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As there is a wish to sleep!

What to tell, having returned from maternity hospital the first that young mother wants to make - to sleep. And if the first days careful grandmothers also give such chance, then over time all of you equally remain with the kid one, but the desire to sleep somehow does not pass everything. So was also at me. There passed the first two weeks when grandmothers and grandfathers stayed overnight at us, came in the afternoon, giving us with the husband the chance to have a rest. And here we are one. Of course, when I nursed the daughter I could not demand from her that one slept all night long, without waking up. But then there was an opportunity to take a nap occasionally in the afternoon when the child himself falls asleep. But this time passed - to the child year. There is no wish to sleep it in the afternoon at all. The lively, active child to seek to learn the world. Well, it is laudable. But... as it is heavy to rise at 7 o`clock in the morning to devote itself to the woken-up kid, and what is even worse, if this kid wakes up at night and to him it will terribly want to learn the world in its night vision. It is no secret that the child becomes more senior, the less he sleeps.

Ya often I re-read councils of doctor Spock, and I practice his many councils, in relation to the child (with small correction, considering clockwork character of my daughter). Here is how we got with the husband out of this situation: the child usually woke up inexcusably early - at 6 - 7 o`clock in the morning. Many parents develop a habit to wake up and run to the child as soon as that moves. Thereby they deprive of it an opportunity again to fall asleep or to play quietly in the bed waiting when parents wake up. As a result of their child can wake up earlier. The child who got used that approach him as soon as he wakes up will demand it. Therefore we tried the following method (recommended by doctor Spock): set an alarm clock for 10 minutes later, than the child usually wakes up. Then each several days for 5 - 10 minutes later. Having woken up before an alarm clock call, the child learns to fall asleep again or will quietly lie. This focus of course not with all children takes place, but with ours took place.

we finished with

In 6 months repair in a nursery where Katya safely moved. It was its shelter where we without knock did not enter - we with the husband made the decision to be with the child as equals. Time our bedroom is inviolable for the girl without our consent, and we teach it to be knocked before entering, and she has the right for “inviolability of the dwelling“.

never Stacking it in a bed I (except for cases of an illness of the child) did not swing it on hands, it was not lisped, and on the adult explained that a bed - to sleep, a table - in order that is etc. I am convinced that children even at such tender age infinitely appreciate the adult address to them. Katenka got used very quickly. Though what to hide at first when we stacked it in a bed and left it strongly cried (that surprising here), but after 1,5 - 2 weeks we had no problem with falling asleep.

Spock says

that the later the child begins to sleep separately, the worse. The child gets used to sleep with parents and will be afraid to sleep in their absence. The it is more senior, the it is more difficult to transfer it to the certain room. Besides, sexual intercourse of parents can frighten the child, he will not understand what occurs, and will be frightened. Will seem to parents that the child sleeps, but children`s psychiatrists claim that often the child wakes up and lies silently in fear, and parents of it do not notice.

I in our family the most strict taboo - our bed. Under no circumstances Katya does not fall asleep in our bed. There are periods when they wake up in a fright at night and come to the room of parents, desperately crying. Parents take the child in the bed. At such moment it seems to them the most practical measure, but it is a mistake. Even when the child will cease to be frightened at night, he can continue to come to parents, having fallen in love to sleep in their warm cozy bed. It will be difficult for you to separate it from this habit. Therefore if the child comes to you to the room at night, calm him, but be firm and put back in a bed. I think, it is reasonable under any pretext not to take the child in a parental bed.

my mother, coming to us sometimes for the night accuses me of cruelty and callousness. Spending the night somehow with it at the dacha, I as usual, laid the child in a bed and went to warm to a family a dinner. Mother was shocked. How it without rocking to sleep, without indulging the child, without reading the book for the night, I dared to leave? However did not pass also 10 minutes as the child who instantly clung to a pillow, already saw sweet dreams, without needing songs and syusyukaniye at all.

Of course, I very much love the girl, and, as well as all mothers, in something I indulge her, independence is that main line which I want to impart to the child which was not imparted to me.

Now to Katya 1 years and 4 months. She goes to bed at 21:30 and wakes up at 9:00. any tears, any night whims, anything. And in the morning, we with the husband, as usual, approaching its room, we knock at the door, and after assured “Yes“ we come and we speak: “Good morning, daughter!“, and morning really kind, and mother and the father - slept.