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The ripest apple - for the most favourite

“As is bad to be small“, - having sighed, she thought. The girl of five years sat under an apple-tree, sadly looking up. It was lower and weaker than most of the peers.

- Hey! You what such sad? - She turned back. The boy from the neighboring yard stood nearby. He was eight years old, he went to school and seemed to it big and strong. The girl quietly sighed and looked down.

- Whom I ask what happened? - it was not appeased. It was curiosity - or the boy really wanted to help?

- Apple I want, - it is slightly heard the baby told and again sadly looked upward.

the Boy tracked

her look. Several ripe fruits hung on a tree. But it is so high not that to such baby, and even to it was not to reach. And it got up on a tree. Climbed until found the ripest apple.

the Girl it did not ask about anything

and did not even say what apple wants. And he climbed up a tree and chose that fruit which she most of all wanted to eat. Then went down and gave it apple. It was such beautiful, red with a leaflet.

the Girl smiled to


It grew at

, went to school. It would seem, the boy does not care about it. They almost did not communicate, but every time when it needed the help or protection, it was near - not important that it was. For example, when she studied in the second grade and came back home after school, fifth-graders stuck to it: took away a backpack and began to tease it, calling “little one“. And there was it, banished offenders, returned a backpack, brought to the house that more nobody offended her on the road.

Or when she studied in the third grade, was caught in the rain on the way home. Splashed on pools, sniffing - as suddenly drops ceased to fall on the head. She lifted up eyes and saw it with an umbrella which it held over it.

It played

in dolls and early left the street home, and he began to sit in the yard with friends in an environment of little girls late - senior pupils. They still almost did not communicate, but it, as usual, was near at the difficult moment.

She entered the institute. Coming back after a party in honor of the termination of the second year, she met him. He already stopped studying by then, it was necessary only to defend the thesis. He suggested to take her home. And, perhaps, the first time during all the time that they knew each other, they got to talking. They went and spoke about everything on light, about weather, about study, about friends, favourite movies, plans for summer, plans for the future. They reached the house, and subjects for conversation did not come to an end. And the first time during all the time they did not want to leave: to the fragile beautiful girl and tall strong youth.

He got a job in major company, and in a year they got married. And, as before, it was near, but now not only at the difficult moments - they were together always. Time went, they had children. At first boy, and in a couple of years little pretty girl. Children grew, matured, fell in love, got the families and children.

A he and she and were together, nearby with each other. And he continued to care for it.

there Passed a lot of time. The little girl turned into the old woman, and the boy in - the old man. But it still was about what to talk. And he continued to care for it. Especially strongly since that moment as doctors read the sentence that she needed to live not for long that there are too much different age diseases. It happens, she lived long life, and many years were it. He knew that sooner or later also its time will come, but did not know how to live without it up to this point, without that that was sense of his life, without that for whom he cared since the childhood.

It lay on a bed. He sat next, correcting for it a pillow, allowing to drink.

- Hey... You what such sad? - quietly he asked.

- Apple I want, - it is slightly heard she told.

He went to kitchen and chose the ripest and beautiful apple. He knew that she would choose same, and carried him to the wife. She took a red fruit, lowered a hand on a bed, smiled and closed eyes.

Maria Stefanova