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Value of names - and why call children in honor of the father, mother or grandmother of

Psychologists constantly prove communication of a name of the person with his destiny and, on the contrary, destinies with a name of the person. In due time even “psychological portraits“ of names were formulated. What person is represented to you when you hear a certain name? And to your husband? Whether it is worth calling the child in honor of the close relative? Let`s reflect on it.

the Psychological type of the person is formed by

under the influence of physiology, social factors and personal characteristics. Naming of the person affects all three criteria. So, parents choose a name to the kid depending on his floor and in a consent with traditions of the country. Well also you should not dismiss appearance of the newborn, sometimes at mother`s birth with confidence tell the name, most suitable for their kids. Here also it turns out, the name forms something the person, or he supplements already settled characteristics of the name.

the Philosopher and the psychologist A. Losev claimed that without name in the world to live is unreal. Life would resemble “collision of deaf-and-dumb masses“ therefore it is obligatory to call the person, giving it identity, social ponderability and character.

Psychologists claim that now parents prefer to choose names of children “just like“, in other words, selecting the child that name which is nice them at the subconscious level. It is ancient tradition, only in the changed form. Before children it was accepted to call by the church names: every day corresponded to the birth of any Saint in honor of which it was named the newborn. Together with a name traits of character, strong-willed qualities and standards of behavior were transferred to the child. And so, in the present each of us has personally the, individual idea of the person with a certain name. This image - a name is stored in memory. We perfectly represent what qualities Anton or Egor has to possess and what cannot be expected from Tatyana or Nellie. Generally, each person has an idea of a name, up to characteristic features of appearance. It turns out that, choosing a name to the kid, the parent wishes to give it characteristic features of an image, to make it “similar“ to someone. If it is Alexander, then the boy will be brought up courageous, to demand from it adoption of independent decisions. But Yakov will not begin to be troubled to justify the importance of the name.

Then that, whatever one may do, the name influences the person. Even if in the smallest degree. The philosopher P. Florensky in general held that opinion that the name causes a way of the person. If the personality does not correspond to a name, shows lines unusual for it, then it means that this person has other “psychological“ name. These can explain the fact that we do not perceive a name of the person when we want to call it differently. It turns out that the psychological portrait of the person corresponds to other name.

But should not be puzzled too with the theory of interaction of a name and destiny. Some are to such an extent susceptible that begin to accuse parents that those stole their true destiny, having awarded with a certain name. A name - only possible model of construction and development of life. The most important decisions and steps are made by the person.

By the way, you can carry out the test among the family. Make “psychological portraits“ of the names interesting you, and you learn the relation of people around to this or that name, to people a staky name. Ask tested to describe the person with a name... (tell that name which interests you) by the following criteria: appearance, emotional behavior, the main traits of character, the attitude towards and to people around, I.Q., strong-willed qualities, perception of, the relation to an opposite sex.

After you receive answers of several tested, compare them. For certain the received results will force you to be surprised.

we Will review several examples of already made “psychological portraits“ of some names.

Alexey. Possesses soft, regular features. On character cheerful, cheerful, but sometimes silent, unlucky, uncertain and hyper sensitive.

Alexander. Missile defense Sash sometimes is said that “it not a name, but the diagnosis“. The Nositeleyety name often compared with great people, allocating them with mind, strong will and commitment. Aleksandra are often harmonous and tightened. In character - self-admiration, pride, aggression, independence.

Vladimir. Very imperious, cunning, very sociable, but quiet. By determination of appearance of unity it is not observed: dark and light, high and average height. Boasting and arrogance were unanimously recognized as negative qualities.

Dmitry. One of the most inconsistent of “psychological names“. It both depressive, and cheerful, frivolous and practical, attracting and attractive, but also repellent and unsociable.

Sergey. Independent and purposeful. Practical and moderately proud. Possesses rational mind. Some mention vulnerability, cheerful nature and desire to have a good time. Externally the majority is noted by the high growth and leanness.

Mikhail. “The psychological portrait“ of this name is dual. Even sounding reminds one the clumsy bear, full, even thick, quiet and smiling. Others speak about the tightened figure, dark hair and light eyes. However all unanimously meet that the name bears kindness, attractiveness and tranquility.

Anna. appearance Especially gives in to the description. Beautiful, dark-haired, with small eyes. From traits of character feminity, vigor, kindness and cheerfulness are mentioned. At the same time levity, extravagance, authoritativeness and inaccessibility are emphasized. Sometimes note cruelty, arrogance and excessive gravity.

Ekaterina. it is Always attractive, stately and rather high. From characteristic features call authoritativeness, force, commitment, severity, cruelty and a thrift. And here absolutely other “portrait“ of Kat: small, imperceptible, not purposeful, economic and simple.

Olga. by the Most popular characteristics recognized health, symmetry, external appeal. In addition - mind, judiciousness, domesticity, openness, the increased emotionality. There are also negative lines, for example authoritativeness.

Elena. it is Always beautiful, bright, womanly and very sexual. At the same time it is inconsistent, selfish and proud. Plus to it easily is fond, is sociable and very sensual.

Natalya. Many note a practicality of women with such name. Vigorous and purposeful, it is usually happy in life. The second portrait - selfish, quick-tempered, unsociable. Plus to it not really clever and unfortunate. But the third portrait is more optimistical: kind, nice, very much it is pleasant to men, gentle and soft.

Belief. it is Very consecutive and hardworking. One describe appearance of the stout woman with warm hands, the excellent housewife. Others contradict and speak about the thin, proud and prudent woman. However all these descriptions are united by mind and backbone, somewhat obstinacy.

Now you can be convinced by

, “psychological portraits“ of names are how various. In the same way the same person in different situations, with different people can behave, showing pride, tenderness, firmness, indifference. At each of us the personal, individual perception of people around therefore it will not be possible to come to the general opinion. However something the basic (a name core) is all the same traced. Anyway each person possesses a set of qualities. And nobody can tell with confidence that the name will change character. Raise the children in love, indulge in the childhood and encourage further. Try to form of the child the personality independently, without hoping for the power of a name.

the Name as at the father

you call

the husband or the spouse, and the child resorts? Then it is clear: you called the child in honor of one of parents. Now it is necessary to call one kid, and another - just Mischa or “road“. The phenomenon when parents call by the name of children, quite often. Let`s say mother gave birth to the daughter on the birthday. The father rested and did not want to name the daughter any other name - only in honor of the spouse. So in a family there are two Yulia or Yana. And when for some reasons of the boy call as the father, Mikhail Mikhaylovich, Pavel Pavlovich, Boris Borisovich appear...

Psychologists claim that, calling by the child by the name of mother or father, parents “predict“ to the kid accommodation of their destiny. In other words, the boy with a name of the father will repeat his course of life and to possess similar qualities of character, and the girl called in honor of mother will become her copy. Whether so it? Whether the mythical component of a name is so strong that together with a narecheniye the destiny is foreseen?

If it is rational to p to argue, having cast away prejudices and mythical coincidence, the child anyway as call it, will inherit character or at least some lines of the parents. Someone in bigger, someone to a lesser extent will take from the father commitment, and from mother - softness or responsiveness. The girl at any deal will receive the maternal beginning and feminity from mother. In it there is nothing unusual, mother and the father - the closest people. Also you should not look for in a mere coincidence of the vital facts of manifestation supernatural. There are many examples when the child called by the name of the father lives absolutely other life. And, for example, that it is possible to tell about the girl who was called in honor of the father (Sasha, Zhenya, etc.) . Really she will become truck driver or will fall in love with whisky with Coca? By no means. All this more prejudices. Of course, there is coincidence of destinies. There are examples when the son or the daughter exactly - in - exactly repeat destiny of one of parents. But for this purpose it is not obligatory to bear identical names at all.

One “but“

the Only undesirable option - assignment to the child of a name of the died relative, especially if that died that is called to term. Not dissipated energy of suddenly broken life continually interferes with life of living. Sometimes this positive intervention which is favourably affecting destiny. But happens that misfortunes overtake the person one behind another, and then - that you will involuntarily think of sense of a name and its power. And vice versa: say that names of the left grandmothers and grandfathers help long ago the child - the namesake, in certain cases it is even considered to be that the kid has the second guardian angel.

From the book “We Choose a Name to the Kid“