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Magnificent breast after feeding. As it is possible to return a form and the volume of

Happens that after the end of breastfeeding young mother notices that together with milk both completeness, and elasticity of a breast left. Sometimes the problem is so noticeable that the woman thinks of the cardinal decision - plasticity of a breast. The leading plastic surgeon of the Center of esthetic surgery “The esthete of clinics“, the candidate of medical sciences, the expert with 20 - summer an experience Valery Yakimets tells about how it is possible to cope with serious esthetic problems.

the Imperfect shape of a breast - one of the most common causes of discontent at the women coming to me to reception. Usually the breast of the woman has by nature harmonious form. But, happens that the bust which was a pride subject in young years loses attractiveness after pregnancy, feeding or sharp weight reduction.

Shortcomings with which patients after a rigid diet or feeding come is a loss of volume of a mammary gland and omission of a breast (so-called ptoz). If only omission is diagnosed, operation on lifting of a breast is performed if it is necessary not only to raise a breast but also to increase its volume, the task becomes complicated. It is not as simple to get rid of both problems during one operation as can seem at first sight.

Many women coming to consultation think that for fight with ptozy and thinning of a breast there is enough implantation. The artificial limb will fill the formed volume of the drooped skin and without problems will give breasts big appeal, they are sure. However as the surgeon - the practician I is obliged to warn the patient about consequences of such “treatment“. In this situation for filling of “a skin brassiere“ it is necessary to put an implant of the big size which within several years by gravity will even more stretch breast tissues, and the problem will return in new, even more frightening scales.

the Task of the doctor - to assess a situation and in case it is possible to manage one lifting of a breast, to convince of it the patient. If the lack of volume of a mammary gland together with its omission is available, it is necessary to perform operation on lifting of a breast with one-stage increase.

Operation this difficult, is solved on its carrying out not each surgeon. And matter not only in equipment, but also in an esthetics. The doctor has to pick up very precisely proportions - how many excess fabrics to remove what volume to apply an implant. Business this responsible, the breast after operation has to look naturally and harmoniously.

the Second essential moment is a technology of carrying out operation which has to be minimum injuring and at the same time effective. At the increasing mammoplastika the advanced endoscopic technique allowing to create only one hem in an axillary hollow is applied. Such seam is a priori imperceptible for people around, and eventually also the patient will already cease to notice it. Besides, tissue of a mammary gland remains a little injured that is important for health of the woman, for her further ability to breastfeeding. The same approach is applied at operations on one-stage lifting and increase in a breast.

If omission of a breast at the patient not too big (the I-II degree to our medical measures), operation is carried out in two steps, the first of which is installation of an implant under a big pectoral muscle. The section is for this purpose made in an armpit, then excess fabrics are removed through a section in the field of an areola - after healing a seam and here remains almost imperceptible. As a result of tissue of a breast not only are not injured, but also do not adjoin directly to an implant. All this surgical “balancing act“ is aimed at preservation of integrity of a mammary gland. And there is practically no external trace left from such operation at use of modern sutural materials and sufficient skill of the surgeon. But sometimes patients nevertheless resolutely protest against a seam in an axillary hollow - then operation is performed through a section around an areola.

Unfortunately, dealing with considerable omission of a breast, the surgeon is forced to apply more radical receptions. It is in that case possible to give the beautiful form only at the price of T - a figurative hem because after installation of an implant it is necessary to remove excess fabrics and “to collect“ the remained skin in new, higher position. After that there is a vertical hem which many patients fear. But instead of the lowered and thinned breast the patient receives esthetically attractive bust on which seams become very hardly noticeable over time. Quality of a postoperative hem is influenced by sutural material, a technique of adaptation of fabrics, and also physiotherapeutic methods of impact on cicatricial fabric in the postoperative period. It is possible to discuss all these questions and it is necessary even before operation.

As the man, I can add that I appreciate harmony and naturalness in appearance. And as the doctor, I am convinced: the modern plastic surgery allows to achieve impressive results which will please both the patient, and judges of female beauty.