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Third pregnancy: “The movement - life!“

Are my third pregnancy. Children already big - 10 and 11. With approach of a waiting time of the kid there was no wish to lag behind former rate of life at all. Every spring several years in a row we opened a season of a skating. And this time everything was as usual. Already then I learned that not one. So what! Nothing hurts, I feel well why there is no it and! And I continued to ride.

We live on the embankment. Children, girlfriends, a dog - than not the company? So I also rode: all spring, summer - up to the most maternity leave. Perhaps would ride longer, but the fifth floor and lack of the elevator were a bigger hindrance: it became too heavy to lift itself and rollers home.

Plus to everything, the dog was in the family way too, and it was necessary to lift it on hands. It is good that it is small! But, nevertheless, we with it walked and walked - up to its childbirth. Our usual walk consisted not less than 2 km, plus rise on the 5th floor. All summer we tried more to go to bathe and sunbathe. And we swam with children on long distances, crossed our favourite lake. After active swimming our little one turned in the correct situation. In water all is it is well possible to relax!



A it became cold now, there came the fall. My dog feeds puppies, and refuses to walk. I registered to the pool. It is, of course, not an open reservoir with pebbles and a sand, but too nothing. It is impossible to roll all day on a sofa! Well and it is possible to add to activity also driving. Absolutely quietly I go driving - and it is pleasant to me. I remember myself in the first pregnancy - and I do not learn. Then I lay on a sofa and slept... And ceased to take the wheel nearly from the first days. Was afraid. Also gave birth then more than a day. With the son moved much since to the daughter there was only a year - and it very well and without serious consequences was born. Very much I hope that for the third time will be everything is OK. Well and of course, it is worth making a reservation that health at me good, all analyses and indicators are normal. Therefore my slogan “The Movement - Life“ all the time with me!

aunt Katya