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Our history of pregnancy: everything is good in its season!

“Everything is good in its season!“ - at first it was told me by people around, then I to people around, dreaming of the kid. I will begin from far away. We got acquainted with my husband about 7 years ago, and I would never believe in lives that this young man will become my darling and the only man.

Strangely enough, our acquaintance also began with children. We, leaders led, children in tent summer camp. Both were engaged in tourism and respectively taught children to it: crossings, knots, the organization of life in field conditions, a field kitchen and other delights of a survival among mosquitoes. It was a little terrible to spend week with serious, severe as then it seemed to me, the unfamiliar young man - and, not that in one company, but in one tent. After several hours of acquaintance severity did not pass, but the trust appeared, and I knew that it will never offend me - unlike children - seniors who and in a mustache did not blow when I gave them some tasks. As a result Vova became literally a defender. But not everything was so beautiful and romantic how I described it because both I, and at Vova at that time had darling. Having come back home from camp, we remained good friends: called up, corresponded, went to mountains in parallel groups, made each other gifts on birthday and could talk just heart-to-heart - sitting in the wood under an awning in the rain or near a fire.

there Passed several years, and I somehow unexpectedly changed: grew thin, became more serious. Vova left the passion, and I - the young man. And here two loneliness found each other: began to see to a thicket - more and more in a romantic situation. Vova with friends invited us to the birthday in bowling and unexpectedly (at least, for me) got a ring and made me the proposal - I slightly to it on a leg did not drop a sphere! Of course and!

Half a year of preparation, the appointed date, the submitted application, fitting of dresses - everything passed dreamily. We were the happiest couple! Moving. Repair in the room in the house of parents of the husband. Purchase of a dresser, new furniture. In August persuaded to descend in a honeymoon trip to mountains, under a pretext that “last time“. A wonderful campaign - a sheaf, together. On arrival it was decided that time for the kid came. Future daddy very much wanted the son, a bath and the motorcycle for restoration. The only thing what I could help it with is first point. Well you will not make for darling! Of course and! Son so son!

Began to prepare: drank vitamins, refused alcohol, to smoke did not smoke, and after a mountain campaign the ogranizm itself removed all toxins. Here we also decided that everything at us will turn out at once. But not here - that was. Month after month, attempt behind attempt, and a treasured second strip on the test did not appear. It afflicted also me, and the husband. On the websites and forums we began to conduct calendars, took bazalny temperature, made an appointment with the doctor. Having made all tests, received the answer: both are healthy. We - that solved, and here the kid probably did not decide that it is time for it to appear...

Four cycles after semi-annual expectation we went to the doctor - and there was a miracle! The baby decided to make to mother and the father a gift for March 8: On March 7 we saw our long-awaited striped test! 8 - go March I, joyful, with box of chocolates already run to congratulate the doctor on a holiday of spring and beauty! Further time ran quickly: the toxicosis growing puz, the decree, ultrasonography. And here the most interesting. On all to “grandmother`s signs“ - a shape of a stomach, date of birth of spouses - I waited for the girl. On ultrasonography we actively hid, lay on a back and were very similar to the girl. The husband went for the last reception with me and thirsted a verdict of the doctor. The sizes, unclear silhouettes on the monitor - and a voice of the doctor:“ Floor - man`s!“ The pleasure of our daddy was not a limit! Having left an office, it it is proud declared: “Trust the husband! I never deceived you!“

Now to us 33 weeks. Still slightly - slightly - and we will see the baby. Synulya at us very active: I have a feeling that sitting in a stomach, it took all mountain tops and passes. And what as our father, will be always self-assured and will achieve the objectives! The bath and the motorcycle will wait, and then the son the father will help - and with construction to a bath, and under repair motorcycles. And once again I will tell: everything is good in its season. Time when your kid decides to come to you will come!