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In total in the wood! Games with the kid and hand-made articles from the natural materials

Walking in autumn park, the square or the wood, it is so exciting to communicate with the kid and to together enjoy beauty of the nature. Besides it is very convenient to combine walks in the fresh air with the developing occupations: now it is a high time to collect chestnuts, acorns, golden leaves from trees and to think out games with them. And then, when will load rains, it is possible to be engaged in production of hand-made articles from natural material.

the Developing games in the autumn wood, park, the square


Is collected and we consider. With the child of early age collect and count up to five, to ten later and twenty. When the child acquired the account on increase, come to a countdown: ten, nine, eight... Such reception helps the child further easier to master subtraction.

we Determine by

the size by eye. Take a cardboard box and make in it accurate roundish cuts of the different size. Suggest the kid to define in what opening will creep an acorn, a chestnut, a mountain ash berry. This occupation trains understanding “big - average - small“, develops small motility of hands of the child, figurative and logical thinking.

what it is similar to. Game in analogy very much is pleasant to children. It allows the boundless imagination of the child to clear up. Take the leaf which fell from a tree in a hand. What it is similar to? Rustle with it, touch to the touch, smell, blow on it. Perhaps, it is similar to someone`s hand, to a candy, noise of the sea, to the bright sun? Adults can open for themselves a lot of new in this game, and, above all - to communicate freely and cheerfully to the child.

Who lives here? the Wood is a big house. Approach a tree, examine it. Ask the child: who lives here? Perhaps, on a tree there is a nest or a hollow, and nearby - an ant hill. It is good if you prepare cards with the image of several animals and the short description of the interesting facts about them in advance. For example, what the frog - a drevesnitsa has on the ends of fingers of a small pillow with suckers, is most active at night when she leaves to hunt night flies and mosquitoes that it can change a color: in the spring, after hibernation it it is gray - brown, in other time - it is bright - green. Red foxes are active mainly at night too, but can look for food and in the afternoon, they very much like to be turned by a ball and to acquire a tan. Tell about various insects - harmless and dangerous, show their large image. So your child learns about life of animals, insects - and about how it is important to observe security measures in the wood.


a rhyme or a riddle. you read many poems to the child? It`s cool! Suggest to remember the poem for some subject, a natural phenomenon or action on the street. Perhaps, it is a bench, a tree, leaves, or a leaf fall, easy whiff of a breeze, a rain. Prompt to the child the beginning of the poem if he is at a loss with the answer to a question. This game it is possible to develop and prepare for it at home, specially reading poems that (or whom) you most likely will meet on walk: mushrooms, berries, foozle, forest inhabitants.

Last, real, future. Excellent training of preschool children and kids - reflection on different subjects. The stories having clear temporary split are very useful: was, is, will be. By the way, in modern test tasks for first graders there are questions concerning definition of the beginning and the end of history, definition of sequence of succession of events. Therefore train the child, talk about various natural phenomena replacing each other, changes in behavior of animals more.

Pay attention to a leaf fall. Ask the preschool child that will be farther and that was before, and begin to tell younger children: “You see, leaves became yellow and begin to fall down with a tree. Soon on this tree there will be no leaf left. Will become even colder, then snow will go. And what we will do when snow goes? (And what tree will remain green in the winter?) In the winter what we will do? To ride the sledge? Fine! Then the spring will come - it will become warm, snow will thaw. What will we do then? To start up ships on streams, perfectly! And what will be then? There will be a new green grass and flowers. What we then will be engaged in?“ . During conversation discuss different aspects of one season: actions, weather conditions, mood, clothes for an exit to the street, behavior of animals and birds. Remember that when people put on caps and boots, the bear goes to bed in a den, and the hare changes the fur coat - so the child has a feeling of the general tide of life.

But you remember

: the most important on any walk is a mood of the child and parents. Take with yourself soap bubbles, balloons, a kite - with all the heart gambol outdoors and be surely photographed! And if the rain - it does not matter went: rubber boots and umbrellas will help to spend also rainy day cheerfully and interestingly.

of the Hand-made article of natural materials

Suggest the child to make an autumn hand-made article of natural materials. For a start let it will be rather simple and clear objects that the child could master them independently, together with other children. Gradually complicate tasks, but not to such an extent that instead of the child you had to carry out them. In total - the purpose - to develop and teach the child to new skills, to open boundless opportunities for his creativity.

Prepare for

threads, needles, glue, scissors, a cardboard, color paper, beads, stones, plasticine, a wire, plumelets, matches, buttons. And also chestnut fruits, acorns, burdock, potatoes, color leaves, dry branches, cones, fir-tree branches. Having collected natural material, dream up with children. Present what it is similar to and what can turn out from this.

of the Hand-made article

From the ordinary cone can make by

many various hand-made articles of cones and acorns.

If just to paint the cone with green paint - will already turn out a fir-tree which can be decorated with beads, garlands of bows, spangles, multi-colored buttons - will be a New Year elegant tree.

Is done of the cone a birdie. the cone can be painted color of a trunk of a birdie. For example, in yellow - almost real titmouse will turn out. We paste several plumelets on the one hand of the cone - the tail of our birdie turns out. On the other hand there can be a neck from a branch of a tree or a match. We do the head of an acorn, plasticine, a chestnut. Legs of a birdie can be from branches, matches, toothpicks, leaves, plasticine. As a result at us the most various birdies can turn out: a cockerel and a chicken, an owl, heat - a bird, an ostrich, a peacock.


In order that to make of the little man`s cone , to us will need additional elements. The cone will be a body. We do the head of a chestnut, we paste the person drawn from paper. Hair can be made of color threads, to tie on the head a scarf from matter rag. Hands and legs we do of branches, matches or plasticine. We decorate the cone buttons, a scarf from fabric - we do clothes. Our little man can have a profession or hobby. So, it is possible to give it in hands a self-made hammer from a match and an acorn, to put it on skis from branches, to give a flower in hands.

From of acorns turn out excellent ants, horses, doggies: it is necessary just to stick together acorns and to make paws of matches or sticks, to draw cheerful attractive faces.

in a peel can make by

an excellent hedgehog Of of an integral chestnut. For this purpose, the chestnut is cleared only half. The cleared party we put on a flat surface, the party with needles turns out above. We do a nose of a button and we paste eyes - here and a hedgehog with prickles!

If to stick together among themselves several chestnuts , various in size, then the beautiful chestnut caterpillar will turn out. Where the very first and biggest chestnut - there the head. If to paste to a leg caterpillar - matches or sticks, there will be a centipede.

Having gathered

bright leaves from trees, it is possible to make unusual application. For a start spread out leaves on paper in the form of the hare, a squirrel, an owl, a hedgehog. Then paste them, decorate with color paper, fir-tree branches.

of the Hand-made article from leaves

Curtail leaves of trees and make several yellow and claret roses of them. From branches of trees stick together a basis for a panel: it can have rounded shape - as a wreath - or any other. Paste on a basis the dried leaves and flowers, branches of a thuja and a fir-tree, flowers from leaves. Decorate composition with beads, plumelets, fabric. Make flowers of acorns: the fruit will be the middle of a flower, and several hats from an acorn - petals.


several sheets of a white paper, paint, a brush. Choose several fallen-down sheets of a different form: for example, leaves of a mountain ash, oak, maple, chestnut. Paint with a brush the smooth party of leaves, apply this party to a clean sheet of paper and make a print - very intricate drawing which will remind you of one wonderful walk will turn out.

in general all hand-made articles can unite

A in uniform autumn composition “Life in the wood“. Sometimes in kindergartens by holidays organize exhibitions of children`s hand-made articles - your composition will take the worthy place there. However, and houses it will please you and will surprise guests.