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Magic summer of one close-knit family of

Ya - Vova, I am 2 years old and 10 months. And it is a zoo.

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Only three years ago during a honeymoon we with the husband only argued and dreamed of how our rest with children will look. Then, sitting on the seashore, the husband stroked my stomach and told a synula which already in reply drummed legs and handles that it by all means will have a brother or the sister that all of us will go together to the sea, to build sand castles, to walk on the wood, to collect wild flowers... And here what we dreamed of, this year became reality - us became four! And this summer was the most magic in our family life. And the senior sonny Volodenka, to him will tell you about our adventures the word.

“Hello! I am Vova. To me 2 years and 10 months. The father calls me Vovka, mother - Carrot, and I them it is simple - the father and mother. Parents at me good, just remarkable. They, as well as I, never sit in place: if I go a ball or the machine under a bed, then creep to get a toy all together. In the spring the kind stork brought me the long-awaited younger brother Sashenka. He is absolutely small, but already smiles, turns over and creeps. The summer at us with Sashenka began with an adventure... no, from adventures. All summer I found also to myself, and Sashenka adventures, but the first day of summer was special. Early in the morning the father and mother woke us the kisses and congratulated on Children`s Day. Mother cooked festive porridge for breakfast, and the father promised that in the evening all of us together will go to a zoo. We with Sasha very much were delighted because I was in a zoo still absolutely small, and Sasha was not at all. In a zoo very much it was pleasant to us. I told Sasha the tale, a rhyme of animals. Sashenka attentively listened to me and smiled. So, we saw the hare, chanterelle and a gray wolf from the fairy tale “Teremok“, geese - swans, the Chicken Ryabu and Mishka Kosolapy, The Lion King. I asked to Sasha a riddle which I thought up:

Red, cunning,
Ate Kolobok.
Who such?

Sasha looked at

at first on me, then on chanterelle in a cage. I clapped the hands and cried out: “Correctly! It is chanterelle - the sister!“ Still we saw a big pink bird. The father told that it is a flamingo. I even tried to stand as this bird, on one leg, but reeled and fell. Wanted to begin to cry, but, having seen as mother, the father and Sasha laugh, burst out laughing too. In a zoo I for the first time tasted cotton candy. Here to smear with such cotton wool vavka on knees! At the beginning of summer I ate wild strawberry, strawberry, currant, sweet cherry. Collected mint, a materinka, raspberry with mother that in the winter to drink herbal teas.

A at the end of June all of us had together a rest on recreation facility of “Dzherel“. To us it was so good there: just peachy. We lived in a wooden lodge of green color, in is mute there was one room and kitchen. (Just as at the uncle Fyodor from “Prostokvashino“). The lodge was among high - high pines, and pure - the pure river Ros flew nearby. In the morning the sun looked on us in a window and awoke us. We had quickly breakfast and went on the small river. Mother with Sasha did not bathe - for them water was cold. And for us with the father water was that it is necessary - the father of the house me only in such and bathes. Ashore all of us together built tunnels and bridges of sand.

On recreation facility I got acquainted with many good children. We together ran, played in a sandbox. The most senior of us was boy Vladik. He is 9 years old. It arrived together with the grandfather to fish. Vladik is very clever: he already knows letters, figures and names of all fishes. Once it took me on fishing and taught to distinguish a catfish from a bull-calf. He did not entrust a rod to me, but allowed to look how he fishes. And still we with Sashenka and the father liked to look at pine pollen. In sun beams pollen, appear, dances in air. Beautifully.

Weather was very good, and we often had so a rest while mother made a lunch. But once the rain went, and in the wood many mushrooms and berries suddenly appeared. And we went to bring together them. We with the father gathered the whole bast basket of cepes. And mother and Sasha did not gather mushrooms - they gathered raspberry. And I did not gather raspberry, I ate it at once. In the evening we ate a tasty kartoshechka with mushrooms and drank tasty kompotik from raspberry. It was pleasant to have a rest in “Dzherelakh“ to us very much, and it was sad to me to leave. But mother told that at home it will not be boring for me. The house me is waited by Katya. Katya is my cousin sister. She, as well as I, likes to eat with ice cream.

Mother appeared

the rights, houses I did not miss. Every day we with Katya and Sasha found to ourselves occupation. With Katya we drew, molded from plasticine, swam with the grandfather in the pool, rode the electric car. With Sasha and mother I learned letters and figures, looked after a kitchen garden. This year I together with the grandmother put and grew up a small kitchen garden. On it carrot, cucumbers, tomatoes and parsley grows. All adults close every summer a lot of canned food. Here and I closed tomatoes and cucumbers which grew up on the kitchen garden this year. Mother told that my cucumbers and tomatoes will be the most tasty. I trust mother, but I will check in the winter. Even in the spring we with mother drew a magic seven-petal flower and made the treasured wishes. Every day I looked at a magic flower and waited for everything when my desire comes true: when we go to the sea. And here that day when I was convinced that the flower really works wonders came!

Mother and the father carried us with Sashenka on the children`s railroad. And at Yablonka station mother joyfully reported that exactly in a week we will go to the sea and at the same time we will visit our Crimean grandmothers. I clapped the hands and on pleasures kissed Sashenka. Mama and Sasha wanted to go by train, and we with the father - by car. Later Sasha also came over to our side. Mother worried that we with Sashenka will not sit out all road, but it is vain. The father wrote down children`s songs and fairy tales on a disk - and all road we did not miss. Time in way flew by quickly, and we did not notice how we arrived to Simferopol.

Ya very much I love Simferopol. It is the mother`s hometown. It very beautiful and green. But the main thing - there live the kindest and careful grandmothers. They waited for us and long embraced, kissed, pinched for cheeks and repeated how we grew up and what we are big. I said to them that Sasha still small, but they did not listen to me and said that big. In Simferopol we were week. While the father helped to do to grandmothers repair, we with mother and Sasha went to park, walked at playgrounds and in the wood. And one morning mother woke us with Sasha and quietly told that we at last come out to the sea. The fourth year in a row we go to have a rest on the recreation facility “Two seas“ located on Tuzla Island. For the first time on the island I was at mother in a tummy. The island is very interesting. It is located in the Strait of Kerch, and on the one hand it is washed by the Sea of Azov, and with another - Black. On the island we reach on the boat “Argus“. On this boat very kind captain, he allows me and all kids to rise by the captain`s bridge and to touch a steering wheel. But this year the father and mother decided to go to Tuzla not at once, and several days to stay for a while in Kerch with my uncle Toli.

Kerch was

very quiet, pure and beautiful town. We rose by the mountain Mitridat, went to Eni`s fortress - Calais, and also on an ostrich`s farm. It appears, ostriches do not hide the head in sand - it is an invention. And mother calls me an ostrich when I hide the head under a pillow. Mother - the inventor means. On a farm five horses and one burro were grazed. The burro was very similar to a burro of News agency, Winnie-the-Pooh`s friend. I approached and asked whether Winnie`s burro knows, but the burro answered nothing to me. The aunt which ironed nearby the standing horse was responsible for it. The aunt told that he is a bear cub friend, and if I want, the News agency can take for a drive me. It was news agency a kind and obedient burro: it rolled me.

But in Kerch it is good

, and on Tuzla it is better. Mother and the father very much love this island, fell in love with it and we with Sasha. Every day we bathed in pure - the prechisty sea, built sand castles, towers of pebbles. I baked cookies from cockleshells to which treated mother. Mother imposed to herself in a plateau “cookies“, and we together considered it. I very much liked such game. Several times the father prepared for us for dinner of rapan which he caught in the sea. Together with the father we flew a kite. All boys who were on the beach queued to take our dragon. These minutes I very much was proud that I have such father who has such dragon. But most of all to me day when early in the morning I saw in the sea of dolphins was remembered. I for the first time saw dolphins, also is so close - they floated about the coast. I so wanted to swim for a while together with them! Therefore till next summer I have to learn to swim, and then I will be able to swim together with dolphins. And mother promised that as soon as we return to Kiev, they with the father will take away us with Sashenka in a dolphinarium.

I here, having arrived to Kiev, mother and the father kept the promise: all together we went to a dolphinarium “Mutely“. To what it was interesting there! Seals Klyopa and Nora beat off balls, dolphins the Skipper went on a tail, Botsman and Dora got noses spheres, twisted rings and danced a waltz. At me even palms were tired to clap to sea actors. And having returned from the sea, we went to the great-grandmother Luce to “birthday“. We with Sashenka prepared such gifts: to bank of strawberry jam which was closed, and a card, on a picture in which drew with palms and fingers a yablonka and florets. In the morning we together with the father and mother sang to the grandmother a song of a crocodile of Gena and presented our gifts. The grandmother very much was delighted, laughed, began to kiss us, to embrace and told that we are unusual children and her beloved great-grandsons... And what special? We are the most ordinary, and here summer this year unusual. Thanks to you, a magic seven-petal flower that presented to us magic summer!“

the Most high points of this summer to us managed to be imprinted on video, we share it with pleasure!

Natalya Gerlyand