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The basins of Moscow for pregnant women: with sea water and not only

of Sports during pregnancy are useful both to mother, and to the child. But all - you will have to limit loadings. A fine way out - swimming. In the fall when sea bathings ended together with summer, it is time to pass into the enclosed space. The special review 7i the best Moscow basins where classes for pregnant women are given.

Than visits of the pool are good

during pregnancy? It is possible to be engaged also to those who are not able to swim (occupations take place at a small depth). Besides in some centers it is possible to come with the senior child or to be engaged together with the husband.

“I for visit of the pool by pregnant women, exercises in water, an extension and unloading of a backbone if women are healthy, vigorous and are not afraid of infections, - the obstetrician - the gynecologist Aurika Sivokhina says. - The positive spirit is the main key to success, and not only during pregnancy. Due to special exercises the muscles participating in labor develop, breath trains, the backbone, all oporno - the motive device - and on late terms when the woman already gained decent weight unloads, it is very important. Women study the technicians of relaxation necessary in labor. At pelvic prelying of a fruit by means of special exercises in water it is possible “to help“ the kid to turn over. During immersion in water we accustom the kid to that shortage of air which it should face in labor, we come into contact with future newborn. Well and, of course, it is difficult to overestimate the value of positive emotions from stay in water“.

However needs to be engaged in

reasonably: register in group for pregnant women or attentively study lists of exercises in a network.

Occupation usually consists of a standard set of exercises: respiratory, including on a delay of breath, exercises at a side on an extension, exercises with a board, pair exercises with water aerobics elements. Imitation of passing of patrimonial ways becomes the finishing element of occupations in many centers: women become one after another and in turn float “in a tunnel“ between legs ahead of standing. So the child will move in labor, you try to feel the kid, to divide with him process of childbirth, both prepare for it.

water aerobics Instructors for pregnant women consider that restrictions on terms on which it is worth beginning occupations, does not exist. But more often women think of sport to the second trimester - it is time when it is possible to be engaged rather intensively.

we Will concentrate on the choice of the pool. Here it is necessary to consider several factors.

cleaning Method. the Chlorinated water has a pungent smell, and at some lyudeyeshche and causes an itch, burning and allergic reactions. So try to find the pool applying one of more modern ways of water purification: ozonization, ultraviolet, quartz sand. There are in Moscow also several pools with so-called “sea water“. Actually water undertakes from an underground source and on structure is very close to sea. If one of such pools is located near your residence or work, consider, it was lucky. In the majority of pools water is purified by means of chlorination. If you doubt reaction of the organism, pay single visit and “test“ water in the pool.

Optimum temperature for swimming during pregnancy makes

29 - 31 ° Page

Think whether you will visit the pool or as a part of group . Occupations in group are convenient to what to you will be shown by special exercises for pregnant women, including steam rooms. Independent visits are convenient that the schedule of visits of the pool depends only on you. But here it is necessary to possess will power: alone it is always more difficult to be engaged in something useful.

Also decisive factor at the choice of the pool: in pools where special classes for pregnant women and parents with small children are given, there can be a sauna with soft temperature condition. Some future mothers with pleasure are heated in it after long stay in water.

Pools with “sea“ water and other ways of cleaning

1. Pool “Coral“ (former “Atlas“)

Address: Moscow, Talalikhin St., 28, ph. +7 495 671 - 73 - 70 (m. Proletarskaya/Volgogradsky Proletarskaya/Volgogradsky Avenue)

Water:“ sea“

Way of cleaning: electrolysis

Water temperature: 28 ° With

the Cost of independent visit − 800 rubles, in group for pregnant women − 1000 rubles trial occupation, 900 rubles for occupation as a part of the subscription (on 3 occupations and more).

2. Akvaklub “I and my kid“ at Filatovsky policlinic

the Address: Moscow, Zoologicheskaya St., 15, ph. +7 916 999 - 09 - 90 (m. 1905 goda Krasnopresnenskaya / Street)

Way of cleaning: ozonization, ultraviolet, quartz sand

Water temperature: 32 ° With

the Soft sauna

Independently cannot visit this pool, only as a part of group. One occupation costs 800 rubles, the subscription on 4 occupations - 2200 rubles, on 8 occupations - 4000 rubles

3. Pool of sanatorium “Svetlana“

Address: Moscow, st. Taiga, 1, ph. +7 495 642 - 49 - 79 (m Medvedkovo)

Water:“ sea“

Way of cleaning: ultraviolet and sandy filter

Water temperature: 28 - 29 ° With

Phyto - a sauna: 75 - 80 ° With

the Cost of occupations by water aerobics - 1200 rubles for single visit, 600 rub for trial visit, the subscription - 4750 rubles for 5 occupations.

4. Pool of the improving center “Garmoniya“

Address: Moscow, Samora Mashel St., 6, the case 4, ph. +7 499 726 - 28 - 94 (m of Hugo - Western)

the Way of cleaning: ozonization

Water temperature: 32 - 33 ° C

the Cost of independent visit - 230 rubles, individual occupations for pregnant women - 800 rubles

5. Clinic pool “Life tree“

Address: Moscow, Skakovaya St., 5, ph. +7 495 946 - 03 - 15 (m. Belarusian / Dynamo)

Way of cleaning: computer system of cleaning, circulation via the sandy filter

Water temperature: 30 - 32 ° C

the Soft sauna

the Cost of independent visit - 600 rubles. Occupations for pregnant women - 1000 rubles at single visit, 4500 rubles for the subscription on 5 visits.

6. House of sport of MGUPS

Address: Moscow, Novosushchevskaya St., 24, ph. +7 495 684 - 21 - 35 (m. Savelovsky / new suburban / Maryina Roshcha)

Way of cleaning: ultra-violet radiation and quartz sand

Water temperature: 28 - 29 ° With

the Cost of independent visit - 300 rubles. The subscription for a month at visit of times a week will cost 940 rubles, at two visits a week - 1650 rubles. Organized classes for pregnant women are not given.

7. The pool of Birthlight

And still I will add the pool where water chlorination is used to the list - it is the Moscow branch of the Cambridge center Birthlight located in the center of the capital. But here classes in the Russian and English languages for pregnant women and parents with small children are given.

Address: Moscow, Staromonetny Lane, 18, ph. +7 495 788 - 13 - 08 (m. Clearing / Tretyakovskaya)

Way of cleaning: chlorination, filtration

Water temperature: 32 ° With

Cost: independent visit - 700 rubles for one visit, 2400/4000 rubles for 4/8 visits. Occupations for pregnant women will cost 1000 rubles for one occupation or 6400 rubles for the subscription on 8 occupations.

All together

Quite good option when you attend theoretical and practical classes in the center of preparation for childbirth and water aerobics from the same center - in the pool. In that case for you for certain there will be a place in group or maybe will offer a discount for the subscription as to the “wholesale“ buyer. Now many family centers offer similar services, here some of them:

Family center “Magic Child“

Pools: m of Hugo - Western (water purification by an ultraviolet and ultrasound), Konkovo / Hugo - Western (ozonization, a sauna)

the Delfinenok Center

Pools: m. Belarusian (computer system of cleaning, sandy filter, sanu), Pushkin, Medvedkovo (sea water, sauna)

Family club “Iris“

Pools: m. Pushkin, Sports / Frunze (cleaning without chlorine)

the Network of clubs of preparation for the sorts “Stikhial“

the Pool: m. Pushkin / Tver / Chekhovian

Zhemchuzhinka Center

Pool: m. The October field (sauna)

Usual fitness - clubs

In many fitness - clubs is also pools, and in some - an opportunity to attend specialized classes for pregnant women. It is convenient that it is possible to issue the family card and to come to be engaged with the husband, and after the birth of the child to continue studies already with the newborn. For several months after the delivery the subscription “is usually frozen“, then you are waited by baby swimming, later - children`s club and swimming for children.

the Network fitness - clubs X - Fit

Pools: m. Frunze, Dynamo, Kuntsevskaya (in all - sea water, occupations for pregnant women)

Fitness - Vitasport club

the Pool: m. The Shchukinsky / October field (cleaning with ultra-violet installations, a bathing complex, children`s club)

Fitness - Kimberly Lend club

the Pool: m. Sevastopol (an aquapark, a bathing complex, water aerobics)

Fitness - Wellness park club

the Pool: m. Kaluga / New Cheryomushki (special occupations for pregnant women)

Fitness - Fitness One club

Pools: Novorizhskoye Highway, 18 km; Krasnogorsk, Rechnaya St., 20, to. 2 (sections and individual water trainings for pregnant women).