

of Nancey, blog Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 9