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Teeth are cut: how to help the kid? Probably, everyone in a family album has

the photo where the six-month-old kid gnaws a steering-wheel, a wooden side of a crib or father`s points. Teething! Usually this process takes place painfully, inflicting a lot of suffering - both on the kid, and his parents.


As cut teeth?


the First teeth - two lower cutters - begin to be cut through usually in 6 months. Mother learns about this event in advance: the child sulks, cries, at him appetite and a dream vanishes. Gum at the same time swells, reddens, and can become purple color from - for blood inflow. On the place of a prorezyvaniye of tooth there is a bulked-up white hillock. All this delivers to the child the whole bouquet of unpleasant feelings - from an itch to severe pain.

during a tooth prorezyvaniye the gum inflames, from - for what temperature - but not higher than 37,5 - 38C can increase. And at the kid salivation increases. This results from the fact that saliva possesses anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties: it will protect the wound which is formed at a tooth prorezyvaniye from infection.

First aid to the child

As soon as gums of the kid bulk up, ready to let out the first teeth, the child turns into the real tireless rodent. The greatest relief is given by chewing something firm and cold, for example, special ring for a teething.


besides, to you needs the help of local anesthetics of resolvents. Today in a drugstore any mother can buy stomatologic gel Holisal. It is possible to buy it without recipe that helps to save time and to quickly help the kid. Holisal is a preparation which not just anesthetizes, such as, lidokainosoderzhashchy means, and influences the pain prime cause - an inflammation and hypostasis.

Active ingredient of Holisal - it is well-cared salycylate has local anti-inflammatory effect, reducing gum hypostasis. Thus the soothing effect is reached. Besides, is Holisal`s part chloride tsetalkoniya - antiseptics of a broad spectrum of activity. It is very important as at a teething the risk of entering of an infection in a wound increases.

Thanks to an adhesive gel basis an active anti-inflammatory component of a preparation it is well-cared salycylate quickly it is soaked up in a gum and begins the anesthetizing action already through 2 - 3 minutes after drawing. One more its plus consists that active ingredients long keep on a mucous membrane (even during feeding) therefore the anti-inflammatory and anesthetizing actions of a preparation continue till 8 o`clock.

Stomatologic gel Holisal - the real rescue both for the kid, and for his parents.