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EURO - 2012 our way: La - Mansh, Paris and the Disneyland of

we Travel usually by car: nearly 7 thousand kilometers on the East, 3 - on the North and 3 - on the West are mastered. To us nothing is not terrible, so options for the choice of a route - darkness. Dimke this year in school. To me in the decree. The husband never saw Paris. Such plan turned out: to the son - the Disneyland, me - La - Mansh, to the husband - Paris. France for all!

Having handed over to

documents in embassy, unexpectedly next day received ready passports with visas for half a year at once - a pleasant bonus.

we Reserve hotels. Of course, not without coverage of all sights on the road. And on the road at us - Poland, Germany and the Netherlands. But I will not tell about them now, it is the separate multivolume illustrated work in the blog. So, France!

First where we get, it is Normandy. In general each name in France seems to acquaintances from history lessons, from books, from adventures of musketeers, from wine shops and the well-known grades of cheese, and from that everyone blows as romanticism and nostalgia - even if never here happened. In Normandy at us two “points of pleasure“ - the sea and unique fortress on the island.

From the continent to Maun`s lock - San - Michel, located directly in water on the island, is conducted by a two-kilometer dam. The lock is visible long before approach, and it bewitches - the island grows in the eyes, the real unapproachable fortress.

of Mont Saint - Michel (“mountain of the archangel Mikhail“) is both a bay, and the island - the rock, and fortress. To this city of 1300 - San Michele`s abbey saw all milestones of the French history described in textbooks, it is a lot of kings, English and French, it is a lot of wars and sieges, destructions and constructions during different eras of architectural styles, it is a lot of pilgrims and tourists.


Despite the long way and abrupt ladders conducting on top of the main church of abbey to all of us very much liked walk on this powerful and ancient construction, with the huge medieval stone walls growing directly from blue water and going to the blue sky. All this vividly draws in imagination of a picture of the jumping knights in dust, the fluttering flags, the clanking swords, also the confused giggling of girls - florists is noisy the falling lattices of gate, footfall on stone pavements...

the Following point - Paris. And Paris is not a point. If someone ever former had there crazy ideas to bypass it in a day, they already know - not to see Paris in a day. Therefore we with feeling, plainly, arrangement, quietly tried onions soup opposite to Montmartre, bypassed souvenir shops, drove on a snow-white car - motor-a rickshaw, executed a tourist debt, having sat legs in the fountain near the well-known Luvrsky glass pyramid, walked on the Champs Elysee, have a rest in park of Notre Dame de Paris, walked the child at the playground with the piracy ships arranged on Seine Embankment examined open spaces of once fashionable area La Defense. And, of course - and even not once - lay on the Field of Mars, with the champagne bottle bought nearby, observing as the Eiffel Tower is gradually lit by evening fires. Generally, there is a lot of impressions, also was from what to stand on the head!

But there is more to come. The main thing for the child entertainment, and as it became clear, for us is a visit of the Disneyland too. It is much told about it, and all the same you will not tell everything - it is separate history too. In two words as part of the general story about holiday of this year, it is possible to share only short impressions.

the Disneyland is a fairy tale! The fairy tale for all! Perhaps, it is even more for adults at who childhood were not present also a hundredth part from what is now. And the more so from what is here, in this unique amusement park and dreams. Unique in it all - idea, the embodiment, the atmosphere. Children`s festive music does not seem foolish, and causes affection. Beautiful lawns, beds, lodges, cafe, little shops, the lock of the Sleeping Beauty, originally issued attractions. And even elementary racks with popcorn, cotton wool and balls caused respect for organizers as everything is placed in such a way that it is everywhere, and in eyes does not loom - and does not din in the ears our habitual “mothers, buy!“ . Even thematic little shops with souvenirs are competently placed after exits from attractions in rooms that very much helps all visitors of park to enjoy first of all park and impressions of attractions, but not bustle from a table to a table with laser swords and gutta-percha dolls, as with us. And though, of course, park very big, and the fatigue is inevitable, but pleasure was derived by all of us! Also weeds in “Star wars“, and pokatushka on retrocars, and firing from the laser - blasters, and weeds over the night city of Peter Pan, and “The house of horrors“, and I do not remember already that - everything was cool, beautifully, interestingly and fascinating! I will not fly into a passion and I will stop, did not use up 10 pages yet. The summary here one, and it is obvious - there it is worth visiting!

I one more necessary for summer holiday making is the sea. At us it is most beautiful La - Mansh, in Normandy again. England through it it is not visible, it also is good - unambiguous feeling of the boundless sea - with salty water, the ground stones, big waves and cool transparent water.

the Coast of La - Mansha is covered with small resort or port towns where it is possible to have a rest in the nice hotels often belonging to married couples so small and cozy. Life in them quiet and slow that completely weakens and deletes consciousness from the vain megalopolis on space distances. Maybe, and there is not a lot of entertainments, however we quite had the sea and attractions located near it on the platform: the son learned to shoot at the father from a rifle and an arbalest for what brought home a set of deserved prizes for precisely brought down balls!

Separately wants to note French cuisine which fans there is a lot of in our country, but all - very much was not enough for us some usual soups and usual potato! At all the alerted relation to unclear products, I admit that unusual onions soup was the most tasty of everything the soup range of France, absolutely not suitable in food, - even the son ate it! Considering also the fact of absolute unwillingness of French to talk and understand in English, sometimes and simple meat caused big problems - the waiter can bring a stake with very concrete blood what we do not eat. Generally, by the end of a trip usual carbonara - there native macaroni, and painful expectation already of lunches in Germany where in tummies everything lays down very well became the best dish! But wines at one price from the cook - Coca are very romantic and sincere, especially if to buy them in shop independently and to take with itself on rest - our way, in Russian!

we Wish all interesting impressions, not to listen to friends, to gain the experience, not to be afraid and execute the dreams!