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Children and sport. What to choose and at what age? Pierre de Coubertin, the Frenchman who created the modern Olympic Games told

once: “Oh, sport! You are the world!“ . And children - part of this world. Practically each parent wants that his child played sports. But at what age to begin? And what it is better to choose?

Sport plays a huge role in development of kids. He develops physically, accustoms to discipline and devotion, trains endurance and strength of mind. But, of course, it is necessary to distinguish exercises and a sport of records. Parents who want to grow up the professional athlete have to understand that it will demand from the little person a lot of time and forces. Not each child as a result will be capable to maintain serious physical and psychological activities. Making such decision, mother and the father undertake heavy responsibility so it is better to weigh all pros and cons twice, and even three times.


If to choose sport for the sake of sport, then questions remains two: at what age to begin, and than all - to be engaged.

With age everything is rather simple

. In - the first, the majority of sports sections and circles accurately indicate how many it has to be years to the kid that he could register in them. Definition of an age threshold, by the way, a good signal for parents. It means that in such sections professionals, it is not terrible to them to entrust the child work.

In - the second, most of experts agree in opinion that it is the best of all for kids to start sports activities, since school age or slightly earlier. As a rule, the child to 6 - 7 to years - quite created personality, can make independent decisions, and physical development allows it to be engaged practically in any kind of sport. But, of course, it is necessary to consult in advance both with the pediatrician, and with the doctor at the chosen section precisely to find out all contraindications. The child can want to do swimming - and diagnose problems with respiratory system for it. Or the kid will ask on fight, and at him will define scoliosis and pronounced flat-footedness.

we will talk about a choice problem Now. Certainly, you have to listen first of all to wishes of the child. The first grader is already quite capable to decide in what sport he wants to be engaged more. A task of parents - to check that the desire of the kid corresponded to his physical standards and mental sets.

the Most widespread and popular command sports are, of course, soccer and hockey. Also basketball, volleyball, handball, water polo concern to them. Experts recommend to send children to such sections with of 8 - 9 years. School adaptation, as a rule, to this age is taken already place, the child is able to live in collective, to find in it the place. But can quite be so that occupations by an individual sport, just in a strength of mind will please the child more. In this case it will suit gymnastics, swimming, track and field athletics or tennis.

of Many children are attracted by martial arts. It is normal - the child wants to be able to stand for himself. But it is necessary to understand that it will hardly be possible to avoid bruises, cones and grazes. Strength sports, for example, weightlifting, at early school age have to be excluded as the child continues to grow, his bones and joints were not up to the end created yet - big loading can be very dangerous.

Whatever was chosen by your kid, do not forget it to support and to support it.