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Majorca: oranges, mountains, stars of

the View of Solyer`s bay from a balcony of our house

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Thought to get to Majorca appeared at me few years ago, but ready rounds were too expensive. Besides, I read many reviews of hotels at all it did not want to appear in “a tourist enclave“, among identical boxes - hotels. The place had to be original, ideally - the typical mayorksky city. At one of forums there were many reviews of Solyer (Soller). The city is on the western coast of Majorca, in 35 km to North - the East from Palma.

Also at a forum I learned

about the local, Tomeu Deya who well knows Russian and is always glad to the Russian guests. He prefers to spend holidays in Russia. I wrote to Tomeu, and we agreed that we will rent at him the house to the Port - Solyere (closer to the sea). (It still has two houses in mountains, but for this purpose it should rent a car that we were not going to do).

the House

O it wants to be written to

especially. We did not expect that it will be such big: two-storeyed, with a balcony, and an exit to a roof. The roof also became our favourite place late evening - from it we studied stars. The husband downloaded the program on the laptop, and every evening we according to it monitored changes in the sky. Many times saw the falling stars and made wishes.

the House was located practically on the center of a bay both from a balcony, and from a drawing room the magnificent view opened. And in the evenings in windows to us fires of two beacons blinked - it was very unusual.

the Road

at the very beginning of January we bought

tickets from Lufthansa airline - paid 39 thousand for 4 tickets. Change was one, in Frankfurt. Spent all the time at the airport, to the city did not decide to leave. Besides, butt time was not really big, and weather - rainy. Flights took place according to the schedule. And on Majorca at the airport we were already met by Tomeu.

sent to

For registration of the visa of Tomeu the invitation. The visa was made out through the visa center, received for half a year.

on the Internet it is a lot of

of Information on Majorca. Before a trip I read many responses and made small list of the fact that it would be desirable to visit.

In the obligatory program.

it is honest to p to tell

of Marineland to

, I do not consider its visit obligatory at all. Yes, shows are interesting, of course, but all - a large number of people and quite modest territory spoil impression of this place.

Palma`s Aquarium

Was pleasant to

much more - in it we carried out nearly a half of day. It would be possible to wait the show “Feeding of Sharks“ or, strictly speaking, the daily feeding of sharks presented as show. Predators scuba divers feed. The show interesting and quite unusual, but from - for congestions of people before an aquarium is quite difficult to see it.

of the Cave of the Dragon

our longest trip. In the beginning by bus from Port - Solyera in Palma, then by train to Manakor, and further by bus to Porto Cristo, to a cave.

of the Train on Majorca interesting: small, go quickly. Approximately in the middle of a trip to us the controller approached to check tickets and told that at the following stop “it is necessary to replace the train“. We remained in perplexity. However all went out of the car - we too. It turned out that further over rails there is no contact wire and passengers need to change from an electric train to the diesel - it already stood at a platform. On it we also went further. Changes, curious at them.

of the Cave to children very much it were pleasant to p - unusual. It would be desirable, of course, more time for survey.

the Ancient train from Palma in Solyer

As told

to us Tomeu, the trip by ancient train is expensive attraction (to reach by bus Solyer much cheaper), but beautiful types are worth it. The train passes through a set of tunnels, and through open windows it is possible to touch a hand the orange trees growing near the road. The trip very much was pleasant to children.

Mayorksky hospitality


met by

us at the airport (and then and saw off), carried on sea walk on the boat (in very beautiful bay of Kal Tuent which on the car on the mountain serpentine it is very difficult to reach), almost every day brought a bag with oranges from the plantation... We drank every day fresh orange juice. Oranges from Solyer small, are badly cleaned, in them there are a lot of stones, but they unusually sweet and fragrant. Juice from them turned out fine.


were shown us by the house (400 years it belongs to their family), and also own production of olive oil. On his maslodavilena oil is still received in the ancient way, by means of a mill with stone millstones.

B one of days it brought us by the car to a mountain small village of Fornaluch which is near Solyer. Very unusual small village. All streets in it are stone ladders and from everywhere a beautiful view of Tramuntan`s mountains.


the City of Solyer is in the valley, in two kilometers from Port - Solyera. We usually went there on foot. And only once passed on “The orange express“ - the ancient tram which goes from the downtown to port so is called. In the downtown there is a cafe where sell tens of types of local frozen (Gelato Soller). We ate ice cream every day, but all grades did not try.

of Walk in mountains

Very much liked to us to walk in Tramuntan`s mountains on pedestrian tracks with indexes. Routes in mountains a little. In one of days we reached to a mountain small village of Deya. Went down, following indexes in a bay of Deyi, bathed, and then continued a way on a pedestrian track to Solyer.

Children, overtaking each other, ran forward, having hardly caught sight of the next wooden column with a strelochka, and also looked out for stone pyramids or traces of paint on stones which were reference points on a route. In mountains there are a lot of trees which give a shadow. There pines (on them cicadas always sit and chirr), olive trees grow - sometimes they are very bizzare shape.

roads very different, but are most often laid out by stones which shine as if polished. And very slippery.

Sometimes pedestrian tracks pass

on someone`s private possession. In order that it is necessary to enter there or to get through a fencing (specially there is a short flight of stairs), or to open gate and to come. We passed by olive groves and saw the sheep who are grazed there (them it is heard from far away on a hand bell call). Still met horses and burros.

If on a track people meet, then it is accepted to greet. Did not do also without incidents: we, going on a track in t-shirts, shorts and bedroom-slippers barefoot, few times threw in shock of counter foreigners (it seems, Germans), which took a route seriously and were dressed in full tourist equipment. They saw off us meaningful glances.

From unrealized: we did not rise to a reservoir Kuber - it somewhere higher in mountains. Also it would be desirable to pass on a slope of the mountain which we called “the sleeping rhinoceros“ - ahead it has a rock which very much reminds a rhinoceros horn.

This time we did not reach by

an ancient watchtower which costs on the brink of break, from it looked out for the ships of pirates earlier. We two times went to look for to it the road, but did not find: all the time rested against fences of some hotels.

the Sea

Beaches to the Port - Solyere sandy, bulk. We went usually to the beach Repik though local (and Tomeu including) preferred the beach on the center of a bay - on it delivered sand not so long ago.

In port a set of yachts and, maybe, therefore sometimes by the evening the sea was not absolutely pure. In the morning always was transparent, with a great number of small fishes.

P. S. Rest on Majorca was measured and quiet. In the city and on the beach of people not really there is a lot of, and in mountains and absolutely not. We have a rest from city bustle. Majorca, really, was the place where there is a wish to return: we already bought tickets for the next August (again “Lufthansa“, the price turned out even less - 32 thousand for four). We dream to visit on August 24 “a fiery fiesta“ - day of Saint Bartomeu.

Elena Patrusheva