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Wedding: how to celebrate anniversary brightly! Well I remember

that autumn day - on September 18 - when it seems also not absolutely fall, but already and not summer. Leaves only - only began to change the color and is hardly heard to fall to the ground. I remember the snow-white pigeons who are flying away far - it is far in the sky...

the Wedding was as in autumn sustained, silent, quiet as the maple wood in the fall...

... Here also there passed two years as that waltz of Mendelssohn sounded for us...

For this short time of a lot of things occurred: obtaining the diploma - at last I am an expert! Firstborn`s birth, his first smile, his first short step, the first “mother“!

I here it, that treasured number - only two years later. Someone will tell: and why him to mark out, this holiday - even not a holiday, and so “semi-anniversary“. And it is necessary! Not for nothing say that two years are a paper wedding: family life only began, did not manage to meet serious problems yet. Yes it is better with them, with problems, not to face at all, but nevertheless, family life is not adjusted up to the end, fragile yet. And such small family holiday will only strengthen the family relations, will fill life with bright paints, will bring some novelty in the relations, especially if both the husband, and the wife are involved in preparation for celebration, and also the child is better!

We approached

preparation thoroughly, everyone had the task. The husband in search of my next order ran on shops, I realized ideas, and the little son was our moral support!

the Plan is as follows: wanted to

something bright, juicy that was pleasing also to the eye, and I smother. Stopped on a combination of three flowers: red, yellow and orange - very much as in autumn as it seems to me.

On an old habit did not do without photos in style skrap, in the same chosen color registration. Flowers, leaves, acorns - as attribute of autumn subject. I did pompons itself of paper, hung up them under a ceiling at the different level, it turned out very funny. Instead of cake we decided to buy muffins - they - that and became the real decoration of our holiday table.

that day very good weather was p>

, we walked on park, ran about competing in speed with the sonny, and house us was already waited by a beautiful table! We once again revised video from our wedding, remembered how everything was... Generally, everything conceived by us came true and worked well, and, above all - a thread which connects us with each other, became even thicker and stronger!

All of love and health!

Irina Frolova