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Hormonal contraception - protection against female diseases of

statistically hormonal contraception is used around the world by over 100 million women - and this quantity only grows. At the same time in Russia mistrust to hormonal contraceptives still remains, and every second pregnancy comes to an end in abortion.

Partly such alerted relation was descended by

to us from the previous generation of women. The scarce the combined oral contraceptives (COC) of the Hungarian production which appeared at one time in the USSR really had the mass of side effects and left on themselves bad memory. Besides, many of us are suspicious of any hormonal preparations, being afraid that hormonal contraceptive tablets can promote development of unpredictable complications. Actually in 50 years of existence the COOK the huge evidential base, all possible side effects collected in the most thorough way are stated in instructions. Serious scientific researches operate with concrete figures and demonstrate that application of hormonal contraceptives happens even salutary concerning many diseases.

The matter is that the way of life of the modern woman very far left from what was planned by evolution. In the wild nature the most part of reproductive age of the woman passed in pregnancies and feeding by a breast. Ovulations did not pass every month for nothing, and very quickly led to new conception. Certainly, such mode non - stop very much wore out an organism, not all pregnancies took place safely, mortality in labor and the subsequent complications was big and life expectancy was small. But it was quite so necessary the nature, and so lived hundred years ago.

With development of emancipation female mortality, strangely enough, did not decrease. Only now women died of abortions and the related complications. Also the number of the diseases connected with insufficient realization of reproductive function increases: uterus myoma, endometriosis, a cancer of ovaries and an endometriya, a breast cancer, a colorectal cancer - all this is studied and described in the first half of the XX century.

Emergence of hormonal contraception became the natural response to aspiration to go beyond, put by the nature. We do not want to grow old in 30 years, we do not want to die early, we do not want to bear on of 10 - 15 pregnancies. But we do not want and to suffer from the diseases waiting those who do not bear. We want to have so many children how many solved - and when we solve.

the Human consciousness evolves quicker, than a human body. And power of reason helps where evolution is not in time behind promptly changing living conditions. Hormonal contraception exists only 50 years, but develops improbable rates, comparable with space exploration and distribution of the Internet.

Preparations of the last generation - contraceptives with a female formula - already contain the natural estrogen chemically identical female, and the dynamic mode of dispensing is as close as possible to a natural hormonal background. In total it promotes excellent health, stable weight and reduction of bleedings. Hormonal contraception delicately and effectively solves the problems facing the modern woman. to

of One of such tasks (besides protection, of course) protection against numerous female diseases became p>

. The combined oral contraceptives by means of a small dose of hormones create the hormonal background physiologically close to a hormonal background of the pregnant woman of women in an organism. As a result, reproductive organs stay in a condition of functional rest, the organism is relieved of cyclic hormonal differences and a stress of constant ovulations.

About volume, as far as such state physiologically and well for a female organism, it is possible to judge, for example, according to cancer diseases.

So, use the COOK within a year reduces risk of cancer an endometriya by 40%. Efficiency increases in process of duration of use of a preparation - by 10 years of reception it reaches 60%. After the end of reception the protective effect remains at the former level of 10 years 1 .

action the COOK concerning other type of cancer - an ovary cancer is Not less effective

. It should be noted that the statistics of lethal outcomes for this disease terrifies: 60% for the last five years 2 . It is connected with lack of effective screening therefore new growths are found already at late stages: 75% - on III-IV stages 3 .

Reception the COOK in two years reduces relative risk of cancer of ovary by 20%. At reception over 10 years the risk falls for 50% and continues to decrease applications every year. The protective effect remains for 15 years after the end of reception 4 . Among the women having hereditary predisposition to a cancer of ovaries (carriers of a mutant form of a gene of BRCA), the risk of cancer decreases by 60% when using the COOK more than 6 years 5 .

By some estimates, consumption the COOK in the developed countries prevented 13% of cases of cancer of ovaries at women till 75 years that is equivalent to prevention of 100 000 death over the last 50 years.

These researches of oral contraceptives of Royal College of general practitioners demonstrate that the COOK leads use to decrease in risk of malignant tumors in general for 12%.

Besides above-mentioned diseases, use the COOK also reduces risks: myomas of a uterus, development of cysts of ovaries, benign diseases of a mammary gland and many, many others.

of Reality of modern life are dictated to women by new rules of the game. Now ourselves make the choice and we care for ourselves. What earlier we will begin to think of the health, especially we will be able to ensure high quality of life also to the children. And reliable information and in due time taken measures will help with prevention of many vital disorders.

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