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In kitchen: we prepare with kids. 6 councils from Gwyneth Paltrow of

How to accustom the child are useful to eat? How it is interesting to spend time with the child in kitchen? On all these questions as well as all mothers, the Hollywood star of Gwyneth Paltrow looks for answers. Having published recently own recipe-book, the actress devoted it to the children - “Eppl and to Mose, my babies... for a krambl, to highlights of my life“.

Me necessary connection of children to all occupations in kitchen always seemed to

. In 2004 my daughter Eppl was born. I constantly carried it at a breast in “kengurushka“, and later held at myself on a lap, stirring slowly and cutting something in kitchen. Soon the daughter already herself was able to sit, and I represented how I will seat her in a very tall chair on castors to save from different incidents, but that it at the same time had an opportunity to observe how I steam vegetables and I do for it mashed potatoes. She always tried to glance in a pan - what there so interestingly gurgles and is fried? - also pulled a hand to grab a huge wooden spoon, trying to solve secret sense of this subject (a drum stick? device for a teething?) .

Interest in process of cooking at children hereditary: in this occupation there is so much mysterious! The kitchen is both fire, and knives - it is no wonder that the son is simply obsessed with all this. He, as well as the daughter, likes to help me to prepare. The main thing - not to miss the moment, so far it is still interesting to them and to give the chance to participate in process. At some moment their attention switches to other occupation, but time spent with mother in kitchen will not be forgotten.

Me it seems to

, allowing children to be engaged in something “adult“, I only stir their interest. Every time when I take the son on hands that he could salt sauce or stir something (a spoon with the long handle - at safe distance), I constantly remember advice which to me the father gave once. Its theory was that children willingly respond when they to them trust to execute something that allegedly cannot be entrusted owing to age. And when they successfully cope with a task, at them the internal self-assessment not just raises, but also the relations with parents become stronger. Here from where at me desire to allow them to try to carry out more adult tasks - certainly, at constant and vigilant control.

We regularly cook food three together, and it is one of my hobbies - to steep in joint creativity, to derive pleasure from preparation of a dinner together with children! Each mother dreams of at one go to solve two problems at once: to spend time with a family and to put one more “tick“ in the list of affairs.

I believe

Ya that children have to be familiar with all products, be able to address and prepare with them from them. I consider this ability very important - not less important, than any other, - can, even more as it will allow them to control the health at later age. My children already very well understand own culinary addictions and often express the opinion on the prepared dishes.

Here several ways to connect children to cooking process - ways which you, perhaps, will adopt.

  1. of Together you go marketing also in a supermarket. Give to children grocery baskets and ask to choose on their discretion vegetables, grain or fish - something fresh or dried, only not semi-finished products. Look for recipes which contain the ingredients chosen by children. For this purpose perfectly books, like “Fast recipes of the River of Cafe“ of Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers and “Art of simple food“ of Alice Waters approach (it is possible to look for something similar on the website epicurious. com or on any other culinary website). Is more senior than children ask to help to wash up and prepare products. Mine directly shine with happiness and are filled with pride from the fact that such serious part in preparation of a family feast is assigned to them.
  2. Arrange
  3. in kitchen pass - a greenhouse. Get shoots of vegetable greens or order seeds on the Internet. Kids adore watching how something grows, especially if decided what to put in kitchen. If you have a garden, land vegetables or seasonings on beds or even in pots on a window sill on sunny side. Watering of plants and regular measurements of sprouts by means of a ruler can be turned into cheerful entertainment. Buy for children of a small basket for gathering vegetables and greens - let them cut off and bring together them by the hands. (You are surprised how fine children`s scissors cope with an onions bunch - the resident of Ryazan.)
  4. Talk about seasonality of products, about why different plants need different temperature. Make the time list of landing, since current season. Then narrow the list to three - four fruit and vegetables on a season and tell about different appetizing ways to prepare them. Go to a local farm or to nursery where it is possible to reap the kept-up harvest. Tell a little about history of products which does not grow in your region, - ask children as, in their opinion, they get from places of growth to you on kitchen.
  5. Cook for
  6. foods from scratch. Children love crabs - on health, they indeed an objedeniye. Sometimes we like to cook houses French fries, but not every day, and even in a week more than once. I always use vegetable oil and potatoes which are grown up without harm for ecology, and I try to inspire in myself that French fries is useful. Besides, I try to alternate less useful snack to healthier options: the baked bars of sweet potatoes with ketchup - harmless alternative to potatoes fried in hot fan. And, for example, paste from coarse flour or brown rice can be filled with some fragrant sauce. As for sweets, house delicacies do not come within miles of store products which contain preservatives and food additives. At the end of preparation surely allow children to lick a cup - in an award for their attention and efforts!
  7. Accustom children to taste of various kitchens of the world. Can be played a peculiar quiz:“ As you think that children for lunch in eat (such - that) to the far-away country“. Tell about the most popular dishes of the different countries and learn what to children will seem to the most appetizing. Then make the menu and prepare everything for the feast devoted, for example, only to Mexico, Japan or Thailand - options a set, and in a week it will be possible to play some other country. For creation of the special atmosphere it is possible even to turn on the ethnic music.
  8. Charge to children to measure norm of ingredients (by the way, a quite good way to develop mathematical skills). If according to the recipe needs one glass of flour, I often give to the daughter a merochny glass volume in one third of a usual glass and I ask how many it is necessary to add to a cup that one glass turned out. Depending on age and interests of the child it is possible to develop or, on the contrary, to simplify such exercises in the account.
That it is better to charge to children
  1. to Include a mill for pepper.
  2. to Season a dish with salt and spices.
  3. to Stir liquid or not really dense dough.
  4. to Smear with
  5. oil on toasts.
  6. to Grease with
  7. a form for cake.
  8. to Cover a bottom of molds for muffins paper.
  9. to Break eggs.
  10. to Shake up a nimbus gas station.
  11. to Press the Start-up button on electric devices (certainly, under supervision).
  12. to Add ingredients to the blender, a mixer cup, etc.
  13. to Level a hill of flour, sugar, etc.
  14. to Pass garlic through a press. (Watch their fingers!)

From the book “The father`s daughter. Simple and tasty recipes for a family unification“