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The purest and quiet beaches of the Crimea (plus places for a camping)

For some reason go to the Crimea vacationers mostly on Youzhny or Hugo - East coast of the Crimea - to visit Yalta, Alushta, the Pike perch. Generally, in the places untwisted by advertizing. Yes, can, there earlier and it was good. But now - the dirty sea, high prices, awful service and a heap of the people. And people leave dissatisfied. And in the Crimea there are still places with the clean sea and beaches where the body on a body plus heaps of empty bottles from - under beer does not lie. Where do not merge activity waste from a huge number of the hotels and boarding houses constructed without observance of sanitary standards. There are still places where it is not necessary to throw out wild money for housing “in ten minutes from the sea on a minibus“ and for the right of stay on paid (5 - 30 UAH) the beach with dirty sand and muddy water.

I Will tell


about some of them where we were all family.


Is beyond Yevpatoria. According to indexes it is easy to find the road there - all the time directly from Yevpatoria. Sea here very pure, small, beach pleasant, sandy. Near the coast - a strip of olives which create a shadow. There also tourists - palatochnik settle down. Here it is good to have a rest with small children. We stood a camp together with friends there. It is one of those places where the coast is not built absolutely up yet by resourceful oligarchs and simply “new Ukrainians“, unlike the most part of the coast of YuBK where in the afternoon with fire not to find free beaches. There is a museum “Sea Funny Things“, very much recommend. It is especially useful to listen to very interesting excursion and to examine exhibits to children.

the Transparent sea in Storm


the Village is in several kilometers from the route Feodosiya - Kerch (about 50 km). After Feodosiya it is necessary to go towards Kerch, there will be an index of “Shchelkino“. We turn left, we pass railway moving. In Shchelkino it is good too, but Mysovoye reminds the world`s end. There it is silent also people a little - unlike the noisy feodosiysky coast filled with bodies. In Mysovy it is possible to rise with tent on almost empty beach with a white sand and to wake up early in the morning under a laughter of seagulls, to see the most beautiful sunrise. To bathe in quiet as in the morning and the warm Sea of Azov. To walk on the coast and to see in water of the lazy bull-calves who crept out to doze on shoal who can be caught barehanded. From Mysovy it is possible to bring the photo of the fish lying on your palm in water - at fish a brown color and green eyes...

the Sea of Azov, however, small, but depth everything is begins meters in 50 - ti from the coast. And water here not transparent, as in Storm, and rather turbid. But it is the sea beautiful! We were lucky, and early in the morning we saw the average sizes the fish who is trustfully lapping in water as if arranging an indicative heat along the coast before our eyes - practically near us! Word of honor, edge of untamed fishes some...

But seagulls, probably, frightened: there is a lot of them, but they fly away on other place at once, once the person comes nearer.

Edge of untamed fishes. The village of Mysovoye (Kerch Peninsula)


Here to us was pleasant to

less. Yes, the same Koktebel, and the Voloshinsky lodge here, both the sun, and the sea, and a set of cafes with tasty food in a set (what there is one yantyk - a baked cheburek with meat and cheese). And the Crimean wines for which this place is famous: at entry into Koktebel - an arch with the inscription “Country of Cognacs“. Probably, the same is yes not that...

On a fence from plates to which the beach - entirely verses and stishochka is fenced:

If you drank
I wines in others bed
again Means, precisely - with a hangover
Means, precisely - in Koktebel!

generally, wine, sea, sun, hippie, yuppie and so on... It also is unsurprising, the place with literaturno - poetic history therefore this history - continually. In the quatrains giving special color to this place.


the sea Unpleasantly surprised. From boarding houses directly drains - muddy streamlets of yellowish color run to waves streamlets. Because adjusted boarding houses, and there is no place to merge waste, only in the sea - a pier, self-cleaning system. And this system just does not manage to be cleared...

the Parking in an autocamping without conveniences - 30 hryvnias a day from the car or 10 UAH for the day parking.

Now about the best in Koktebel. Nedeleko from the beach is the mountain. Over it - multi-colored wings of paraplanes. To rise up on a paraplane with the instructor - 200 hryvnias. Action completely justifies the cost! Takes the breath away when wind carries you over picturesque it is mountain - a sea landscape, over the tent town; it is above and above the paraplane gains height. Most of all pirouettes here and there, at first over the sea, then over the earth, a zigzag as if in falling were pleasant; actually the stream of wind does not allow a wing to fall to the ground - and we soar in air again. All vicinities of Koktebel - dark, an izzhelta - orange mountains and the blue sea are visible. Van Gogh would die of happiness, having seen it, same it possesses the words “Is Not Present Blue without Orange“... Generally, pure impressionism.

Flight on a paraplane is what really should be tried in Koktebel! And sea... The sea there “on a dvoyechka“. Unless it is possible to take tour on the boat and to bathe at a depth, near Golden Gate. There - really clean sea!

On a paraplane in Koktbel

of Laspi - Batiliman

we Leave Simferopol in the morning at 9 o`clock. Two hours - and we on the route Sevastopol - Yalta, went the Baydarsky pass, church and a tunnel and we see the index “Laspi“. Slowly we go down by car (directly). At first there is an asphalted road, then soil; descent quite narrow it is also necessary to go carefully, being afraid of the oncoming car. Throughout descent to base of sanatorium of “Batiliman“ there are such sites where to two cars not to part. The security guard receives 15 hryvnias, we put the car on the parking. We go down to the sea on steps, we pass on the wooden bridge - and at last we on the beach. Here it is quite crowded, but it is worth passing a little further, for a pier, to round a heap of stones - there the beach not worse, and it is not enough people. However, there is not a sand, but sea pebble, and it is necessary to enter water carefully - a bottom stony. Water transparent, small fishes are found, it is interesting to float with a mask and a tube and if there is an underwater camera, pictures can leave very unusual. If carries, here it is possible even to find a crab.

it is cheerful to p to jump from a pier in the refreshing blue depth, to reach a stone 3 meters high (or more likely the small rock) on which it is possible to get on the right, being tightened on hands and to jump already from it as if from a small tower. And if it wants, it is possible to move from the beach further through a stone blockage to the beach of recreation facility “Laspi“. There is the same clean sea, there is a camping. It is one of the purest places on YuBK.

Leninsky district. The bay Wide

From Simferopol on the route to Feodosiya. After Feodosiya - turn to the left, on Lenino. To pass Lenino and without reaching to Shchelkino - the index “Bay Wide“. The beautiful place for quiet, slow tent rest. Here warm Sea of Azov and sand plyazhik. The people have some as to go all - is far. In this bay - very beautiful rocky educations, small grottoes. Photos on their background turn out very successful.

In general in Lenino and Shchelkino`s vicinities weight here such quiet places for rest by savages.

General beaches

Visited this marvelous corner of the nature only once, but there are a wish to come back more and more. Of course, it is far from Simferopol where we live. It is necessary to reach at first to Kerch, and then still kilometers forty. The strip of the beaches called by general lasts on the Azov coast from the village Resort.

Road to these beaches, frankly speaking, bad. Abrupt descents, rises, a primer - on the foreign car with low clearance it is better not to go there.

Azov is not similar

here to Azov at all. Rocks, sand, salty tender transparent (!) and not the small sea.

If it is not so far also not such bad roads - would go only here! Just paradise on the Crimean earth!


From beaches of Yevpatoria I can recommend to

only the sandy New beach, and also plyazhik near the lake - Moynaki`s estuary. Other beaches in the city not too convenient, stony and water not really pure. Well, it on my “local“ spoiled taste.

“The banana republic“ is better to bathe on the coast in front of Yevpatoria, near an aquapark. There the beach is good, and the sea generally pure, excepting the periods of storm. It is possible here and with tent to have a rest, but the noisy route Simferopol - Yevpatoria which is from the beach in 100 m can prevent a quiet dream slightly. It is very recovered also at night - is checked: through tarpaulin of tent fires of the passing cars all night long blink.

in Yevpatoria very good tourist route for fans of old times - Small Jerusalem Is. It includes 7 objects of survey in old part of the city: the mosque the Khan - Dzhami, Saint Nikolay`s temple, Gezlevsky gate (them “gate of a wood market“ as in the ancient time behind them the wood market settled down still call), a synagogue, Tekiye of dervishes, Karaite kenasa and the Armenian church. It is the best of all to acquire tickets for walking tour in the building of Gezlevsky gate which are located on Karaimskaya Street.


is A lot of sights in small Alushta. I will write about what especially was pleasant to us.

it is the best of all for p to Bathe “on stones“ as tell local. This beach is in the end of the embankment, approximately 15 - 20 minutes on foot from the Professorial corner. There is a pier from which it is possible to jump in the pleasure. But not always clean sea.

were Very much impressed by the alushtinsky museums - the architect Beketov and the writer Ivan Shmelyov. They should be visited even if up to this point knew nothing about these people.

Sergeyev`s museum - Tsensky Still deserves attention, ngo we did not reach it yet - on the following time left.

excursion to order

In Beketov`s museum simply surely! The elderly woman with surprisingly young eyes told us all story of a family of Beketov and this house museum standing more than 150 years among cypresses. Excursion will begin with a beautiful carved verandah. On the southern part of a verandah hot, and you move to its western part - and at once will feel a breeze which to Alushta is brought by the mountain Chatyr - Dag.

of “Aluston“ in translation - “draft“. Here, in this museum we learned that Alushta, appears, bears a draft name! Both such opening small and significant, expensive to heart of the true Crimean waited for us continually!

Shmelyov`s Museum is not less interesting to

. In the first half of day there usually accept individual visitors, and after a lunch time of reception of groups comes. We came late, successfully joined group, and were with the guide very satisfied. Yes, employees of these two museums are the real Keepers from capital letter! Their stories really carry away. And tickets in the museums stand practically nothing: on 10 hryvnias from the person for an entrance plus on the same 10 for excursion.

Anna Pletnyova