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Whether it is possible for pregnant women? What to drink that there is and how to live - myths and the truth of

Pregnancy, certainly, one of the finest moments in the woman`s lives, but also one of the most responsible. Whether it is possible to fly by plane what physical activity is admissible during pregnancy whether it is worth having sex? These questions interest practically all women who saw two treasured strips on the test...

Well, it is a high time to understand: what really categorically cannot be done during pregnancy and what will do the kid and future mother only good?

Alcohol and smoking - any compromises!

doctors of the whole world are unanimous

How many your girlfriends or acquaintances from forums did not convince you of harmlessness of couple of glasses of red wine or beer: even small doses of alcohol can do much harm to the child and future mother - to cause heavy defects of pre-natal development, premature and quite often difficult childbirth, to provoke an abortion. “Degree“ on early terms of pregnancy - on 3 - y and until the end of all first trimester when there is very important process an organogenesis during which the germ is only formed is especially toxic to week, there is “laying“ of all internals and systems of the child. It is undesirable to accept alcohol and during conception, and, to both future parents! As for smoking, scientists proved for a long time that kids whose mothers smoked being pregnant women, are born with ready dependence on nicotine, they weakened immunity and lungs are often underdeveloped. They are also more often than other children have asthma and other illnesses of pulmonary system. Therefore if you learned that you will have a kid, leave off smoking immediately! And in general it needs to be made at a pregnancy planning stage - for 2 - 3 month to the full from contraception.

Sports orientation

Quite often interests women whether it is possible, expecting the child, to play sports? In this question as it often happens, the golden mean is important. Now from you nobody waits for the Olympic records therefore you should not overstrain and sweat till several hours a day in the gym. But also absolutely it is impossible to lose physical activity and to lead an inactive life too - such “inaction“ can lead to a set of excess weight, development of hypostases, problems with vessels, increase of arterial pressure. Similar complications have an adverse effect on the course of pregnancy and development of a fruit.

So what physical activity to choose? There is a lot of options: the yoga, fitness, gymnastics for pregnant women, swimming (or water aerobics), foot walks at measured speed in the fresh air - such loadings help to improve work of lungs, support in a good tone of a muscle of legs and backs, prevent emergence of hemorrhoids and varicosity, allow to fight against venous stagnation in a small pelvis. Nordic walking popular now - the Scandinavian walking with tracking or ski sticks is very useful to future mother and the kid. During such training the blood-groove, a condition of vessels and heart improves, the organism is saturated with oxygen. The kid also receives more oxygen and nutrients.

A here it is better for p to refuse bicycle walks - they are considered as an extreme sport for pregnant women. Under an unconditional ban also mountain skiing, a snowboard, rollers, martial arts - in a word, all too active and injury-causing sports get. Anyway, not to do much harm to a fruit, you need to consult to your gynecologist what sports loading to choose for the period of pregnancy. The doctor has to exclude states at which physical activity is contraindicated or is significantly limited.

Sex and a taboo

can Veto your sexual life during this period only very serious medical indications.

For example if there is a pregnancy interruption threat (especially in the first trimester) if you wait for twins (polycarpous pregnancy usually takes place heavier, than one-fetal), you had an abortion or premature birth, the previous pregnancy proceeded with threat of an abortion or analyses revealed any infection. Besides, the doctor can prescribe you temporary abstention at leaky closed uterus neck, full (the placenta completely blocks an internal uterine pharynx) or regional prelying of a placenta (the bottom edge of a placenta is at the level of edge of an internal pharynx). At detection of prelying of a placenta regular medical supervision as there is a danger of an otsloyka of a placenta and uterine bleedings is necessary. Also depending on an arrangement of a placenta the way of a rodorazresheniye will be defined. So, at regional or lateral prelying the possibility of natural childbirth is not excluded, and at full prelying appoint Cesarean section.

If pregnancy proceeds without complications, and you perfectly feel, there are no contraindications for occupations by love. Moreover, sex in this moment of life is very important! He allows spouses to feel absolutely new feelings, promotes a bigger emotional rapprochement of couple, well influences nervous system of the woman that is very important for normal development of the child. Of course, during such period you should not forget also about care: choose nevertheless less courageous positions, than earlier, or try alternative forms of proximity.

here in recent weeks before childbirth sex is even shown to

A in the therapeutic purposes: prostaglandins which are contained in sperm prepare a uterus neck for childbirth and help to avoid gaps.


such opinion that air flights and sharp change of climate not in the best way affect pregnancy Exists. Really, after the seventh month of pregnancy it is not recommended to fly by plane - threat of premature birth is strong. That before flights in general, here all very individually - a lot of things depend on the course of pregnancy and health of the woman. If mummy does not complain of anything also with her future kid everything is all right, then there are no special contraindications for trips. If at the pregnant woman the organism is weakened, she suffers from an elevated pressure or she has a big risk of an abortion, then in this case it is better to refuse movements by air.

As for visit of exotic corners of the world or places where too hot, here it is necessary to remember that at entry into many Asian, African and Latin American countries it is necessary to do vaccination against a number of infections, and it is very big threat for future kid. It is not known also as your organism will react to sharp change of climate and with high temperatures therefore doctors recommend to refrain from such extremes and to choose more traditional tourism. But as if you felt before going to travel, it is necessary to visit surely at the gynecologist conducting your pregnancy.

the Forbidden food Telling


about bans of interesting situation, it is worth mentioning the choice of products. So, making the list of admissible products for this period, it is worth refusing very fat, salty, fried, hot dishes and smoked products - they “overload“ a liver and a gall bladder, increase load of kidneys, can cause heartburn, an exacerbation of gastritis. Not in the best way products as a part of which there are a lot of chemical additives, especially dyes and amplifiers of taste (nitrites, glyutamat sodium) and seasonings influence an organism of pregnant women: chips, various croutons, ready sauces, crabsticks, instant food, aerated water, many sweets. Do not lean and on some seafood (a tuna, fish - a sword, shrimps), chocolate, strawberry and exotic fruit - they can cause an allergy. For the same reason refrain from the frequent use of vegetables and fruit with an orange pigment (citruses, carrots, pumpkin, dried apricots), but without excluding absolutely from the diet - in them many useful vitamins and minerals. By the way, it is considered that such products as red fish and meat bear in themselves danger during pregnancy - it is a lie. On the contrary: proteins, fatty acids an omega - 3 and folic acid, contained in such food, are simply necessary for pregnant women. Besides, meat serves as excellent prevention of the iron deficiency anemia which is quite often arising during pregnancy. It is the best of all if the diet to you is picked up by the attending physician, based on data of analyses and the anamnesis.

Not all teas are equally useful to

during pregnancy some women face such problem as hypostases. As a result, wishing to expel excess liquid from an organism, future mummies begin to drink various diuretic teas, grass collecting or berries and herbs infusions. Without consultation of the doctor of it you should not do categorically, many drinks from - for the structure are medicinal as contain the chemical components possessing various medicinal properties. Therefore they can affect an organism of the pregnant woman and a condition of a fruit not in the best way. So, drinks on the basis of a sage, parsley, a ginseng, a valerian, a camomile quite often raise a tone of a uterus and increase arterial pressure.

For the same reasons it is better for p to refuse also coffee. Scientists confirmed the fact that the daily use of this drink (more than 3 cups a day) increases risk of an abortion twice, especially in the first 12 weeks! Also coffee increases pressure, causes sleeplessness, brings the useful minerals and vitamins necessary for normal development of the child out of an organism. Both svezhesvarenny, and soluble drink possesses adverse effect. Besides, physicians insistently advise for the period of pregnancy to exclude from the diet and other liquids containing caffeine - to stake, power engineering specialists, strong green and black teas.

here mint, ginger, white tea and infusions from a dogrose are extremely useful to

A. Mint calms, removes nausea, ginger possesses antibacterial properties and is irreplaceable in the period of colds and a SARS, the dogrose is vitamin-rich C, B, PP and iron, and white tea does not contain caffeine, normalizes pressure, promotes elasticity of vessels and strengthens tooth enamel that is very actual during incubation of the baby.

From area of myths

with the advent of two strips on the test any woman (though with two or three higher educations) begins to attach excessive significance to signs and beliefs. Meanwhile many of them only spoil life to future mother. Here some of them:

Myth. during pregnancy cannot cut and dye hair.

Actually: during pregnancy the structure of hair often changes: they become more fragile and lifeless. Therefore to look good, it is regularly necessary to be cut or at least to straighten tips. As for coloring, modern bezammiachny paints are quite safe also for future mother, and for the kid. The competent hairdresser for certain at first will test paint on one lock, and will define how hair perceive this or that color.

From where went: since bible times hair were considered as a life symbol (remember Samson and Dalila`s tragic story). Probably, therefore our ancestors so were afraid to be cut during pregnancy.

Myth. cannot tell About pregnancy to anybody until your interesting situation does not become obvious.

Actually: it is exclusive your personal record. Someone shares pleasure literally from the first days, someone hides the pregnancy nearly before childbirth.

From where went: our ancestors very much were afraid of a malefice. And the concealment method of happiness was considered as one of the most effective in fight against a malefice. To trust or not in this sign - your personal record. However it has no relation to medicine.

Myth. during pregnancy cannot raise hands up, otherwise the umbilical cord will be tied by knot and the child will choke in mother`s womb.

Actually: by medical statistics did not prove communication between any gestures of mother and an umbilical cord: from the fact that you will hang out linen nothing happens to the child!

From where went: the majority of absurd superstitions are based on elementary ignorance of physiology. In a different way it is impossible to explain this myth.