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Switzerland: Geneva, Vevey, Gruyere - and thrills of

Switzerland met us by a thunder-storm. The airport of Geneva, probably, did not give a landing permit, and the plane began to turn over mountains at height 3 - 4 thousands of meters. Strongly shook the plane, in a window lightnings sparkled, ominously lighting unusually beautiful landscapes of mountains and the lake. Landing was postponed for 25 minutes... Then 25 more minutes... Turbulence proceeded. Passengers sat silently, having strong seized armrests of seats. But, when we got to especially big air hole, several girls did not sustain and began to shout. At this moment the attack of panic began also at me. But, fortunately, at this moment the commander of the plane declared landing in 10 minutes. And in 10 minutes we really sat down. An applause proceeded several minutes: all very much rejoiced and warmly thanked the commander and crew of the plane.


We lodged in Grand Hotel du Lac hotel in the town Vevey (Vevey). It is one of the smartest hotels in which I staid. The magnificent hall, restaurant on a terrace, classical interiors, tremendous views from windows to Lake Geneva and the Alps, faultless service. In number all for comfortable and pleasant rest: dressing gowns, bedroom-slippers, cosmetics of L “Occitane, the chocolate made manually. And even scales - which all this time were a mute reproach because food here unusually tasty! We were waited by an “easy dinner“ which turned into the real holiday of a stomach: wine, unusually beautifully served snack, cheeses... And then there were desserts. It is a lot of, it is a lot of different desserts! They should be tried!


Vevey - very beautiful, ancient, quiet and cozy town. Exactly here Charlie Chaplin spent the last years of the life. Exactly here Dostoyevsky wrote “Idiot“.

What to do in Vevey? To wander slowly about small streets and the embankment which is buried in flowers, enjoying just physical feeling of tranquility and a pacification. To visit a market square. To drink coffee in small cafes overlooking the lake. To visit the Russian church (the Saint church Barbarians) and Saint Martin`s cathedral.


Lausanne is the capital of the biggest French-speaking canton of Switzerland. The city is famous for the Gothic cathedral of Saint Francis towering over old part of the city.

Advertising in an underground passage:

us was expected in the Evening by walk by a ship.

the Lock on the French side of the lake:


Gruyere is the medieval village which is in 22 km from Vevey. Exactly here according to ancient recipes do the well-known cheese with the name of the same name. The main sight of Gruyere - the lock, but, unfortunately, in Gruyere we were in the evening, and the lock was already closed. There is also a museum of the Swiss artist Giger who created surroundings and characters to the movie “Stranger“.


In Geneva at us was only two - three free hours and to bypass all interesting places and parks it was during this time unreal. Therefore I decided to be limited to walk on the center and survey of Geneva from height of bird`s flight - from this attraction: a roundabout - “chain“ which rises by height of 60 meters. It is terrible. Yes. For want of habit. But what top view! In the third minute, having endured several changes of speed of this a miracle - technicians (and when braking the cradle bends forward and on a fraction of a second it seems that now you will drop out), it is already possible to look quietly on only at the horizon, but also down at the gulf.

Elena Povysheva