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To get acquainted with the man - and further? How to learn whether he loves

“Nothing on this planet can be compared to love of the woman“, - the famous American comedian Steve Harvey so considers. Also continues:“ I claim that, having understood, the man how exactly loves, you learn whether really the man facing you gives all himself“. As by what signs to recognize it? The classified information - from men`s camp.

the Love of the woman of good and a sostradateln, is patient and careful, generous, sweet and unconditional. It is pure. If she chose the man, then will follow him in fire and water regardless of the fact that it does, despite riskiness of its mad acts, for time and circumstances. If she chose the man, then will speak with him until remains words, supports if it is in a condition of extreme despair or a hopelessness, will embrace when he gets sick, and will rejoice together with it when it reaches success top.

I if he is her man - really loves, it will blow off from it motes, to encourage when it not in the spirit of, to protect even if it is not sure that it is right, to listen to each his word even if he says what does not deserve attention at all. Regardless of the fact that it does irrespective of how many times friends remind her that it nikchemen irrespective of how many times it puts an end to these relations, she will devote it all herself. Also will continue to win his heart even if he pretends that all its attempts to prove that it - its Only, are not convincing at all.

Such is female love - it passes test time, logic and circumstances. And it you, women, expect from us in reply: that we, men, will love you also.

Ask any woman for what love she waits from the man, and she will tell something like it: I want that it was modest and clever, amusing and romantic, sensitive and is gentle, but first of all that was support in everything. I want that he looked to me in the face and said that I beautiful also I am its half. I want the man who is rather vulnerable to cry when to him it is painful which will present me to the mother with a smile upon the face which loves children and animals and which is ready to change diapers, to wash the dishes, doing all this, without requests and reminders. And if at it also the good body, is a lot of money and expensive not worn out boots, it is simply healthy. Amen.

to Expect such faultless love from the man, alas, it is not realistic. Quite so - I repeat: it will not be, never, for anything. Because the love of the man is not similar to love of the woman.

Understand me correctly: I do not say that we are not capable to love. I just say that the love of the man other - is much simpler, pryamy and it is probably slightly more difficult to receive it. And it is even more: the man who loves you probably will not call you everyone half an hour to report as far as in 17. 30 it love you more, than in 17. 00; he will not sit with you, stroking your hair and changing cold compresses on a forehead when you drink hot tea and try to recover.

And still his love - it is all the same love.

It just differs in

from love which women give and often want.

I claim

Ya that, having understood, the man how exactly loves, you learn whether really the man facing you gives you all himself. How to learn whether the man loves you? It is simple: usually it does three things.

1. The man declares

If your man loves you, he is ready to speak to any and everyone:“ You look, it is my woman“, or “mother of my child“, or “my wife“. In other words, you will have a title - official which is beyond far “it is my friend“ or “it is the so-and-so“.

Because only that man who placed you in the most treasured corner of the heart the man who really has some feelings for you will confer a title on you any. This title - a way to notify all surrounding that he is proud of the fact that he is near you and that it has plans concerning you. He sees himself in the long-term and sincere relations with you and declares it publicly because he treats it seriously. And it can be the beginning something special.

the Man who calls you the also unambiguously says

that it applies for you - that you are it. Now he informs on it all. Any man who hears how other man speaks “is my woman“, knows that all games / tricks / plans / schemes which he had concerning this nice, sexy lady facing it have to be forgotten until one more unmarried woman as other man declared aloud that “they are gets to it washing, and she is not available to what you planned concerning it“. It is a signal which we, men, recognize and we respect as the universal code designating “an entrance it is prohibited“.

If he presents to

you as the girlfriend or just calls by name, be sure: you for it also are it - no more, than the girlfriend or a name. At heart, ladies, you guess it. Indeed, when I explained it to one acquaintance, she burst out laughing, agreeing with me as was out a direct witness to similar at an annual Christmas lunch which already dozen of years visited with the family and close friends.

One guy appeared every year with the new girl there - and everyone following more nicely previous - and a modern history about the work, holiday or about something. Stories and women changed, but one remained invariable: it did not represent any of girlfriends as the girl or the beloved - only by name. And all. He drank the remained part of evening with old friends and colleagues, leaving her alone at a table very much trying to fit into the company. All at a table knew that as soon as this couple leaves the room, nobody ever will see them together.

I here it appeared from the newcomer... Their hands were weaved, both smiled as Cheshire cats. It presented it as “ladylove“, and all understood everything. Business, of course, was not in “title“, and that it held her hand, at conversation looked directly at it, presented it to everyone, ran behind drinks for it and danced with it so as if wanted that this night never came to an end. Parting on houses, all understood that they will see this woman under the handle again with hitherto eternal bachelor who changed women as often as Dayana Ross changes the suits at a concert.

you know

I that? Next year they came to a party again, but it had a new title - the bride.

So if you meet the guy during at least ninety days and did not see his mother, did not get acquainted with his relatives or friends, and at work or somewhere still it represents you by name, you do not include in his plans - he does not see you in the future.

But once he confers a title on you any - as soon as it raises a claim to you before people who something mean to it, whether it be his son, the sister or his chief - here then you also understand that your man makes the statement.

He declares

the intentions concerning you - and declares them to people who have to know about it.

Be continued.

From the book “Arrive as the Woman, Think as the Man“