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Two actresses and one role - the queen!

Lately Anna felt somehow ill at ease, something unclear disturbed, ached inside, she even itself did not understand what happens to it. Externally everything is it seems normal, it continues to play in theater, recently it was even given a new role therefore could not understand the reason of the concern, an internal dissatisfaction. What happens to it? Can because felt some whiff of the coming old age? Not such smooth is also become fresher by the face skin, wrinkles, still almost imperceptible, in one or two years will be deeper and sharper. And in theater it is full of young attractive actresses who will soon take its place, and will charge it age roles, roles of the trying to look younger old women. Br - r! She, of course, understood that such experiences are experienced by each woman, but the actress who appears on public, especially. But to it only forty five, it calmed itself - age of the mature woman. But in that is continually that for the actress forty five - rubezhny age, after that role in theater by all means has to change. And she got used to shine in performances in bright dresses, in smart dresses and faultless wigs, got used to submit the audience a dazzling smile and a seductive flexible figure.

In soul she understood that an old age inevitably, it is necessary to reconcile with age, to meet vital fading without reproaches, quietly and adequately, but... but could not do anything with itself. Whether in it the reason of her sincere concern?

- Anna, you will drink coffee? - the husband`s voice was heard from kitchen.

She did not answer

, did not hear as she already sat down in front of the TV and concentrated all the attention on a TV screen.

- So you will drink coffee? - again the husband from kitchen asked again. - I prepared also on your share.

- does not have

, darling, - at last she responded. - Drink one. I need to watch the telecast.

the husband with the cup Entered, for a moment looked at the screen.

- And, “Maria Stewart“... Really did not bother you? - he was surprised. - You play in theater this “Maria“ ten years...

- do not stir

, please, - she waved away, and it left the room, having with astonishment shrugged shoulders.

Yes, she plays in theater Maria Stewart`s role nearly ten years. But all the matter is that showed the performance which is written down about thirty years ago now. The film was old, faded and faded, with defects and an unimportant sound. But Anna`s interest consisted that in this performance once her mother played Maria Stewart`s role. On a twist of fate, after many years it also got to this theater - and charged it the same role. There is it! Funny. She also first was surprised to such metamorphosis, but over time got used to such turn of its theatrical destiny.

In any case, it now - the leading actress of theater as once there was her mother and to whom as not it to charge a leading role in this performance.

Maria`s Role performed by mother she remembers

badly, to it when it was brought for the first time into theater on this performance, there were only fifteen years. What she could understand then in treatment of an image of the royal person! And now terribly interested her that all - was the main thing performed by Maria in game of mother on what actor`s core the role was under construction. Once wrote that Maria is played by her mother ingeniously, with deep penetration into an essence of character of the heroine. Critics wrote about it greedily. To tell honestly, critics wrote about Anna in this role not bad, without condemning too, some spoke even about ideal execution of a historical image, but all - in reviews, freankly speaking, was not that delight what fell to mother`s lot. Here therefore she also wanted now, from height of the age and actor`s experience to understand in what she business, than game of mother so attracted the audience. On honor to tell, Anna was externally much more interesting than the mother, she was considered in general in society as the beauty. Especially it struck the audience with the beauty in dresses of the queen: in magnificent krinolinovy dresses and skillfully made wigs it looked irresistibly. And so, then, at fifteen-year age, the girl obediently stayed three hours, impatiently fidgeting in the chair and expecting the end of a performance. She did not understand artful designs of a dramaturgic intrigue, opposition of Protestants and Catholics was deeply indifferent for it, she did not understand it, it was carried away more by smart suits, crinolines and wigs will give, dress coats of men, delicate manner of people of a secular circle. It was for a long time remembered. From - for it it, as they say, “sank down“ on theater, intending over time also skillfully and to freely wear beautiful dresses. Upon termination of a performance when came back home whether on a question of mother the performance was pleasant, she muttered something uncertain from what mother drew a conclusion that the performance seemed to it uninviting. It touched it a little, but she explained it with the fact that the girl is only fifteen years old, and she understands in art, especially in fight intrigues for an imperial throne few.

I now, after nearly thirty years, Anna suddenly felt acute sense of jealousy, there was a wish to understand why mother in this role was considered ingenious. Why? Really in treatment of this image it is possible to express something new? To play the heroine stronger and more brightly, than she?

the Husband sat down by it with the drunk not enough cup of coffee and, having looked at the wife sideways, was surprised to that attention with which she looked at the TV crane. What so interested her? Yes, once her mother played Maria, it was repeatedly told about it in a family, but what can be understood in that old, is black - The White Ribbon?

- You it is interesting? - with astonishment he asked.

But she did not even answer

, was so keen. Only carelessly waved a hand supposedly do not disturb.

the Husband puzzly raised eyebrows and there were also rooms, having decided not to disturb.

A Anna, having been all ears, every minute understood more and more that mother plays absolutely other Maria. Left that they differently treated this image that most of all and surprised, to be exact to tell, shook. As can be that long ago the settled canon of a classical image was played in a different way! Maria Stewart is the martyr who carried out in an imprisonment twenty years. When she got to England and was put in prison, she was only twenty five years old. The young queen of Scotland, beautiful, got used to worship and richness of the imperial yard, the pretender to a royal title of England who got used to general worship and court luxury, abundance of servants... How to it, Anna, the current actress, it was necessary to play this role? Of course, it played it the seductive beauty, the innocent victim, and twenty years of prison made it hysterical, suppressed, fatally offended, broken, tired to hope for release. And as the actress, Anna, of course, wanted to remain always young and seductively beautiful in this image - such she and remained in a role, even rising by a scaffold. Her dress was crown emergence on public before execution: a dress of purple color, long in a floor, with the lacy collar standing on fashion of those years, on hands there were gloves, red on an elbow, and on the head the crown of the queen of Scotland flaunted. The audience seeing this magnificence delightfully faded. But also it still was not the main surprise, it entered on a scaffold in a long black raincoat, designating mourning for own life. And only when it one imperceptible movement threw off a raincoat, her purple dress appeared in all the beauty. The audience delightfully gasped. Anna in this image wanted to show that broken morally, she remained up to the end dazzling beauty. And the queen of England Elizabeth remained the artful villain who ruthlessly ruined the sister and the pretender to a throne of England in memory of the audience.

But now, having stared hard at the screen and watching each movement of mother, Anna was surprised more and more that mother plays absolutely other Maria Stewart. It did not do her by the seductive beauty, she stood on resistant hind legs which were broken by neither decades of bondage, nor long painful years of expectation of freedom. It did not cause pity of the audience, but they admired its not broken nature, a proud and independent air. Watching the next scene, Anna understood that such heroine causes bigger respect the advantage, a proud bearing. In a look with which it ascends on a scaffold - shares of a regret and a slomlennost of spirit.

And so, here is how it is necessary to play this role! It is much more considerable and deeper - to show the strong, not broken nature which forever remained in memory of people as a symbol of inflexibility of spirit. Such characters remain in memory forever.

Unclear nervousness captured Anna. Here that everything lately - some vanity, haste - and is once disturbed as one writer told, to stop and look back, think over that as as it plays. All is once, once! She is employed not only in theater, but also on television, participates in some slipshod evenings, even acts in advertizing... My God, and there passes the main thing! It is necessary to think, at last, of himself, of the life, to it already forty five, it is time to concentrate and present the future... Not always she will play seductive beauties on stage.

Yes, yes, it is necessary to refuse hack-work, mother never afforded it. Now it became a shame to it for what that it never praised mother for Maria Stewart`s role, never spoke about it seriously. Then, at fifteen-year age on a question whether the performance was pleasant to it, she only murmured something unclear. Mother did not show that she took offense. But that case was remembered now, suddenly, with all real intonation and sense, and it became a shame to Anna with the indifference of that time.

I in general why she, referring to employment, so seldom sees it? Today Monday, day off in theater why not to go to it? To stay at least hour, and then an hour more on a way back, and in three hours to come back home. In what business?

She sharply rose from a chair, looked back, and, having found a capacious bag, began to gather.

the husband Entered.

- Where gathered? - puzzly it raised eyebrows.

- To mother I will go, to the dacha to it...

- Why it is so unexpected? - even more he was surprised. - Wanted next week.

- I Will go! - without explaining anything, she answered.

the Husband kept silent, having shaken the head, suddenly told unexpectedly:

- she Grows old... Last time, when we saw it, it made the depressing impression on me. It seems that it has an incurable illness.

- Fie, fie, you will caw!

- I as the doctor speak to you... Saw enough of such. But generally, she is a good fellow, courageously keeps.

On the way to giving Anna, operating the vehicle, more and more remembered time how mother plays Maria Stewart`s role: adequately, it is proud, without hysterics concerning the coming death, observing the royal greatness even on a scaffold... Yes, Anna at this moment remembered that she once read about Maria Stewart`s execution. When the executioner beheaded it and wanted, having undertaken hair, to show to the gathered audience, in a hand he became only a wig. And the head which rolled down on a scaffold was with a gray-haired short hedgehog. hair... The crowd gasped.

it will be necessary to

, she right there thought, to tell mother about impression of today`s viewing of old record, how she strongly and powerfully played a role of the courageous woman and that it as it became clear to it, was only the correct treatment. However, rather late to speak about it, passions on this role settled long ago, but it is necessary to tell about it by all means, correcting the old error.

It stopped at a modest country house. While went out of the car and got bags with products, the door opened - in a doorway mother seemed. Anna to time paid attention that she was weakened lately, grew old. But eyes remained the same - the same direct and confident look in which the tranquility before the future was felt. And on the head there was a gray-haired hedgehog of hair... Anna shuddered. On the scaffold of an old age and the end of life mother enters with the same determination and peace of mind, without fear and superstitious fear, as well as her heroine. Gray-haired hedgehog of short hair... My God, what coincidence! Anna approached her, embraced, having felt near at hand the sickly growing decrepit body, and suddenly felt how tears drive to a throat...

Eduard Bobrov