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How to the adult to learn English?
of 7 best strategy

English - one of those rare disciplines which thousands of adults seek to study. Alas, not all can brag of the fact that for years of study they really learned it. And life demands, the employer demands, the soul sometimes too demands. Let`s try to understand what strategy it is better to apply at a fortress siege under the name “English“ and what probability of its conquest.

we Will begin

with the main thing - from what motives induce you it to make. They, as a rule, define result of all undertaking. On my supervision, everyone to learn English it is possible to break approximately into 4 groups. If to arrange them in ascending order of chances of success, then the following will turn out:

1. My husband (wife) perfectly speaks in English and shames me that I and cannot connect two words. And I will take and I will prove!

Worse than motivation you will not think up

! In it the powerful negative in relation to the studied subject is put. Actually you need not language, but love and acceptance of the partner, English acts as a barrier between you and the loved one. Who loves similar obstacles, raise a hand! Anybody? I guessed it as I will not remember any successful case of studying of language with such motivation. And if you collect to the tutor or on courses the bitter thoughts of own imperfection, then do not trifle money better.

2. It is already necessary to learn at last it, and that everywhere around English. And in general can be useful.

the Purpose is quite indistinct

, and success can be achieved only if the talented teacher capable to really interest the pupil in a turn of Complex Object and irregular verbs gets to you, or you suddenly will open in yourself remarkable abilities to language. Otherwise after 10 - 15 occupations you will wave on everything a hand and decide that not in the English happiness.

3. At work the knowledge of language - for business trips and communication with foreign partners and colleagues is required.

the good motivation in most cases leading to success (certainly, adjusted for abilities of trained). Dislike for the work happens the failure reason in this case.

4. English is necessary for the specific personal goal: to get a job, marry the foreigner, to pass language examination for study abroad.

Such motivation - the real gift for the teacher! At a good choice of a way of training the result is almost guaranteed.

Where to go to study?

So, you defined the motivation and estimated probability of success. Now there is a classical question: where to go to study?

1. Courses (language school) in Russia. This option is good for those whose motivation is indistinct, and the level of knowledge either zero, or that which in a technique it is accepted to call false beginner - “a false beginner“ (once learned, but forgot everything). The same teacher will always give classes in group more interestingly and more vividly, than individual, at least because will be able to use more activities - ways of working off of material. Well and the competitive atmosphere, certainly, disposes to storm of English much more, than lessons in private.

How to choose courses?


the First way is similar to by means of what we choose the good doctor, the hairdresser - according to recommendations of acquaintances. The second - on own impressions. The institution respecting itself will hardly refuse to you the right to attend one lesson and if refuses, then it is an occasion to think of whether it is worth connecting the language future with this school. And here if after the first lesson it wants to you on the second, then safely bear money in cash desk.

Attention: native speakers as teachers not unconditional plus! Surely take an interest whether they have a pedagogical education or at least length of service the teacher in Russia. English-speaking people can just not understand those difficulties which we face. For example, the teacher - the Englishman can not pay due attention to working off of the use of “am“, “is“ and “are“. From where to it know that in Russian these forms of the verb “be“ (“esm“, “is“, “essence“) disappeared from language long ago? Therefore sometimes even those language schools where teach only native speakers, are forced to invite sometimes at the request of group of initial level Russian-speaking teachers.

2. Tutor. it is better for strong to address it if you are faced by a specific goal - only with the tutor you will be able to organize occupations most conveniently for yourself on time and on a format. For example, if at work you go in for logistics, then on courses nobody will begin to give especially for you lexicon on this subject, and to the tutor you will just set such task, and it has to execute it.

Attention: in the course of the choice of the tutor most accurately sound what purpose faces you, and with addiction try to find out whether it has experience with lexicon necessary for you. For example, if you import goods from - for a boundary (for what you learn language of the international communication), and the alleged tutor never transferred negotiations to lives and did not correspond on this subject, then hardly its lessons will be useful.

Where to look for the tutor?

of the Announcement on columns is hung up or those who only - only test in this profession, or not too popular experts. Good professionals hand over, and sometimes the turn queues up to them. There are also specialized websites with the word “tutor“ in the name, the appeal to which will not cost you anything, - the commission is paid by the teacher. Those who are registered on these websites, as a rule, very much try to satisfy as much as possible inquiries of clients as their rating and the number of orders depends on the comments received subsequently by administration.

3. Ideal combination of two previous options - to invite the tutor to you in office, to train group of experts . Here from you the initiative and organizing abilities is required. But efforts are worth it! By experience I can tell what the best way to learn language within the native land is not thought up yet.

4. English courses abroad. As far as it is effective? You should not put in two - a three-week trip excess expectations. You receive quite good result only if the family where you will be lodged, pines with a lack of communication and is ready from morning to the night to treat you to conversations in the learned language. If members of this family prefer to all foreign guests on light communication with the TV / computer or sound sleep, then the language environment - for the sake of what you also went to learn language abroad - shrinks to a minimum. Of course, the person sociable (whether think, by the way, you are that) will always manage to start conversation both on the street, and in shop, and in the bar, but nevertheless... Nevertheless find in the contract concluded with travel agency, point on a possibility of replacement of a family of accommodation in the course of training.

5. Those whose knowledge is at the Pre-Intermediate passing into Intermediate level, can improve them in conversations with the expat (the foreigner, living in the territory of our country). this Way is fine the fact that besides excellent language practice, you receive a chasm of knowledge of that country from where your interlocutor is. However, I emphasize, the level of your English has to be such that you could participate at least in unpretentious small talk (“small talk“). Expats offer the services on the different websites. On some it is possible to listen to samples of the speech of teachers, to watch photos and to estimate their experience. Yes, time of expats costs little not - but the result is worth it!

6. Independently. can Support the English in an alert and without meetings with native speakers. There would be a self-discipline, and materials for independent work - the sea! For a start - a couple of words about such classical option as reading. If the level of knowledge allows you to read only the adapted books, then, please - please, do not buy without recommendation of the teacher of the book of the Russian publishing houses. Yes, they much cheaper the western analogs, but their level (Beginner, Elementary etc.) is determined by authors by the principle “anyhow“. While in the western technique there are very accurate criteria of that what volume of lexicon and grammar the pupil at each concrete level has to know. Such publishing houses as Penguin, Pearson - Longman, Oxford, Cambridge supply decades all world market with the adapted literature broken into levels - and equal to them in this area meanwhile is not present.

But, without wishing to offend the native land, I want to tell that the Speak Out magazine issued by Gloss - the Press publishing house - the real treasure for all who learn English. Articles in it are always written or edited by native speakers (so any “Russian English“!) in the bottom of each page the glossary with a transcription is given, and subjects are picked up the most interesting.


who considers himself as the person serious and much more advanced in language I suggest to watch

scientifically - popular movies of the Air Force company. And here I do not recommend feature films if, of course, you do not consider that your language is at the level of Proficiency (“professional possession“). Fast, sometimes muffled speech, mass of a slang, intricate jokes, unusual realities... Here it is short to reach also a condition of full frustration!

Even more serious people can address the website TED where there is a huge choice of lectures on the most different subjects. Practice shows that in general can understand them even those whose level - Pre - Intermediate. And if it is higher, then lectures can even enjoy. In general, the measured speech of the lecturer is what is necessary for the person learning any language.

Only do not try to comprehend English, watching news! The speech a body - and radio - announcers officially is considered the fastest in the world.

7. And, finally - one more way of immersion in English - the international guest CouchSurfing network which allows you with the minimum expenses (you pay only for flight, I go also own entertainments) to stay with different people worldwide. For young and sociable is a fine experience! For example, my former schoolgirl, having quitted the job (where she did not receive gold mountains at all), for half a year could visit New Zealand, Malaysia and Brazil, having in plenty lived in each of these countries and having had a good long talk in English with representatives of two tens different nations. The ocean of impressions, the language barrier once and for all broken, incredibly extended lexicon... Only, all - it is previously necessary to study attentively a profile of the person to which you gathered on a visit, to read comments on him that then on the place there were no surprises.

Summing up of

the results, I want to tell that the English, as well as any other foreign language, will surely obey the one who perceives it as a fatal opportunity, but not as a sad duty. To the one who opens the textbook with a joyful anticipation. To the one who uses the slightest occasion to apply the knowledge. And you know what case in my practice was the most successful? When the girl who recently left the boyfriend decided to open by means of English for herself the new horizons in life. In two years of studying of language from scratch she was invited to work in the Russian team of Discovery channel. Quite good result, truth?