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The small Olympic Games for children and friends. Let`s arrange a sport holiday!

Passed the summer Olympic Games - 2012 in London and Paraolimpiysky games. A fascinating show of the opening ceremonies and closing, mad speeds and results, victories over others - and over. It is interesting to look, but there is a wish and to participate! Means, we will organize the Small Olympic Games - for children and their friends.

Almost all of us, both adult, and our children, with pleasure and passion watched on TV and on the Internet speeches of athletes, supported the country and were proud of new records and achievements.


A now: which of us, being still a child, did not dream to become the Olympic champion? Yes practically all! Therefore we also look with a sinking heart behind competitions of the best of the best. Also it is a pity that the Olympic Games take place only once in two years, alternating summer and winter sports.

A why not to hold the Small Olympic Games? Where? At separately taken school, in the yard, an entrance, the apartment, at the dacha. When? At all seasons of the year. And duration can be any: from one day to one month or longer.

Such simple idea arose at me and my friends about fifteen years ago in one remarkable children`s Moscow region camp where I worked as the guide. And all fifteen years MINE - that is the Small Olympic Games - are included into the program of almost each change, and this is sports - creative action was very much fallen in love to all children and leaders. Here I also thought and why not to transfer this idea further - to a family or school?

Nevertheless it is very simple! You play chess or checkers, dominoes or darts, table hockey? You ski in the winter and the sledge? In the summer or in the covered gym you play badminton and soccer? So let`s not wait for the next Winter Olympic Games of 2014 in Sochi. Let`s declare the Olympic Games already tomorrow: at school or only in the in a class, in the housing estate or just in the apartment.

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of Discipline any. For example, except standard sports disciplines Olympic can become such as: game in a twister, an armwrestling, a jump rope and classics, and also crosses - zeroes and sea battle. And if to add a little humour, then it is possible to throw on range brooms for Halloween or Maslenitsa, to shoot from the water gun at a basin with a paper ship on the date of the Navy and airborne forces, to catch a rod grandmother`s slippers or to collect blackcurrant at the dacha. The imagination is boundless!

In children`s camp which I direct now at one of the similar Olympic Games the most popular discipline was “tsu - e - fa“ - the most elementary children`s game on cams in “a stone - scissors - paper“. And for participation in it from young Olympians it is not required to possess any special skills or talents.

A here one more example - bowling. You ask: where we found such pioneer camp with the equipped bowling? Of course, everything is much simpler: we add a little bit the imagination - and the usual color plastic size lined by path chalk, a rubber children`s ball turned park into the real bowling.

Most important - do to

everything together with children! Children of 99% of action can sometimes prepare and organize. And only 1% is a support from adults and the direction to the correct course of children`s energy and activity, and also an obligatory praise for any action.

So, make standings, choose athletes and judges, appoint the Olympic committee. Organize an advertizing campaign. Yes! And no serious monetary costs for this purpose will be involved. If you arrange games of the house, then it can be the poster on drawing room doors. If at school - that quantity of leaflets has to be more: for example, it is possible on tables in buffet to spread out flyers of participants, or to enclose them in the cool magazine that they a fan took off in a teacher`s room. Draw on Whatman papers paints or do applications of magazines, print leaflets (or invitation cards) on the color printer.

If the possibility of a public address system - the notification on school exists, declare the forthcoming Olympic Games in news and periodically disclose results. Print or write by hand “the Bulletin of the Olympic Games“. Notify on social networks on Internet open spaces, post interesting photos and reportings. It is possible even to arrange on Skype online - broadcast, for example, of an armwrestling. By the way, it is possible even to take part in some Olympic sports, being in the different cities or even the countries: on Skype to play checkers or chess, sea battle or crosses - zeroes.


or just think over the scenario of official opening and closing, rehearse representation, prepare a requisite and suits for all participants. Surely conduct a photo and video filming - memory of so unusual event in life of your children, friends and relatives.

Still very important point - by preparation for the Olympic Games do not forget

about prizes! Together with children make medals or buy chocolate and hang up them on ribbons, issue diplomas to winners and participants. It is very important to encourage each child and even the adult - to encourage with the memorable diploma or a small souvenir only for participation even if he (or it) did not take a prize. Believe, this small sign of attention and recognition will be huge value for each of us.

By the way, do not forget about grandmothers and grandfathers who with pleasure will take part - both as athletes, and as sponsors. And why not to offer grandmother`s specialty pie as a superprize, and not to dress up the grandfather in the Olympic god with a torch at opening of Games?

For certain at many doubts crept in that friends or a family can not support, or your children (or pupils at school) will consider you as odd fellows. Anything similar! You only suggest children idea, and they will practically finish thinking about all the rest and will even make. And then you receive the remarkable holiday penetrated by emulative spirit and sport. And as it will be pleasant when your child becomes the Olympic prize-winner or the champion - he it will become obligatory for them it in this or that sport!

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I: really there is no wish to stand on the most real podium with a cup and a wreath on the head? And it is not important that the pedestal is made of penk or the turned buckets, a cup - of paper or plasticine, and the wreath is weaved out of dandelions or autumn leaves. Of course, there is a wish! All because we - there are a little more children who lack in our fussy life of small holidays and miracles.