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Work, repair, the husband and “the son for a while“ - I will be in time all!

6. 50. Monday. 3 months 1 weeks 3 days 23 hours 45 minutes of pregnancy. Rise. Oh, as early. To sleep, sleep, sleep. Still slightly - slightly. 5 minutes... And is not present - it is impossible, I not houses, at the girlfriend, it is necessary to awake her son and to collect in school. I complained of the husband: yes it just supergold and megaindependent. Of course, it is good that during repair I live at the girlfriend and I do not breathe all this dust and dirt. But to rise even earlier and on me responsibility for “to feed, stroke a form, lessons to check, leave a lunch and t. d“. His mother in business trip long, and the grandmother as learned that I will live, dumped with thought to have a rest. All right, so, to stroke trousers. I hope, dried? To put a teapot, to cover a breakfast. - Get up, rise! Give - give, and that in school you will be late. Why children on 300 times should same repeat? Go wash, go wash, give wash. Put on, put on, put on a shirt.

Probably, it is dress rehearsal before my own motherhood...

So, the breakfast is ready, the child washed, put on, ate. Showed the door in school. Faugh, now it is possible to take care of the own life. And - and - and, no, it is necessary to weld for makaroshka lunch with cheese and to leave on a plate. It is a pity, there is no microwave. I will turn in a blanket that not such cold were.

can take care of the own life Now. Bathed, put on, made up, made ware, beds. Forward for work. Well why in the mornings such traffic jams?! “Give go already, green, well what you cost! And you the blinker were not learned to include? In any case, specially roads block in the mornings?!“ Office. All zdrast! (so far you will greet everyone...) Better - all zdrast! So that at us there the most important? Letters. Aha, answered it, it is spam, it still what? By the way, it is necessary to send this letter. To come around here till a lunch, to meet it. So, to complete this document, what nudyatina... Eh, would pay me for trainings, would not go office plankton. Would plow on pride and prestige of the country, winning world pedestals! Why at us so sport is not appreciated, even in Russia athletes get paid. The bucks overcome the evil.

Therefore - that there at us still? - to call, there, it. And what there with it, it is necessary to remind. The chief called, it is necessary to come. So, today the girlfriend has to call me, oh, money on phone came to an end.

- I went to shop, I will put money for phone.


Oh, milk is fresher, too I will buy.

- Milk you will be? You do not want as you want. Colleagues are not surprised any more. The stomach is visible, all know everything. Never the sick-list took. It is necessary to seize the moment. The girlfriend leaves forever, asked to meet her during the lunchtime, the husband asked by car today to go to a hardware store, and that is very far and expensive by a taxi. So, the worker to make a dinner, and in hospital it is necessary I couple more of doctors bypassed and analyses are already ready, it is time to be convinced once again that it is healthy (and suddenly not? - can, the sick-list will give, he is so necessary!) . And trainings in the evenings, now I from the category of training passed into the category of training. And it is pleasant to me to move in the fresh air, and to the husband the help - pupils - that individual, money too.

But most often I do not maintain

- and itself a little bit too I train. Even it seems that some moments better turn out. It, probably, because I do not hurry (competitions) anywhere, I do not work for force, here and I perfect the movements. By the way, for tomorrow the plan of training should be written.

A, it is necessary to stop by in couple of places still today, about the hall to talk, already darkens early and it becomes cool, it is time to pass into the room. And level rose at pupils - the ring is necessary, shells, pears. So ridiculously, in the first month of pregnancy I did not suspect that already future mother also trained as a horse - cross-countries on 10 km, throwing of heavy stones, sparrings. As I joke: if after it the kid survived, then now especially it is live and healthy! And even I suspect that my activity very much is even pleasant to it therefore he does not reject food and does not force to lie mother on a sofa with toxicosis in a subconscious state. But also the mother - the good fellow, ate and eats properly, does not eat muck, does not drink, does not smoke. Sportswoman, member of the Komsomol and just beauty. Yes, yes, you will not praise yourself, and you will be, as the despised, all day to go!

the Stomach when began to stick out

- it was very unusual, and now is normal, reconciled, was hardly disaccustomed to involve. But sometimes the old habit has an effect.

Oh, remembered, it is necessary to come around in the car to fill in oil - and on a market. Wash “the son for a while“ (that which girlfriends), is good too: he eats it, it does not love, meat is not necessary. What to prepare? Missed the husband: how it there in pylishche, mud? In the morning institute, too all it is necessary to be in time...

- Alla, you came? Ate? As eat, sit down to do homework, I will come - I will check. Let`s go, we will go, I promised (in a zoo promised at the weekend the child, it is necessary to go, all of them remember and 20 times will remind!) Well, and we will go to a botanical garden too.

we with the husband on the pool wanted

A on Sunday. Though why and not to go all together? All right, if we are in time everywhere at the weekend we descend. With this repair... All right, always all were in time and now we will be in time! I will take the sick-list (if give) if do not give, well to do, after work we will be in time! Holiday - that I do not want to take: hitrenky, I protect - that later the decree to sit longer. I feel that not only pregnancy active, but also mother I will be unreal active. After the decree - for work, and plans to begin trainings, and all, as usual, to be in time! Both to work and to be mother, and the wife, and on competitions to go...

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