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Pregnancy and Rhesus factor - the conflict. What forget to tell

about As well as it is written in articles about Rhesus factors, I every month (and is more often) took a blood test on antibodies to a Rhesus factor - to the conflict since at me - negative, at the husband - positive. Doctors in private clinic where I am observed, said that at the conflict girls usually are born, and the boy can be only one: other boys the organism will tear away allegedly. That it is necessary to be observed constantly, to do all that you doctors say that it is necessary to do vaccination. But acquaintances gave birth to heterosexual children without inoculations, without complications. My mother-in-law has two sons. So it already confused.

- y week did to

On 28 vaccination for 10 thousand rubles. Cheaper vaccine in drugstores of Moscow did not appear as the contract on purchase of a vaccine of other producer was not prolonged. Warned that it occurs constantly, every year - probably, some pharmaceutical companies pay extra for it. So, girls, buy for 5 thousand in advance - and better demand free of charge in state policlinics and maternity hospitals. About free vaccination I learned already then since I am observed in commercial. And even if you have a contract for childbirth, then you have the right to demand a free inoculation of “Kamrou“ or “Giperrou“.

the gynecologist appointed

After vaccination to make the test on antibodies, the general blood test and wet each two weeks. I handed over through 3 - and antibodies were found. The doctor called me home and appointed urgent reception. Naturally, I sobbed, was nervous, made the repeated test, but everything was confirmed: a Rhesus factor a sensitization with an indicator 1 to 8.

the Urgent direction in the Center of Planning of the Family where accept all about a Rhesus factor - the conflict on a free basis. But to phone in free office it is not real - they just hang up. Not at once, but phoned there in paid office. The recommended doctor accepted once a week. It was necessary to wait for some more days and to be nervous.

not to go with 3 changes, were paid for a taxi by 550 rubles in one party, 1500 - for reception. The remarkable doctor Konoplyanikov made the whole detective investigation, without understanding how this diagnosis at me arose in the first pregnancy, without abortions and abortions, without blood transfusion, operations etc. And when we approached 28 - y to week and an inoculation, all fell into place. He also did not expect that now there are doctors who do not know that after a vaccine from a Rhesus factor - the conflict, as well as any other, in an organism these bodies - you them appear and placed. But they in a small amount - 1:8. And on them we do not make tests any more. Also we do a repeated inoculation right after childbirth, only if the child “positive“.

He told that after 2006 when actively entered these inoculations, doctors did not know that the analysis will show antibodies - then to them sent a lot of pregnant women to TsPS. But after numerous lectures and seminars, all this was acquired, and since then nobody frightened women in labor by it and with such diagnosis after an inoculation sent to TsPS. Calmed well, consoled, wrote the conclusion - so that it was clear to everyone that at me everything is all right.

was Sent with the husband from an office, we discuss - we were heard by one more pregnant woman who sat in line to the doctor on reception. Also it appeared, it arrived with absolutely same from Moscow area - all one to one. Yes, probably, the doctor was shocked. On the question “what the Rhesus factor-the conflict is fraught with“, my “old“ gynecologist said that just you will be more often than other pregnant women, to take a blood test, and it will be necessary to do vaccination. In principle, so it also left.

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